Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind (Steven Greer New Documentary) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
The CE-5 protocol and 'movement' is not new information but he released this new documentary now. I understand that many people (including myself) are somwhat also skeptical of him since (as his website also shows) he collects a lot of money by crowdfunding donations and his not-so-cheap seminars and instructional material.

However it might be a good thing to try out anyway and group meditation in itself is a good thing too. Already been looking on Facebook (although I hardly use it otherwise) for a group in my country.

Here is the link to website and trailer:

I have seen the film two days ago since it was for a short time available on YouTube (a now defunct link was given in the Project Avalon forums) before they took it down. I only saw the first half, there is some rehashing of stuff from his old material but it seems worth watching. Just need to note his seemingly fake crying during an interview seems a bit awkward as it is not really well played in my opinion (sorry if I'm wrong Dr. Greer). But the info is out there and seems in parts quite legit to me, other parts (including footage) not so much.

Also on Project Avalon there are skeptical users calling him a scam artist even and they are normally very open minded towards UFO research and such (

It is still worth watching and making up your own mind about it, of course.
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