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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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We already have a first proposal and measure taken and decided by the group of our Higher Selves and the different "forces" and groups that work assisting the planetary logos, Kumar, in the process of cleaning and expulsion of all those who do not possess the permits and authorizations to continue using the planet as an evolutionary base, so that we can continue with our process, based on the situation explained in the previous article, where the work carried out in recent months against Asimos, Amoss, Zuls, Alomiss and Animiss had been reversed up to a point.

The decision, that we are going to implement through a request that I will put at the end, is to remove the capabilities of interacting with the energy fields of the planet that allow them to manipulate, on the one hand, the "holoquantic" reality of the system under which we live, and, on the other hand, use the Earth's energy resources for their benefit, growth and survival.

This, said like that, seems easy, but it is not. How do you prevent a race, group or species from using the energy the planet it is on if that energy is everywhere? It is the energy of the air, of the environment, of the ground you step on, of the sunlight you receive, the core of the planet, the biosphere, the emissions of humanity, etc. Obviously it cannot be done by physical means, or by technology, or by force. It can only be done by telling the energy itself not to "obey" any request, intention or attempt to use it by the groups that have been vetoed by Kumar and the non-physical entities that assist them.

But can energy be told to stop "paying attention" to an intention or request made by an Asimos? Can you tell the energy field that exists everywhere to do not nurture an Amoss? We do not, but the planet and the solar logos, they can, because they "are" those energy fields. Let's explain it.

What is the "quantum ether of Creation"? They are trillions of trillions of monads, tiny particles that form the energy substrate of everything that exists. These monads form subatomic particles in millions of higher levels, which then form the quantum reality that thousands of degrees of higher magnitude give rise to the atoms and particles that form the material world to the senses.

And, on whom does this organization and management of the "quantum field" of monads depend? It depends on the hierarchical levels that govern the "space" where they are. In this way, even if it is a very generic explanation, all the energy, ether, akasha, monads that exist in the galaxy, in the Milky Way, have to "obey" and respond to the consciousness of our galactic logos, which comes to tell us that the "being" that "incarnates" as responsible for each galaxy, perceived by us as millions of stars, planets and other celestial bodies, is who "dictates" everything that happens within its "domains" and who can order or change the rules of the evolutionary game within, for us, the Milky Way.

However, it is still a very large energy field and its management is compartmentalized by what we might call the "regional logos." What would a "regional logos" be? Our "galactic logos,” which receives in Irdim the name of Eur, has several logos or macro beings that coordinate different "parts" of this galaxy at an energetic, evolutionary, "metaphysical" level, and, therefore, within the quantum field of monads that form the Milky Way, there is a sub-level of this energy field that depends on the "guidelines" that the regional logos, which receives in Irdim the name of Umar, dictates.

At a lower level, a regional logos coordinates thousands of solar logos, which are the beings that "incarnate" in stars and suns for their evolution and growth, and which are responsible for the management of the energy of the entire solar system under their responsibility. For us, our solar logos is called Rawak, in Irdim, as many of you already know so, all the "quantum" monads and particles of our solar system are subject to the consciousness and management of our solar logos. And, finally, all the energy of the Earth, and of each planet, obeys and is managed by the consciousness of the planetary logos, of the being that "incarnates" in each planet to govern the evolutionary path of the conscious life that is in it. On Earth, as you already know, our planetary logos receives in Irdim the name of Kumar, which means "young,” although humanity has called him in many other ways such as Pachamama, Gaia and different terms according to different cultures and traditions.

Therefore, we have four levels of "energetic" fields that form the substratum of the reality of all the planes that exist within the Milky Way and that are responsible for four hierarchical levels that go from the planet where we are, to the galaxy where we are.

Very well, if we understand then that all energy has consciousness, and that every particle of the "quantum" substratum respects the "hierarchical order" in which it is found, if Kumar gives the order that no particle of energy "nurtures" or can be used by an Asimoss for example, no act or intention or attempt to use the energy by Asimoss will be executed by this energy field. This is not meant to "kill them" as such, because there are energetic processes that cannot be "rejected" by any logos, since every conscious being has the right to life and to be able to have energy to be alive, therefore, it cannot be denied in any way that an Asimoss while breathing continues to gather prana from the Earth for its survival. But it can be denied that, for other functions or intentions, this energy executes the orders or intentions of these races.

How do you do that? First we must understand that energy is subject to consciousness, in the same way that matter is subject to energy. That is, within the hierarchy of management and formation of reality, to change the material aspect of something first you have to change its energy aspect, and the energy aspect of anything is only changed by changing the consciousness about it. This is obvious when it comes to energy healing, for example, if you have a physical problem in your body it can only be solved at the root and 100% if you change the structure and energies behind the physical problem, and you can only change the energy of something when there is awareness of what needs to be changed and is understood how. So, always, in any process of altering reality, whatever it may be, first you have to become aware, then modify or alter the energy and finally the "material" part reflects the change or healing or modification.

By this same process, an Asimoss can modify with its consciousness the energy of an event that results in a negative situation for a human, for example, or they can alter with their conscious intention egregores, octaves, processes and any energetic element that then result in problems, situations and manipulations in the "solid" reality for us. Obviously most of these manipulations are done in a technological way, because they already have the knowledge for it, but their evolutionary level, almost 45 levels above ours currently, allows them to interact with the quantum field of the Earth, and the solar system at will.

If we put the Amoss for example, who have an evolutionary level far superior to Asimoss, they possess, some of them, almost half of the power that the same planetary logos have to manipulate the energy fields, which is a "headache,” and I speak now as David, at the level of my situation and personal reality, because only with the intention they can alter your day to day and turn it upside down, having the ability to manipulate the structures of your reality only with their intention to do it, having dominion over these two energetic fields, that of the Earth and that of the solar system, to an incredible power. Believe me if I tell you that my reality is constantly being manipulated this way to make my day to day very complicated, and that is something that you do not realize until you understand that they do not need to be near you to block or attack you, since they connect to the "quantum" field of the Earth and their capacity to manipulate it does the rest.

All right. If this concept is difficult to understand, I think the following analogy will be easier. Think of the Star Wars movies, Star Wars, and the concept of the "force" that both the "Jedi" and "the dark side" dominate. What is the "force" that they talk about so much in the movie? It is this unified field of consciousness, at its different levels, in this "galactic" case that certain life forms, races, groups or species have come to dominate for good or for evil. Therefore, when you have the evolutionary level in which you can with your sole intention manipulate the energy of the quantum ether or akasha of the planet, solar system or galaxy in which you are, you become one of those "Jedi" or "members of the dark side" according to the polarity in which you use the monads that compose it, having monads of positive or negative charge, as well as neutral, everywhere and completely extended to all levels of this energy substrate.

Therefore, we have to ask Kumar and Rawak to cancel all the permits and capacities that all the groups and entities that do not have the codes with the permission to stay on Earth have, and we have to do it, because it must be a unanimous request from humanity, at least a percentage of it, for that requests to be approved. As we mentioned in other articles, the petition is approved or not approved not by the number of people who do it, but by the combined energy and consciousness of those who request it. So, when we tell our Higher Self to request something from the planet, the request carries a certain energetic charge with a certain degree of consciousness, which corresponds to the degree of intensity and focus with which the request has been made. Thus, it is not the same and is not executed with intensity a lukewarm request or made while watching television or just reading a few words, than a request in which the person puts all his interest, awareness, focus and concentration. A few people making requests with a lot of intensity equals many millions of people doing something just "to see if it works" or just as a try.

So, finally, we go with the request to withdraw from Amoss and others the permits to use the energy to continue with their control plans, and to bend their resistance a bit, and we will see what effect it has had in a few days. The request is the following, only once, to our Higher Self:

Addressing my Higher Self, and through it my planetary logos, Kumar, and my solar logos, Rawak, as responsible for the energy fields of Earth and the solar system in which I find myself. As part of humanity, I request the cancelation, deletion and elimination of the permits, potentials, capacities and possibilities of use, manipulation, management, creation and alteration of the monads that form the "quantum" fields of the Earth and solar system from all the members and parts of the Amoss, Asimoss, Zuls, Animiss, Alomiss races, those known as the "grays" and all the non-corporeal entities, beings and forces that do not have the real codes with Kumar and Rawak's permits to stay in their domains. I request that all the processes set in motion by the aforementioned forces and groups that are the substratum for octaves and processes of manipulation, distortion and alteration of reality and life systems on Earth not according to the greater good of the conscious life in it be immediately canceled. I request and give permission, in the name of humanity, so that all the Higher Selves can make this request reach the soul, and that the soul gives the approval based on its free will, to contribute with its conscience to it, expanding the number of human beings who join the request from their souls and Higher Selves although their personalities may have not obtained this information or understand it. I request that all energy processes be canceled and that instructions be given to the monads of the fields of the Earth and of the solar system in which I find myself so that they do not execute or accept or be altered by any member of the races and groups mentioned, erasing all the permissions codified in them that were acquired by the Asimoss, Amoss, Animiss, Alomiss, Zuls and grays, as well as by all the entities and forces that assist them, by evolutionary level or by imposition and technological development. For the greater good of all conscious life on Earth. Thank you.​

Let's do this and see what happens soon. Thank you all.

A hug,
David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,


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