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Here is an article that Da-da posted over on Schrödinger's Öther Cat. (The CAT Staff are made up of several psychics and clair-X researchers and practitioners.)


A check-in/update seems in order.

All is well... where it counts. Like Trump or not, the de facto "military" government now in place in the US is keeping the peace, and will be meting out justice to the justice-challenged. There is no avoiding it. (M3 said: "If you'd gotten the other candidate, you'd be embroiled in a terrible war right now, and it would be very hard to breathe.") The PTW (Powers That Were) are now just that. And the MTW (Media That Was) is feckless and doomed beyond repair; their ghosts may arise during the trials to come, but once it's over... it's over for them, as well. They will vanish as people turn away in disgust. No one will cry at their passing. (If the MTW is your livelihood, best start retraining now.) In future, friendly card games and informal dinner parties will be the norm. Hope you like peace and quiet!

Meanwhile, the finishing touches are being made on the New Earth, but... she's still not ready for prime time. This is what's causing the delay. (If you want it to happen faster, meditate on The New Earth and imagine a perfect world for all.) Note that it's not going to be Disneyland. You'll have to do actual work to survive, but you're not going in cold; you'll have help. Everything is a process. Once there, expect growth to happen fast, but there will be numerous, varied stages. We were curious about whether the New Earth was a separate planet, or a different level of the existing one, so we asked M3, who said: "I see the dimensions like layers on photoshop. Same earth, just multiple different overlays."

Speaking of that, some CATs have reported timeline overlappage:

  • CAT4: "I saw an old B&W movie on the TV from one room (through some french doors), but thought that was odd as I'd just turned the set off 10 minutes earlier on the way to bed. Upon entering the TV room two seconds later, the set was turned off, black. (I live alone.)"
  • CAT2: "Several times now, as I've settled into meditation and peeked at the clock, it's kind of 'jumped,' like I'm suddenly seeing it in another reality, like I've skipped up a level.
Another (M4) saw this on the night of 2/3:

Around 11 pm, I started in to my evening meditation when my feet started tingling... moved up to my hands... then with my eyes closed, I saw white rippling waves of energy wash over me, one after another, for about 2 minutes. They came in from the southeast, in the direction of Aquarius.

Later, I had a curious dream where I was walking some hilly terrain, to find just the right vantage point for observing some "secret" government facility (it was just three square buildings surrounded by barbed wire) from a distance. No idea why. And nothing happened the whole time I watched. Weird.​

As for the second bit, M3 reported something similar. Meanwhile, M2 had two very interesting meditations. Note that water in this instance could mean energy.

M2 Session #1

I saw it raining raining raining. I got washed down some stairs TWICE, both times it was slow and not scary, all the while hearing that Winnie the Poo song, "When the rain rain rain came down down down...."
Then I was walking with my family on a green field whilst the sky darkened with police helicopters and other flying vehicles with red and blue police lights flashing. It neared ominously... and then passed overhead. We just watched 'em come and go, feeling no fear. Bye! (It was then that I had my second 'down the watery stairs'episode.) Then I was walking through some kind of building with various rooms, helping people do this and that in a very leisurely fashion. At one point, someone began an impromptu lecture on some topic while everyone else immediately started taking notes, but I (as an apparent teacher's aide) sat off to one side, facilitating; I already knew the information, and any new info that came I trusted I would remember. Then M3came out of a golden alcove, their clothes and body and hair all gold. I remember thinking, "Of course."
The rain increased outside, and I was seeing the pages of a book that itself was filled with dark water that got darker and darker until it was black, with bubbles here and there vaguelly describing a skull, like in a Disney movie, but it was never scary. There was no fear associated with any of this, I just observed it, then heard the rain song again...

All was interrupted by a multi-phonic/-phasic snippet of bizarre "galactic language," heard both inside my headand clairaudiently. Never heard anything like it. Later, I asked M4 what my "galactic name" was; she said itsounded, "indescribable... like something from a dolphin."​


M2 Session #2

Long, detailed meditation last night, like flipping channels. I saw many things, from the first-person viewpoint of the participants. What follows is both eyewitness and metaphor, I think. No timeframe on this, save for the end.
  • I saw someone either admit to treason or be found guilty inside a big chamber of people like the House of Representatives, then watched as they then implicated 58 other big-name people for the same thing
  • I then saw -- in super-slow-mo -- a heavily armed A-10 Warthog scream into a desert valley somewhere in what looked to be a Middle Eastern desert, the plane the first of a huge strike force that storms in and blows the holy crap out of a (Daesh?) military group taken by surprise whilst preparing for some last major offensive
  • Then I saw myself as a hostage/prisoner (??) in the hallway of big hotel, and I think at one point we were to be paid-off for *being hostages* with bundles of currency that were then cut open and spilled on the floor, the rest of the money (a gigantic bundle) wrapped by big rubber bands, when I saw someone drop a box cutter, which I picked up and looped the handle with one of the big rubber bands and started whipping it around and around, slicing the faces of my captors to get away, then running running away down the hallway to freedom.
  • Then I saw something like the end of a commercial on an old TV screen, one frame at a time: there was an email address for someone I was curious about, but when I tried to identify it onscreen I saw various other things listed that you could "earn" as part of some promotion, with silhouettes of various vehicles listed vertically, moving progressively in size and importance... then saw two small turquoise planes (like Cessna 174s) listed, each shown lifting off the ground with the label, "IN NOVEMBER" across them. This could either be people escaping prosecution, or perhaps... The Event? Anyone else see anything like that?
  • Finally, I saw Spock grab Teri Gar. Why is that?
Oh... you're no fun, anymore.

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