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Oct 18, 2016
Earth submitted a new article.

Cash And Carry Karma

By The Happy Wonderer (contributing writer for

Thesis: That (a) Money — be it in cash, gold, jewels or a bank — is condensed energy. And (b) Karma can be seen as energetic ‘debt’ — positive or negative.

What? Isn’t that some kind of anathema, thinking of filthy lucre and spiritual karma in the same headspace???

Is it? Bear with me.

Karma is a form of energy — be it ‘good’ karma, or ‘bad’ karma.

Good karma is when your ‘account’ is in the black — you have exhibited kindness, compassion, love, care and all those good attributes.

Bad karma is when your ‘account’ is in the red — you have exhibited selfishness, antagonism, judgment, anger, fear, violence, aggression, and similar bad attributes.

Soooo, is that not a little like money, when seen through planet...
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