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Jul 20, 2016
I was watching the movie, Change in the Air, when I heard this Tom Waitt's song, Come on up to the House, and spun out into an examination of the week's events. This has been a weird week for me - attention span of a gnat with ADD - bouts of zero interest in the normal daily life activities - feeling as though I'm straining at the reins. I've bounced around with keeping up with world and local events, as well as being in such peace and perfection with other people.

Come on up to the house
The world is not my home
I'm just a passin thru
Come on up to the house

So, the world and local events were a bit daunting this week. My role among family, friends, and neighbors is the one who sifts through the info until I find the main points. It can be exhausting, yet I know it is important. You all know this takes some time, and it is so easy to drift into the chaos.

One of the biggest messages of this past week is the power of heartfelt words. They transcend all barriers. Because I'm an older lady living in a nice neighborhood, tradespeople sometimes have expectations. I can see it on their faces, and I can see their surprise when I turn out to be nothing that they expected. We had a repair that was done in 2 parts. When the second guy came, I explained why I was concerned for the health and well being of the first repair person (breathing in a petroleum aerosol). When I finished, the guy looked down, and I thought "Oh crap, I said too much". Then he looked up and said that was his little brother, and he was so grateful that I brought all of that to his attention. For me, it was a tremendous moment - there were no differences between us - just two people wanting conditions to be better. The week was filled with similar meetings. Nothing big - no, I take that back. It is a big deal when you meet people in everyday circumstances and have a real connection.

What was it about the movie? I figured it out pretty fast, and I doubt that it will be a fan favorite. It is a small story - nothing fancy or involved. Some say it had religious overtones, but I did not see it that way. What I took away was that people carry all kinds of pains and worries, and some of us shine a light on a different path.

So there you have it - my wandering through a week of interesting events and a tad more personal awareness. Oh, and you all can always come on up to the house.

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