AU Government Forcing Vaccine On Aboriginals (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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This lady speaks on behalf of a friend who’s had a 30 year career as a nurse and is about to quit because of the vaccine mandate and because she cannot deal with the pressure and coercion, and more so she can’t deal with the fact that deaths from the vaccines are being covered up in hospitals.

This nurse works in indigenous (Aboriginal) communities and they are being threatened by the Australian Government to get the vaccine. She explains up to four public servants (Government) are harassing and intimidating individuals at a time, threatening that they will cut off their payments, take their children if they don’t get the vaccine.

She goes on to say that medical military (AusMed) went door knocking in in rural NSW and heavily coerced them to take the vaccines. “The people are being given no choice and we need to stand for everyone voiceless,” she says.

The gag order in Australia stops medical staff from speaking out and if they do, they get demoted or fired and medical blacklisted.

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