Blessed Change Brings Blessings | Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, August 2 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
maryann submitted a new article
Pleiadian tarot interpreted through the lens of Nine: Well, that didn't take long. All of a sudden, the understanding you were waiting for is here, and with it blessed change. You're at the cusp of rebirth. Pause and honor the moment. You have support, and the road ahead leads to collaboration and discovery. Read on for details about each of the cards in this week's Pleiadian tarot spread.

Summary: The future has arrived quickly! With a blast of revelations comes blessed change... just what you've been waiting for. It's probably not what you expected, but it's very likely just what you needed. You're at the brink of a total re-work of your life. Pause and know that you have the backing you need. You stand in wisdom and strength, even if at the moment you're a bit...
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