Channeling the New Wave of Light — 18 March to April 2018 (1 Viewer)

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Henda submitted a new article.

Channeling the New Wave of Light — 18 March to April 2018
Since the last second part of March, a new wave of light and information was flowing in little amounts or energy upgrades that also was crossed by some huge ones especially during the last second full moon on March 31, called « blue moon ». This was the moment when the wave came at its fullest and many have felt its impact on their bodies : emotional, spiritual, mental, physical.

During this period, we are all called to let things happen as they should because we all receive insights, messages and guidance for this new shift in consciousness.

I have also been receiving messages from Higher Self and guides about this shift and here they are.
Reaching Far Away Lands

Each time you reach far away lands, you also reach new portals and realms that...
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