Clif High Interview - 15 June 2017 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 21, 2016
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As some of you may be aware Clif suffered a wrist injury a few weeks back and that has limited his ability to produce both the Webbot report and his newer "Bare Naked" reports regarding crypto-currencies. As a result he has chosen to only do the crytpo reports, at least through the summer, until he's back operating at full capacity.

He does however do interviews on occasion and just released one done June 15th with Greg Carlwood of Higherside Chats. It's quite interesting with some discussion of bitcoin but much of it around Antarctica and what's going on there (a lot), why he is so pissed at Corey Goode material (basically it has been screwing up the Webbot data but Clif has now figured out a way around it), discussion of the secret space program (real), and why much of the mainstream view of the role of the sun is inaccurate. All indicators of a major inflection point humanity is in right now, rich with opportunities and with risks.

So, if you've been missing the Webbot reports take a listen to this interview and get a dose of Clif. Classic Clif.

YouTube link is:


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Jul 28, 2016
The most interesting part for me was how the planets aligned around the sun. I always thought we rotated around the solar equator. Hmmmm
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