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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
A few weeks ago, those "guides" who assist me began to explain to me that the CS, in their power levels from the sixth to the tenth circle were readjusting their entire coordination and organization structure. So I asked them to try to give me as much information as possible about the new “organizational chart” that the CS is implementing for themselves, and I have been putting together the pieces of the puzzle as they explained the different aspects of these plans and “organizational changes” to me.

In order to understand what this structure means, remember that the organization of what we call briefly "CS" ("Control System") is a parallel structure that has been present for centuries throughout the economic-geopolitical fabric of our society. It is as if in an organization or a company, which has its governing bodies, its directors, its managers, its employees, etc., public and well-known, an internal parallel structure of people was created, "hidden" and independent, that try to handle the threads of what happens within that company or organization by influencing its "public managers" without a large part of those who work in it, for example, being aware of it.

Therefore, although the CS is organized as we will explain below, this does not mean that it is the geopolitical structure of the world that we see in the news, but rather it is only the way in which the CS members function with each other at the global level to try to make the world as the Asimoss tell them what they want it to be, and how they want things to "work" for humanity.

An ancient and widespread structure

Being a structure that has been on their backs for centuries (the Asimoss created the first global structure of the CS in the time of Moses), and having developed and guided most of the transformations of humanity since, they have power everywhere and reach all the areas of life, but they are not omnipotent and, when confronted, knowing what they do, as we have done several times with requests that make life more “difficult,” they can be stopped, altered, limited or make them change course in their actions. Sometimes we have managed to do it and sometimes we have not.

Finally, this information is present and is in the "public domain" in the common information field that all Higher Selves share with each other about the situation on the planet. The difficulty lies in decoding and analyzing when putting it into “words” so that it can be transmitted, since all the information is in the form of “concepts” and packages of “ideas,” with which, upon receiving it, I have to do a whole process of decoding trying that the programs of the mental spheres do not distort, filter or alter them, and then check everything several times with my Higher Self and "guides" to ensure that, when "translating it" so that I can explain it, there had been no mistakes.

Here you have what has been received so far, so that it is understood how internally the CS is coordinated and works in this new "organizational chart" that they are implementing. I will expand it if there is more activity and movement in this regard.


SC: Control system. All members who have passed the 34th degree in any of the esoteric initiatory schools of our society, and have been chosen to form part of this structure. We have already commented previously that you cannot “ask” to be part of the CS, they have to choose you according to how they see how useful you can be to continue training members who perpetuate the management system of humanity under the RIC.

C11: Each country has a “national committee” made up of eleven members, who respond to instructions from the third and fourth circles of power and who liaise with the fifth and sixth levels.

Supra-committee: The different C11s from different geographical areas are coordinated through a “supra-committee” to which exclusively members of the sixth circle of degrees closest to the 360º belong (the maximum within the CS).

Higher level of management

Formed by the supra-committee of England, which assumes the leadership (it already had it more or less) of all the management of the CS operations at a global level. Remember that we had commented in another article that the base of operations of the second circle of power is very deeply located in the subsoil of the City of London, since times when London was neither a city nor England even existed as a country.

Second level of management

The supra-committees have been created-reorganized and are now being structured as follows:

• European supra-committee, still based in Jerusalem.
• Chinese supra-committee, still based in Beijing
• Russian supra-committee, based near Moscow
• “Combined” supra-committee that unites the C11 “nationals” of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the direct direction of the England supra-committee.
• Asian supra-committee, still based in Tokyo, Japan
• Supra-committee for the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, based in the subsoil of Baghdad, Iraq.

Third level of management and important “roles”

• All of Africa is under the management of the C11 of South Africa that becomes dependent on the C11 of Israel, which also manages the European C11.
• All of Latin America comes to depend on the European supra-committee also managed from Israel.
• Egypt's C11 becomes the CS's “second in command” in Africa under South African command. This allows them to have high-level CS members on both ends of the continent, with smaller delegations and national committees in the rest of the countries.
• All the countries of the African Sahel, in addition to depending on the South African C11, depend on the French C11 for “colonial” reasons. This will change so that the entire continent depends only on South Africa, but the organizational changes have not yet taken place.
• Turkey is placed as "second in command" under the Russian supra-committee for the Caucasus area.
• India is placed as second in command for Asia under the supervision of Japan's supra-committee.
• The C11 from Taiwan and a smaller CS delegation that is in Hong-Kong are now coordinated by the Chinese committee (before they were directly coordinated by the US and English committee)
• The German C11 continues as second in command for Europe under the coordination of Israel's C11 and its supra-committee.
• All of Oceania is now coordinated by the C11 of Australia and New Zealand, which in turn depend on England.
• The supra-committee for the Middle East of Iraq takes the role of coordinating all the countries of the Persian Gulf, Syria, Iran, Omar, Yemen, Lebanon, etc., as well as the control of the Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea.
• All the Central Asian republics that were part of the former USSR become directly dependent on the Russian supra-committee, as well as Belarus, which is not managed from Israel. The Caucasus area (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.) becomes dependent on Turkey, which in turn depends on Moscow.
• Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan become dependent on the Indian C11, that in turn is subordinate to the supra-committee for Asia based in Tokyo.
• All of Southeast Asia is still under the coordination of the Japan supra-committee as it was before.
• North Korea remains under Chinese control; South Korea goes from being managed by C11 USA to being managed by C11 Japan. Mongolia is under the management of the Chinese C11.

Again, this organization is only for the CS, it does not reflect (sometimes yes, sometimes not) the geopolitical structure of the world as we see it in our society. Let us remember that the members who belong to this "control system" are chosen from among all those who have passed the 33rd degree of any initiatory esoteric school on the planet and, from there, they are "formed," and they climb to the next level. As they rise in the hierarchical degree (up to 360º, which is the maximum that a member of the sixth circle of power in their organization chart can have).

Communications between the CS members

As we had also mentioned previously, the CS level 6 publishes The Economist magazine, whose main owners are families such as the Cadburys, Laytons, Rothschilds, Schroders, etc., and from where every week instructions and news are given to each other. How they do it is really very complex, because true journalists work in the magazine who explain and investigate and create reports about what happens every week from a “western” perspective of the world, and, even so, those in control manage to insert those instructions and messages.

Later I will explain how it is decoded, since you have to use a combination of the Fibonacci series and Benfort's law to know what to read and what phrases and words are contained within each article in the instructions that the level 6 sends to the rest. As I told you, I will see if publishing this involves more problems than those I already have with the CS, and if I see that the risk is acceptable, I will explain it publicly at the time as my guides have explained it to me.

The lower levels of the CS in Asia-Pacific do the same with The Diplomat magazine, but they do not intervene as much in its editing and there are not as many coded messages as in The Economist.

Modus operandi of the CS

When the CS members want to confront two countries for example, they do not send an email to the two presidents on duty to initiate hostilities, but rather they are advisers, senior officials, high-ranking members within the institutions of each country, those who, coordinated by their C11's, indicate what they should try to do so that, then, each government of each country “does” something. If a few weeks ago France and Turkey were "dialectically" confronted by the issue of the Muhammad cartoons, to achieve this "confrontation," the CS level 4 or 5 sends instructions to the French C11 and the Turkish C11 to foment the conflict (which can come in handy for multiple political, industrial, economic or energy reasons, both to the French C11 and the Turkish C11, as well as to other committees and CS members at other levels).

Thus, the "advisers" and senior officials of the French government who belong to the CS receive the same instructions as the advisers and senior officials of the Turkish government who belong to the CS, hence, try to get the president or minister such of France to do or say this, and those of Turkey try to get the minister, president or whoever of the country do the other. Neither of the two “sides” at the governmental level can have any idea that they are being manipulated by their own internal “advisers,” who respond to the CS's power structure, and who then coordinate with each other what they are going to try to make each government do as a response to what the other does or says, always with an objective predetermined in advance by the higher-ranking members of the sixth level of power who, in turn, receive instructions from the higher levels.

And this modus operandi is only a tremendously generic explanation from a bird's eye view, because then each level of power within the CS has control over multiple international institutions, financial, industrial, political, economic, cultural, military, etc., that compete with each other many times to obtain more power in different areas, who collaborate in others, who follow orders when necessary and who, in general, keep this world plunged into perpetual and constant chaos, but from which, little by little, we know more about it and on which we act from time to time to alter or limit or distort their plans.

Of this last "stretch" of the manipulation of the world in the most public part, there is already much more literature and journalists who are in charge of bringing to light the goings-on of these lower levels (because they are more exposed and at "street level"), so, with all this, and what you can read from other sources, you can more or less have a global vision of this "internal" management system of humanity that we have to deal with in order to continue taking steps forward in all the processes of advancement, growth and development of our society.

A hug,
David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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