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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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As we had mentioned in the “back to work” article, let's resume the monitoring of the processes that have been going on for months at a global level, and that we have been publishing on the blog since last year and before, to see its current state and to have with it a starting point to continue deepening the explanations that will come next about the "plans" for development of our society and evolutionary state.

Disposal of plants used as raw material for the creation of narcotic drugs

Before the pause in the publications in October of last year, this was the last measure implemented that was communicated to us, as an attempt by nature's own forces (understood as the set of groups, beings, hierarchies, elementals, "guardians" and protectors of the planetary biosphere) to minimize the impact that the inappropriate use of some opiate plants was having on humanity. In this way, it was decided to stop “sustaining” the growth of species such as poppies and others in the family of opiates, and, right now, this process is taking place without pause.

The "field group" or morphogenetic field that sustains and gives "life" to these plants, the equivalent of a "soul group" for the animal and plant kingdom, is being disintegrated, dissolved in the mental plane. With this, there will be no "life force" inserted in the etheric structure of these plants and, little by little, the species will end up disappearing from our planet. In addition, the bees are gradually being reprogrammed, the few that remain, to not pollinate certain types of flowers like these, so that their “physical” reproduction will also decline and accelerate their disappearance. The forces of nature may not be able to prevent us from creating synthetic drugs in laboratories, but they can decide what to do with the plants and botanical resources of the planet because it is their “jurisdiction,” and it is expected with that to make disappear sooner or later a part of the opium trade and other substances that are then used to create drugs and sustain a world market for traffic, conflict, extortion and decline for many millions of people in our society.

Cancellation of oil generation processes

The crude bags closest to the earth's surface that constitute a large part of the reserve of most producing countries are the first ones that have begun to be drained into the planet, so that the oil companies do not have the capacity to access that oil that now is going to accumulate at greater depths. In general, this drainage and drying of wells has begun in the areas where greater conflict is foreseen for its possession, something that is happening right now in countries such as Libya, Iran or Iraq. Few people in the chain of power have realized what is happening, but those who are at levels above level 4 of the control system are alarmed (in their terms), how it really started the disappearance of the main source of control of the planet's economy and the reason for almost all wars and conflicts of recent times. Now it is a matter of seeing how far they go in their attempts to access the oil bags that are accessible in the Middle East or if armies and military forces withdraw from these areas, hopefully, when they see that there is nothing to get from them. In general, if the armed forces of one foreign country are in another, it is because there is some resource or raw material to extract from it and that interests a multinational in the "invading" country. In countries and regions that have nothing to offer, nobody has an interest in invading them, establishing "democracy" or bringing "peace." This year it will begin to gradually be noticed the lack of reserves that many oil magnates believed secured for several decades, because they did not ever count on the planetary forces themselves to "remove the plug" that sends the oil to the center of the planet to be dissolved, making it inaccessible to humans and the current technology we have to extract it. At the time of this writing the barrel of Brent is close to 68 USD and it is expected to gradually increase somewhat when they discover that, despite the demand, there is less and less raw material for supply.

Mechanisms of self-healing and regeneration of the planet

We had commented how the internal processes of water generation were going to be increased so that all the aquifers and underground canals of the planet return to flow with this precious liquid, especially to facilitate that flora and fauna did not have problems of scarcity in the areas that, affected by the action of man, are being made deserts, deforested or contaminated. In turn, other natural mechanisms on the planet are underway to regenerate the circulatory currents of air and water that balance Earth's natural energy flows and help the entire ecosystem maintain its balance. Now it is a bit like having to push a car or motorcycle to start it with the second gear on, because “it is hard” that these currents and energy drag mechanisms recover their strength and speed that they would have to have by “design,” due to the interruptions and imbalance caused in them by the climatic alteration that the Earth has suffered, both by human processes as well as by the races in control and by the impact that the creation and coupling of the “new Earth” is having in the 7.8Hz reality.

Installation of protection membranes in the sub-levels of timeline 42

The installation of all the membranes that will protect, as far as possible, the "fall" to line 33 of those currently at 42, has been completed, once the "passing membrane" that now separate both timelines is opened. At the moment in which this blockade is removed that prevents anyone in timeline 33 from going up to timeline 42 and that no one from 42 can go down to 33, the flow of people between them will be open indefinitely, not being other protection or element that marks being in one or another line but the frequency of vibration of each of the subtle bodies of the person. Anticipating that Asimoss and other races will enter the 42 in mass when the passage is opened (they already do it now, with technology and artificially raising their frequency to be able to pass the barrier of passage with “neutral energy suits”) those who assist us in the process of frequency change began the installation of energy “walls” that decrease the capacity of a person in the 42 to reduce their frequency so that they can return to be below 11Hz, which is the natural limit on the planet that separates both timelines. With this task completed, it is again the responsibility of each of us to continue raising the vibration of the particles of each subtle body, as we explained in the articles that date back to the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and try to pass over the sub-level 15 of the timeline 42 where one is already above 13Hz of vibration, which gives good protection (not complete, but rather better than at lower levels). On the other hand, everyone on line 33 who has been working to heal, raise frequency, remove energy blockages, etc., has or will have in a few months the possibility of moving to the timeline of evolutionary passage, from which, really, things are seen and perceived differently because they are co-creating reality from a much higher vibration substrate and from where many of the echoes of the lower levels, energetically speaking, of our reality no longer arrive or have so much effect.

Status of changes in the "karmic octaves"

Of all the measures promoted in the last year to reduce the power and capacity of the RIC this has been the least "successful," for being the one that was the most destined to hold them responsible for their actions and manipulations on humanity but for which they have found the fastest way to not receive the effects and reactions that these octaves have associated. How is it possible? Is not the law of cause and effect something "universal" and that applies to all? Right, but, like everything else, when you know the universal laws and their mechanisms and have the technology and knowledge to "play" with them, then you can avoid them to some extent. What the RIC members have done is assign or “copy” the codes that identify them as “conscious beings” and “subject to cosmic laws” in inorganic elements, so that the “waves” or currents and energetic dynamics of action-reaction that identify who executes an action to “return” with the effect to the same being that set it in motion, are diverted towards, say, for example, a rock, in which the identifying codes of those Asimoss or Amoss have been energetically engraved that they do this or that thing and that, then, they change or alter enough their molecular structure so that the energy and consciousness fields that govern the network of reality on the planet, return the effect and the cause not to the Asimoss or Amoss in question, but towards the "inorganic imitator" who is the one who receives the amplified shock 5000 times that we had mentioned at a time. Since this measure is unfair to the rest of the conscious life on the planet, human among them, because we do not have this ability to avoid the “karma” we generate, it has been completely deactivated and returned to its usual levels encoded by design by our planetary logos.

Status of the situation with the different “RIC” (Races in Control): number, displacement, extraction, sealing of their bases

Although a part of the sealing of several of the main RIC bases is maintained, there are not enough resources in the densest planes within the solid framework in which they move to contain them, and the “forces of nature” have not been able to contain Asimoss, Amoss and others, nor do they continue trying, confined in their bases. The number of its members has also almost doubled, being in total slightly less than 200,000 individuals among all the different races that form the "consortium of races in control" on our planet. It is bad news, but the vibration and frequency of the majority of beings, protectors, guardians and elementals that govern and care for the Earth, are in a very high natural state of vibration, with which, they cannot be densified so much to stop the action of beings almost as solid as us, in the same way that they cannot stop our actions against the planet without a lot of permissions, changes and guidelines from the planetary logos for it. Since the priority now is to continue moving people towards timeline 42 and hence consolidate the structures of passage to the nE when it is available, it has been mainly preferred to keep RIC as limited as possible within the parameters and range of those that assist us, but for the moment, to not intervene directly against them, because the resources required for this task are enormous and are necessary for other tasks of maintenance and support for conscious life on Earth.

Construction status of the physical plane 15.6Hz of the nE (“New Earth”)

This section does offer good news. We are a couple of years before the 1.2 plane of the nE is completed, the equivalent of the first “energy layer” that envelopes and surrounds the “physical” and “solid” plane to the senses that we see as the material world, and that is level 1.1 of the structure of planes of the Earth. This means that we are less than four years to 100% completion of the 15.6Hz 1.1 plane. On the other hand, it does not seem that there will be anyone ready in those four years to make the leap from the current reality to the nE, and it is possible that it will take a few decades before there are people on level 21 of timeline 42 with all their bodies, including the physical body 1.1 (the one you can touch with your hands) ready to make the jump. In any case, it is a huge advance, because whoever goes up in frequency will perceive in these four years the physical structure of the nE superimposed on the current 7.8Hz and we can start to see those doors of passage when we are near the level 21 of the timeline 42. Remember that raising the “frequency level” is done moving body by body as you have it explained in articles from other years, and to check at what level you are by using the methods we have explained in the previous article. The timeline 42 has 21 sub-levels and you have to ask about the level in which each body is, and the timeline 33 has 28 levels and is done the same way.

Then, when you ask about the physical body, ask two questions, one for 1.1 and one for the rest of bodies from 1.2 to 1.7. This is so because the 1.2 body (the densest energy "wrapper" of the chemical and organic body) may already be vibrating at level 10, but 1.1 is still at level 3, so a "normal" situation may be to have the soul at level 13, for example, the causal at 12, the mental at 10, the emotional at 7, the etheric at 5, the physical-energetic bodies 1.2 to .17 at three or four and the body 1.1 physical-organic at level 1 or 2 of timeline 42. Raising this last physical body 1.1 implies physical cleansing, detox, changes in diet, total purification, etc. It involves cleaning toxins, everything that the physical body does not need, what "weights the matter," while the rest of the bodies require energy cleaning, healing blockages, fears, anchors, mental healing, emotional healing, etc. Although the task sounds "titanic," each one will be ready when ready, without hurry for it, because as we had said, the door will always be open from the moment when the separation barrier is initially removed for this purpose, anticipated for the summer of 2020. It is not a race, and it does not matter if it takes two or fifteen years to make the leap, nobody will close the opportunity to move towards timeline 42 and from there to nE.

Status of the collective unconscious of timelines 33 and 42

While the collective unconscious of the timeline 42 is being consolidated, which is formed by the “mental energy” of the people who are in this timeline, approximately 6% of the world population, the collective unconscious 33 is in a state of “equilibrium” between the forces that manipulate it (human control system and RIC) and the forces that protect or try to clean it (planetary forces and those who assist us). With the collective unconscious 42 now moved to the central part of the causal plane, several levels above the mental structure of our planet, as more and more people move to this timeline this collective unconscious will gain more strength, and as it is quite protected, hopefully it cannot be manipulated and become the future collective unconscious for the humanity of the nE. However, remember that we are not only under the influence of these two global macro collective unconscious, but we are connected to multiple collective unconscious: the family, the neighborhood, the city, the region, the community, the country, the supranational region, and the continental collective unconscious to which we belong, and all of them belong to the timeline 33, since there are no smaller collective unconscious of the existing timeline 42 since the people in that line are still like “islands” isolated from each other, the majority being surrounded and coexisting with 94% of humanity in the timeline 33. Both for one line and for the other, we had previously explained how to disconnect from all collective unconscious if that is our desire, and thus be somewhat freer from manipulation and energy connection to the social and psychological management systems of the population that the control system has in all of them.

Status of the elimination of "slowdowns" that decrease the speed of manifestation of reality

It was completed before the end of last year up to 25% the elimination of all the “slowdowns” at the mental level, astral, etheric and physical substrate, and the operation and the extraction of them have stopped because their withdrawal destabilizes the entire structure of our society, since humanity does not yet have control of its own reality, while CS (the control system) and RIC do. If more mental, etheric and physical barriers and scaffolds are removed, all the processes put in place by RIC and CS would materialize much faster, so they could implement their plans with more agility and with fewer obstacles than until now, which would also prevents us from accelerating the rate of projection, co-creation and materialization of our own reality; that they are and remain present is safer and a protection for the human being than a problem at the moment.

Status of the extraction of "non-physical" entities under the control of the "RIC"

Whenever possible, the hundreds of thousands of non-physical entities that continue to exist in the physical, etheric framework, the astral substrate and the mental plane of the Earth are removed and eliminated, but it is not an offensive action as initially put underway to reduce their power and presence a little, but they are "taken out" to the solar dump the moment they "disturb," prevent, hinder or cause any problems to the planetary forces in their work and labor to prepare the move to the nE, perform the maintenance tasks of the 7.8Hz reality or curb plans to assist humanity for the evolutionary change.

With this summary, we resume work where we left it. In the following articles we will explain some new initiatives that have been put in place to consolidate these changes and ongoing processes and we will continue with the personal work that we have to do to continue advancing, deprogramming, releasing ballast and better understanding the system under which we live.

Remember that you can always check all this information for yourselves through your Higher Selves.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,


Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
So this is a reminder that there will be an evolutionary leap, but to be in the queue, or qualify, one must already have raised their vibration high enough to be at the highest level on timeline 42 and stay there. I once had a dream that I made a huge physical leap (although in the dream I looked like a human from Mu, not my current being).

I note that the phraseology David uses is "doors of passage" (from timeline 42 to new Earth), so I wonder if this denotes seeing an open doorway and simply passing through it. Or will it be necessary to leap through it? As evolution is expansion, probably the general direction is up.

It is good to have confirmation about the 6%/94% ratio, the 6% of human population whose physical and various subtle bodies are already somewhere in the step levels of Line 42. It is good to understand, because there is still the everyday experience of being an "island", where even quiet comments about any truth which makes complete sense to you, bring judgmental looks, avoidance, and lately, these days, just a complete non-response. As in, "I'll ignore that. I'm not even going to answer that." Or, at best, "You're being very random today".

Kevin C

Involved Wayfarer
Jul 27, 2016
I believe David means metaphorical "doors of passage". A simple example would be after a night's sleep, you wake up and find out you see the sky as purple, while those around you still see blue. You find out you can see parts of your future, or you can telepathically move things or influence events. You won't be able to "feel" it in the 3D sense. Keep in mind, like a log scale, a "jump" from 3D to 4D/5D is not linear or continuous; it is a discrete evolutionary jump. Also, my experience tells me there is no "up". It is more like an "out" or a "removal" from 3D plane. Just like "Flatlands", the 2D to 3D change is an "ascension", and 2Ds cannot see 3Ds, while 3Ds can see things above and beyond, through time and space.

The 6/94% makes some sense. Just take the number of people here on transients vs the number of people in your network and community. I do feel like an island, where others comment "where did that come from?", "I don't see it", "you are hearing things", "that is so random", etc.



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Nov 1, 2018
Thanks for the detailed update.

Oddly enough, last night's dream seems to coincide with "raising my vibrations" and seems to relate to this post. In my dream I seemed to have been stuck in a video game without my permission, I was in a series of dark and scary caves. There was lots of escaping and running away from bad guys. Then this plain woman showed up and guided me up a narrow passage which opened into a brightly lit room that seemed more "everyday normal". Then 2 kids popped out of a hidden hatch in this room, and the whole game was revealed to be a TV reality show. And the lady was the mother of these kids. The show ended and I was let out of the game, no harm done.

I'm also seeing some other people "ascend" and notice their new talents, even if they are still skeptical about it.

EDIT: Sometimes I seem to have a good interpretation of my dreams, and they seem to be a message of encouragement. I still don't understand many of my dreams but I'm getting better at understanding them.
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Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Thanks for the detailed update.

Oddly enough, last night's dream seems to coincide with "raising my vibrations" and seems to relate to this post. In my dream I seemed to have been stuck in a video game without my permission, I was in a series of dark and scary caves. There was lots of escaping and running away from bad guys. Then this plain woman showed up and guided me up a narrow passage which opened into a brightly lit room that seemed more "everyday normal". Then 2 kids popped out of a hidden hatch in this room, and the whole game was revealed to be a TV reality show. And the lady was the mother of these kids. The show ended and I was let out of the game, no harm done.

I'm also seeing some other people "ascend" and notice their new talents, even if they are still skeptical about it.
I think, when we get the chance to look back (in our mind's eye) over our lives in this continuum, it will seem that the everyday lives we live now will be as if we were stuck in a game of gangsters and horror movies, always either running or fighting. The relief of not having to do so will be immense.

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