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Controlling your own behavior


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I think one of the most important aspects of being a parent is protecting your child, but the above quote gives us something to think about and discuss; controlling your own behavior could relate to making sure aspects of ego don't control you when reacting and acting out.

We need to address our own issues from the past first to make sure this doesn't occur, on top of focusing on what ego actually is and learning to step away each element.

Through inner child and shadow work, we can find a lot of self-healing. If we heal ourselves as best as we can—a lifelong process—it's then not so much about control. As we respond and act from the heart, not the emotional ego space, we can then naturally interact with intuition and true love.

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There are astrological influences (showing up on the natal chart of a person), that is, those influences exist from birth. I take astrology as a map - a guide - to see what the elements are. But the point you make in this thread is very relevant and real. I remember an existential moment in my life (when I was 29 years old) when I became aware that I had a lot of healing on my inner child to do. However, contrary to this awareness, which was present in my conscious mind, I allowed life to whisk me away on the misdirection of action/reaction, meaning that is where my focus and interest attached, and not on the gaping need within my inner being. I then followed this misdirected path (looking externally for love) until I reached the ultimate (and obvious now) conclusion that I have in my life a real child who acts out.

Just saying.

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