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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
We continue working on what allows us to dismantle the greatest number of the RIC and CS's plans and objectives, as quickly as we can, reviewing their counteroffensive, manipulations and actions.

We have, to date, launched requests to physically and energetically eliminate the following points and elements:
  • Bags and egregors of fear, anxiety, fatigue, worry, overwhelm, etc., all over the globe. Approximately 17% of all of them have been dissolved both on the mental and etheric planes, taking into account that they grow and are "filled" by the emissions of many millions of people almost at the same rate that we dissolve them with the energy pulses that our requests set in motion. The elimination of bags and accumulations in the energetic part of the physical plane (from sublevels 1.2 to 1.7) has not yet been started, which are perhaps the ones that are most noticeable "on the surface" because they are the most dense and compact.
  • Mental field and "artificial collective mini-unconscious" with the programs of submission, compliance, obedience and many other related, to insert them into the human psyche through the use of the physical and etheric element of the mask. Slightly less than 20% of this programming field in sublevel 3.1 of the mental plane diluted and eliminated.
  • Elimination and dissolution of the "mental scenarios" related to the intensification, propagation and development of this "pandemic,” both of the frames at the mental and etheric levels present in the sacred web of humanity at the global level. About 5% of all this content has already been deleted, but the Asimoss “re-prints it” on the collective unconscious and the media amplifies it at a huge level, so we are moving a little more slowly than on other fronts.
  • Deactivation of the nanoids present in all of us, and deactivation and uselessness of the elements that are being prepared for the future vaccine that is intended to inoculate the population. Recently initiated, perhaps 2% of all the nanoids present in the entire WFI of the main production plants of vials already deactivated.
Therefore, we continue with the execution of these petitions and dismantling without pause what is pending.

Causing "chaos" in the RIC and CS communications

Let's take a step forward. In addition to "putting out fires" (always dismantling what the RIC and CS has already started) and we are going to try to cause chaos and dysfunction in the CS to hinder their actions and facilitate ours.

For this, the next "action" that we can execute, by decision and consensus of our Higher Selves, is the "alteration" of the mental communication mechanisms that the CS members use to plan their actions. This means that the different circles of power, from level 3 to 10, have their own "micro-collective consciousness" to which the CS members are "connected" when they enter after being accepted in the 34th degree, the lowest of them, and from there, that person is "taught" and prepared to access the information that the CS shares "mentally": instructions, orders, knowledge, "things" they should know, etc. Although it is correct that the members of this control system use "normal" and "physical" means to communicate globally (The Economist magazine, for example, they use it to send each other "codes" and "messages" on a weekly basis, imbued in headlines, images or phrases of the articles that they know how to decode between them), a large part of the coordination of activities is carried out through various mental fields, which the CS members learn to connect with, and use, to communicate through the faculties that we all have by default, but "inhibited" and limited in most human beings by the same structure of blocks in the psyche that the Asimoss established in the avatar we use.

Thus, what we are going to do has two objectives:
  • Insert distortion in the mental scenarios with the "future" plans of what they are planning for this "second wave" as a continuation of the actions previously implemented.
  • Cause noise, distortion, and chaos in the CS's mental communications systems through pulses from our Higher Selves to their collective unconscious of communications. This is the equivalent of putting a radio at full volume emitting "white" noise, which distorts the mental and "telepathic" forms with which they work, so that they cannot be coordinated by this means, slowing down and making it difficult to emit and receive orders and these "micro-collective unconscious" are used from level 3, the highest, to level 10, the lowest, so once we start this request, the CS members that have been connected to it will receive so much mental noise in their psyches that it will be difficult for them to distinguish instructions and data between "beeps" and random "thought-forms", which, hopefully, either causes confusion everywhere or forces them to disconnect from these communication micro-unconscious because of the difficulty of continually having a deafening mental noise in their heads.

How do these mental capacities work?

As has become customary, we not only ask what we are proposed to do, but also take the opportunity to explain "things" at length about how we work and how the "things" in the world work so that, in addition, we grow in knowledge and awareness of what is happening and why the situations and events we experience happen, and how the RIC and SC do to achieve their goals. So how does this mental communication system works to receive "messages"?

The functioning of this innate capacity in every human being is found in the subliminal mental sphere, one of the six that we have, and in which the management programs of an endless number of latent potentials in us are stored. Telepathic abilities, remote viewing, clairvoyance, precognition, extrasensory perception in its different facets, clairaudience, etc., are "functions" inhibited in most people (not all) and the "software" that makes them function is in this part of the mind.

Then, these programs also work with the runes of the behavioral pattern that we briefly explained in the previous article, but, in this case, in a part of the behavioral pattern that "records" these operating parameters in the area called "superman runes,” which comes to be a term to designate “super-powers,” as it has been called this by a large part of the population throughout our history when it has been perceived that they were active in third parties, but that, nevertheless, in us "as standard," as they are part of the toolbox inherited from the Asimoss and company and encoded in our genes.

Furthermore, the mental programs of "telepathic" communications through a common field, which act as a repository for the data packets to be communicated, are not exactly the same ones that facilitate person-to-person telepathy, but rather those that regulate the ability to connecting with a "group mind" and being able to communicate through it. These have their neural counterpart in the area of the brain known as the Brodmann 20 area, in the so-called “inferior temporal gyrus,” where the neural networks that must be activated in order to make this communications mechanism “work” are located.

On the other hand, at the DNA level, this capacity is also encoded in some of our genes with the instructions and the potential to activate, in the energetic system, especially in the mental body, "zones" for the reception and storage of packages of data received, and these become used by the conscious mental sphere to "remember" what has been captured, and keep it in memory as if it had been a message that had been told physically, by phone or that they had read in a book. Other elements that also intervene in the functioning of this "mental" method of communication are the chakra system, the golden cord or line of the Hara, the lower and upper intellectual centers connected to the third and eighth chakras, etc.

Working "energetically" on the CS members to awaken these "qualities"

Therefore, when a member of any of the "initiation schools" who has passed grade 33 is chosen to be part of the CS and passes to grade 34, in each of the "initiations" they receive to pass the level, they are activating more and more (in an energetic way by the members of a higher degree who know how to do it), these capacities, being very basic at the beginning, and very advanced when all their "communicative" potential is unlocked. At first they can only "receive" and "listen" instructions, then later they can "send" thought-forms with questions or comments, and at the end, the "go" and "return" channels are perfectly active and functional. Again, it is not a "super-power," it is simply the activation of an ability that absolutely every human being has by the simple fact of having a homo sapiens avatar.

It worked with the Asimoss

If you remember, we already did something similar with the Asimoss many months ago, at that time, it was decided by the planetary forces that the most appropriate thing was to dissolve the Asimoss, Amoss and others’ collective unconscious, something that we started and that more or less was completed successfully, despite the RIC's attempts to reconstruct its methods of mental communication. But they only managed to maintain a very basic channel to which many of our Higher Selves "plugged in" to be able to capture the same communications that the Asimoss broadcast between them. Thus, a good group of Higher Selves, who received that mission from the planetary logos, always tried to capture the instructions that the Asimoss gave to the rest of the RIC members that then transferred to the CS.

As a countermeasure the Asimoss encrypted their thoughts, which, as much as it sounds like fiction, happened simply by installing themselves in their mental spheres a program that changes the encoding of the emitted mental form, having the key in their own psyche to know "decrypt" what was received automatically, so, after encryption, if a Higher Self “connected" to the collective unconscious of the Asimoss, it only perceived nonsense thought-forms, as these were randomly encrypted and only connecting directly to an individual Asimoss psyche, which no human Higher Self can do or wants to do, they could then "read" their thoughts once they had been decrypted and decoded by the internal programs of the mind of any RIC member.

Even so and everything, the Asimoss and RIC in general reverted to a communications system for technology, to prevent "leaks" and that beings from the forces of nature or our Higher Self could access what they were planning, the equivalent of communicating by email , WhatsApp and telephone, so that orders from the highest levels to the execution levels now take days instead of minutes to arrive, since they have to go through the entire chain of command and ramifications of their group structures to reach the last member of their "society". Something is something and what has been achieved always allows us to have a little margin to react when it is perceived that they are launching new actions.

Distorting and slowing down the CS

For the CS it is the same, if a member of the third level receives an instruction from the Asimoss, he communicates it mentally to the rest of his own level, to the 12 members that belong to this circle of power, and these, in a "cascade" pass it through to the communications collective unconscious of each power sublevel, until all members up to level 10 have received it and are clear about the instructions. Now they will have it more difficult, because our Higher Selves will already ensure that the thought forms with the instructions and communications that circulate through their micro-collective unconscious have as much distortion as possible, so that if a command to "do this" is perceived, it will be tried to change it to "do the other" and we will see if this "game" pays off and makes it easier for us to slow down and alter the implementation of their plans and subsequent manipulations.

Promoting the erasure of scenarios and temporary frames with future events not in accordance with our greater good as a society

This for the communications part. Now, to continue with the part of blocking the scenarios that they intend to materialize on the sacred plot of humanity, we are going to do the same. Insert distortion in the mental and etheric components of the scenarios, objectives and situations that are intended to "fall" to the physical plane, erase all that we can (we already have several requests underway for this, along with the dissolution of the bags of fear, egregores of the "pandemic" and others) and block what has not yet manifested, does not do so, or has the minimum impact if it manages to descend to the "solid" reality to the senses.

For both, we will use the following petition, which we will code as petition 7.

I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to insert noise, distortion and chaos in the mental communications systems of the so-called "control system" on our planet, at all levels of it, in its groups and components, for the members of any of their "circles of power," in the elements and fields of information exchange that they use at the mental, etheric and physical levels. I request and give permanent permission to use the mechanisms of alteration of the information that are available to add confusion, alteration and chaos to their communications to make them unrecognizable, useless and indecipherable.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to continuously emit pulses of distortion and disruption towards the mental systems used by the members of the so-called "control system," and that through these fields of communication and the connection points towards their mental, cognitive and energetic structures, reach them and they perceive "noise" and distortion in their psyches to alter, disable and diminish the mental capacities of communication between them.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to assist the forces, beings and hierarchies that work under the coordination of the planetary logos, to erase, eliminate, block and dissolve the mental, etheric and physical scenarios, the lanes and sub-lanes of the sacred fabric of humanity and the temporal frames that form it, related to the "pandemic" of "covid-19" and its related scenarios, events, effects and consequences.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to actively block the descent of new "future" scenarios that are intended to manifest on it, overlapping and enhancing the currently existing scenarios and preventing new events from being reinforced or set in motion to reinforce this "covid hologram".​
I request my Higher Self and I give permanent permission to disconnect myself from the connections present in my sacred fabric with the "frames" of this "pandemic" reality, both those that are already present and those that have not yet manifested at the physical level, so that they are not part of my reality and cannot interact with my life, my environment and my evolutionary path.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self for this request to be extended to all souls and super-souls of all human beings, to execute it on their avatars and energy systems if they wish, even when their personalities have not been able to access to the content of this request due to ignorance or inability to understand it.​
I request that the above petitions be encoded as "petition 7".​
I request that the petitions from 1 to 7 be executed.​

As we have said before, for the execution of the petitions from 1 to 6 to work, it is necessary that the steps explained in the last articles have been done to encode them properly.

Let us continue working without giving them respite, since our Higher Selves have received permission from the planetary logos to be able to act, due, once again, to the amount of "red lines" that the RIC and CS have "skipped," something that we already explained how it works, and, for this reason, there is great activity and a lot of desire on the part of many beings and our Higher Selves to contribute to all this being finished, and, incidentally, dismantle and hinder the power and control of the RIC and CS on humanity.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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