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Confusion and Anchoring the Collective Unconscious

David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
David Topi submitted a new article.

Confusion and Anchoring the Collective Unconscious
Confusion is one of the most complicated thing to deprogram in humans, it is one of the most used to keep us completely confused. We have explained in previous articles how to eliminate patterns and confusion. Today we will again try to eliminate confusion, which is one of the programs most active and present in the collective unconsciousness of humanity, both in timeline 33 and timeline 42.

Two overlapping collective unconscious

Before focusing on deprogramming ourselves, I will explain the situation of both timelines, because as you may know,...
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Realized Sentience
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I see daily how confusion takes down a situation toward chaos.

For example, any news item, discussion, conversation point, etc that is called into question on a 'technicality' (that is irrelevant to the primary goal of said news, discussion, etc) creates confusion and tends to lead toward chaos rather than resolution.

And teenagers seem to love these ways of creating chaos:)|

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