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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

Until now we have worked to dismantle the entire energy and physical framework that the RIC and CS have created through this "pandemic", but we have not begun to reverse the damage that has already been caused to many people, as a result of the economic loss that millions of humans have suffered in recent months.

It is estimated that the number of human beings who have entered extreme poverty, those who earn less than two dollars a day, will increase between 70 and 100 million this 2020, and that at least 10 years have been thrown back in the fight to get hundreds of thousands of people out of this precariousness around the globe.

So, in addition to dismantling structures, egregores, programs, etc., we have to help with other tools those whom this massive macro manipulation of our society has left at the gates of precariousness, of not having resources and of losing little or much of what they had to get ahead, having to be at home without working, or lose their jobs. In India alone, and in many other countries, African, Latin American and Asian, hundreds of millions of people who subsisted with unregulated jobs, and, therefore, impossible to benefit from government aid or government pay to stay more or less afloat, they have caused tremendous suffering and despair among the population.

In developed countries this problem also exists, at another level and with other connotations, but many businesses have closed and many companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers, with which, each one in his reality, a large part of the population it has been affected by this economic stoppage and blockage caused on purpose for the reasons that we have already exposed and explained in the series of articles on the manipulation of the economic structure that you have for March and April.

Archetypes of abundance, prosperity and monetary resources

The way we have to help everyone, and help ourselves, because the petition that I will put below is both for oneself and for other people, happens working with the archetypes of abundance, prosperity and money. We have explained the work with mental archetypes and how they are connected to the collective unconscious in the series of articles on numerology, where we were talking about how certain archetypes and "energy concepts" literally plug into the processes that influence the individual psyche and collective, at all levels of the collective unconscious and the mechanisms of creation of reality. So we are going to do the same now with three macro archetypes: abundance, prosperity and monetary resources.

What we are going to request from our Higher Selves is that they connect and create direct threads of these three archetypes towards our individual reality, our sacred fabric, without going through the common sacred fabric of humanity, because there, in those connection points, our realities can be manipulated by the influence of the global reality that sustains us, and, moreover, the Asimoss can cut or distort these connections, since our macro space-time substrate for everyone is anchored on theirs, something that I diagrammed for you in this scheme.

(Translation: From left to right)

Timeline 33 Timeline 42

Individual sacred plot of each human being (either on timeline 33 or on timeline 42)

Human reality (level 3) Sacred plot of human beings timeline33 and timeline 42 (two sacred "macro" plots, one for the people who are in timeline 33 at the individual level - approximately 94% of the total, and another for those who are in 42, approximately 6% of the total)

Asimoss reality (level 2) - Asimoss space-time structure. A single plot and timeline for all of them (the Amoss and other races also use this level 2 reality superimposed on the reality of the Asimoss but at the same level as them)

Basic or general quantum reality - level 1 (sacred web of the Earth, flora, fauna, physical beings that inhabit the planet, forces of nature, etc.)
Therefore, it is not very effective to connect anything to the global fabric of humanity so that it later reaches us in our individual realities because it is susceptible to being manipulated or distorted with some ease, but it is effective to create direct links to our particular fabric, which is on top of the fabric of humanity, which, if they want to manipulate it, they can no longer do so from their "level 2" reality, but have to enter directly for this into our reality, person by person, one by one, since the threads will be individual and "direct" towards the "frames" of your reality.

img2_thumb (1).jpg

Option 2: You can connect the archetypes that are for the individual plot of each person, reality to reality, so that they only flow towards that person without going through the global plot of humanity

Option 1: Any archetypes can be connected to the individual fabric of humanity. The entire “substrate” receives the influence and energies of these archetypes and “flows” upwards towards the individual frames

Individual sacred plot of each human being (either on timeline 33 or on timeline 42)

Human reality (Level 3) Sacred plot of human beings

Asimoss reality (level 2) - Space-time structure of the Asimoss

RIC, from their level of reality, can manipulate, cut or distort the flow that enters the fabric of humanity and with it, alter and block the energies that reach the individual frames and realities​

Explaining the three archetypes and their effects

The archetype of abundance is the concept that everything that is needed is available. So abundance is different from economic resources, because I do not always need monetary resources to feel abundant, and there are things in life that abundance can provide if you are connected to it but without going through the exchange of monetary resources for it. Therefore, by creating "pipes" that go from the mental archetype of abundance towards the level of the mental plane where your individual sacred web and the structures of your particular reality are located, then descending towards the etheric "frames" of that same reality, the "physical" events of your life manifest that abundance. I go then into more detail to explain what can or cannot be perceived and how to figure out what it works.


Archetype of abundance (mental plane)

Archetype of prosperity (mental plane)

Money archetype (mental plane)

They are created and connected (by the Higher Selves) "pipes" and "filaments" through which the energies of these archetypes flow towards each individual reality

Individual sacred plot at the mental level (region of the mental plane, sublevel 3.1, where each human being projects the scenarios, events, situations and experiences, which then manifest in their “physical” reality) through their pineal gland and according to the content of your psyche, programming, and mental structure

Energy flow of prosperity, abundance and monetary resources

Individual sacred plot at the etheric level (structures, molds, energies, supports, conduits) of the mental forms and scenarios of the sacred plot of the person that has to "drop" to the "physical" level

Individual "physical" sacred plot (all experiences, situations, events, experiences in all their possible manifestations, crystallized simultaneously at their physical-energetic level, give rise to the individual reality of each human being)​

The archetype of money, of economic or monetary resources, is also another concept and mental conglomerate that exists on our planet, as it was created as a form of exchange of services and elements to be able to use its circulating flow as energy for structures and "motor” of the Asimoss society, so it also has its mental counterpart and is used in the same way that abundance is used. But, in this case, evidently, it is only the monetary resources and the concept of "money" that, at the mental level, we connect through the etheric plane so that it descends to our "physical" reality.

The archetype of prosperity is the third archetype that we are going to use and connect to our individual sacred web, bypassing the common sacred web of humanity. It is the process by which abundance transforms reality into elements of positive growth and according to our greater good, in a continuous flow of evolution and improvement, therefore, abundance and prosperity go hand in hand when they work in harmony, and, in our society and economic structure, the archetype of money and monetary resources acts as a catalyst and trigger for the events that are to facilitate the manifestation of both on the physical plane.

So everyone is a millionaire?

No. I think it is obvious that it is not about that. So what is the effect of this connection?

Once the three archetypes are connected and their energies flowing towards our mental, etheric and physical frames, reality begins to show signs of gradual micro changes in which the elements of our day to day manifest small opportunities for prosperity, resources and abundance. Thus, we see that a job opportunity comes to us, that a monetary problem is solved, that people, situations, events or whatever appears that allows us to improve our personal, economic, general situation, in "small doses," but always according to what is necessary at that time. Remember that we have already explained the difference between what is needed and what is wanted. In this case, what changes is the "reality" in which we move, gradually making it more prosperous and abundant in its details, on a day-to-day basis, in the things we need.

Possible interferences that we are going to avoid

Since human programming is full of parameters and mental routines of "scarcity" and "lack of" that we broadcast incessantly, if we do not remove this programming, we will continue broadcasting that reality, so I refer you to this article to work that section as we explained earlier. But, on the other hand, this mechanism that I propose is not going to pass through our psyche, so it will not be mixed with the waves that we emit through the pineal gland, but rather they will literally be "hoses" that will be plugged into the substrate of our sacred fabric, at the mental, etheric and physical-energetic level, and, in this way, they will be able to act positively even though we continue to emit waves of "scarcity" and everything associated with it. There will be points of contradiction and shock, of cancellation of waves and their superposition, because if we emit with great force "I have no money," "I have no resources," and we connect the hose of "abundance" and "monetary resources" to frames of our reality at the same frequency, at some point there will be interference and "contradictory" superposition, so, in the petition, we will ask our Higher Self to insert the connections of these archetypes at a different frequency than the waves that we emit through the pineal, so that the collision between "opposite" waves is minimized and, therefore, we avoid that the manifestation in this reality remains unchanged.

Taking humanity out of precariousness

This process works in the medium and long term, mainly because the very limits of the psyche and its constructive logic that I have previously told you about "if this, then the other" prevent things from happening "suddenly" without prior justification. So, although the personality and the part of our psyche that is reading this may be accepting that there is no problem that tomorrow someone shows up and gives you whatever it is, on a monetary or resource level, our subconscious programs would not accept it, because there is no "reason" for it, there is no why. Let us remember that the reality in which we live is emitted by our subconscious mental sphere together with the preconscious mental sphere, contributing, in a very small percentage, the conscious mental sphere, since, for this, we would have to be continually "in attention" for the emission process of packages to manifest reality, and it is not a mechanism implemented "out of the box" in this part of the psyche for us to do so.

On the other hand, the "contradictory waves" that we have mentioned that can interfere are part of a program of the type "I don't think anyone can get out of poverty by making requests," "I don't think I can obtain the monetary resources that I need working energetically," "I don't think I'm going to live in abundance," "I don't think I can get more money as everything is," etc., and they are the ones that potentially become a problem when we try to insert abundance and prosperity in our lives, since they are programmed in all of us, and we emit it subconsciously, as we have said.

So, to counteract it, the processes of manifestation of reality like this that we are going to launch today have no choice but to work slowly, giving small-scale "proofs" to the personality that all this does work, so that this "way of seeing the world" is gaining more strength and the other loses strength (it is the same mechanism that I explained to you in the article on vaccines, on how to enhance the submission and compliance programs by gradually giving them more power. Here we go to use the same system, but in reverse, we are going to give power little by little to the manifestation of abundance, prosperity and resources, so that it can overcome that of "scarcity" and derivatives).

Seeing gradual results

Thus, when you are building your reality based on tangible evidence after having put in with the petitions (you have obtained X euros here, they have called you for a job there, they have offered you something you needed, they have changed your position and raised your salary a bit, you have received a resource that you did not know how to obtain, etc.,) then your subconscious programming regarding the processes of abundance and resources changes by the mechanisms of analysis of reality. When you change your programming, you alter your relationship with your reality again, which becomes more compatible with the energy of these three archetypes because you emit (subconsciously) "more confidence that what you need will come to you," and then these three archetypes have more force to manifest new changes in your "tangible" reality, which reinforce your programming of "abundance" and, from there, in a loop, to "infinity and beyond".

That is why I told you in the article on how to increase your economic and social status, that if you want to start living with a "superior" lifestyle (that each person defines what it means to himself depending on where each one is and what needs does it have without covering) you have to imbibe yourself in the patterns, programs and energies of this style and "status" that you want to access, because, otherwise, you cannot work with the vibrations and frequencies that abundance, prosperity and monetary resources possess, since they are energies of high vibration, and they are not aligned with environments and substrates of "scarcity," "negativity," "lack of" and everything related. Where there is one, the other cannot exist, oil and water, they do not stick, but for one to crystallize in your life, you not only have to eliminate the other and deprogram it, but you literally have to raise the level of the particles that form your life so that those archetypes have a "grip" somewhere with the minimum vibration they require for it.

Therefore, to raise the level of the particles that make up our sacred fabric, we will directly connect mental and etheric pipes of abundance, prosperity and resources to our mental, etheric and "physical" reality and, little by little, the substrate of them will change with each petition that we make.

But where does the flow of mental, etheric and physical abundance come from that will be imbued in our fabric?

Well, it comes from the same place where the "elite" have their "monetary" connections. From the mental and etheric pipes that I explained and diagrammed in this scheme.


Mind pipe, sub plane 3.3 with all world economy mind flow

Mental-etheric interconnection

Etheric pipeline, sub plane 2.4 with all the etheric flow of the world economy

The members of the CS and the world “elite” have their realities connected directly to these pipes

Etheric-physical interconnection 1.3

Channel to economic repository

Main pipeline, which carries the entire economic flow of society, in sub plane 1.3

Economic structure (mental, etheric, physical) of a bank, for example

Supra-entity structure (for example, European Union)

Supra-entity structure such as IMF, National Banks, World Bank, etc.

“Economic” structure of someone's personal bank account

Banks, governments, other institutions

People, generally, at the individual level, are not connected to world economic flows, but rather we depend on architecture of banking and financial supra structures to obtain our resources, something very deferential to the “elite” and members of the CS who do collect and channel the economic flow to their realities directly​

The reason that the members of the CS and those people on the planet who are in that 0.1% of humanity that agglutinate millions of millions in monetary resources is because they are directly connected to these archetypes of prosperity and abundance, and also have their individual realities directly connected to the mental and etheric pipes of the economic flow of the planet, the one that all of us make work with each economic transaction that we make.

Thus, connected to their realities, there are enormous "economic flow pipes" that are always showing them opportunities to improve at a monetary level, since they use all the energy that circulates through these pipes, and that is generated by all humanity, with connections "point to point" towards their particular realities. Obviously this has been learned by the majority by being part of the CS and it has always been a constant increase until reaching the level they have today.

So it is perfectly feasible and correct that all of humanity connect directly to the macro "pipes" through which the economic flow of the planet circulates, and that we are the ones who benefit, because after all, it is my economic energy, of each coffee that I pay or each bill that directs me to the bank, the one that the Asimoss is using to start the ventilation of its bases or make its computers work, and the one that the CS uses to enrich itself at our expense. Now we are going to balance that and ask that all the Higher Selves of all humanity create direct pipes towards all the realities of each human being, and, little by little, if you let it flow, if you are eliminating negative projections that hinder its crystallization and if you go trusting in the process, abundance, prosperity and monetary resources will begin to increase their presence in your particular reality.

Trying to reach all of humanity with this work

As it is impossible for the majority of people on the planet to make this request from their personalities, we will insist that their souls request it, so that we will put in a "loop" that the Higher Selves, every few days, send the content of this article to their souls (in "energetic" format, it is understood) and "insist" that they "process" it and decide whether or not they want to request that it be launched for them, on a personality level. No Higher Self will violate the free will of the personality and the soul, or do something for which they have not been asked for help or given permission, but that is different from offering continual "looping" help, and not just one time, when the petition is received and it is transferred to the soul, indicating something like "I'll explain that I can help you with this, if you ask me and give me permission, I'll execute it."

As, in general, most of the souls of most people on the planet do not usually pay much attention to what comes "from above," busy as they are in dealing with the material and earthly part of the world and looking for ways to make themselves heard and work with the personality, if we request that the offer of help be repeated more times, perhaps we can help many more personalities who are now having a pretty bad time in every way, for all the months of deprivation and precariousness they had in their lives, and that this economic manipulation has aggravated.


Therefore, the petition is as follows, and we will code it as "petition 8"

I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to connect the archetypes of prosperity, abundance and money to my individual mental field, in the area of the mental plane where the scenarios that make up my reality are found, the "frames" of my sacred fabric and the elements that are manifested in my life. I request and give permanent permission for the threads, channels, filaments and "pipes" to be created from the mental plane to the etheric, and then to the physical, so that the energy of the archetype abundance, prosperity and money can flow without obstacles and without limitations towards the particles that form the "quantum" and space-time framework of my reality.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self for the energy flow of these three archetypes to be modulated at the entrance to the "frames" of my sacred web at a different frequency than that used by my pineal gland to project my reality, from so that it does not enter into confrontation, alter, distort, overlap or cancel with the projection waves of reality that I continuously emit.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to create stable, robust and protected connections from my fields and mental and etheric repositories towards the global economic pipes of humanity, connecting to the economic flow that circulates through them, opening "valves" and points of connection, extracting the flow that passes through them and diverting it towards my individual sacred fabric without going through the connections that it has with the reality and common fabric of humanity. I request and give permanent permission to be actively protected by my Higher Self and the team of those who assist me all this mental, etheric and physical network to guarantee the economic energy flow to my "physical" reality and tangible to my senses.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to raise the energetic substratum of the monads that form the frames of my "physical" reality, facilitating the anchoring and connection of the archetypes of abundance, prosperity and money. I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to update the codes of the monads that form the substrate of my sacred fabric so that they accept, record and permanently reinforce the energetic connections that facilitate the absorption and insertion of the mental and etheric economic flow of abundance, money and prosperity, and manifest in elements and resources tangible to my senses in my individual sacred plot.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to send this request to all the "local" souls and super-souls of all human beings, creating a "loop" that gives the soul the information, explanation and knowledge necessary for it to understand what that is being offered and with the aim of helping the personality and the avatar to obtain the resources they need to get ahead and be able to grow, advance and evolve according to the evolutionary plan of each human being. I request that a coordination mechanism be installed in the common field of information shared by all Higher Selves so that they extend this mechanism of request for help and that it can be sent in a cyclical and recurring way to all souls that need it.​
I request that this petition be encoded as petition 8.​
I request that petitions from 1 to 8 be executed. Thank you.​

As always, for the encoding of petitions from 1 to 7 to work, they must have been carried out using the encoding mechanisms that we have explained in previous articles. And, as you already know, you just have to ask the Higher Self to execute requests from 1 to 8 regularly.

Hopefully this will be of great help and that progress will be seen in the medium term for everyone. Now, all human beings who "build" these "connections" for themselves will be plugged into the global economic flow, just like the members of the CS and that "elite" that owns almost all the resources of the planet, because their realities "drink" from this "circulating economic water" and opportunities and ways to increase the cycle of abundance, prosperity and monetary resources are always available in their realities, so they will always have "more of everything," as their individual frames "swim" in the monetary currents that we all create with our economic transactions, while causing the rest of humanity to continue emitting "scarcity" and never, in many cases, get out of precariousness and mere subsistence.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,

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