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Attainment of true love



Whenever I read this short post I get such a good feeling, but before leading to it let me tell you a short story that I think is related to this topic somehow.

Eons ago, when dragons existed in physical, they were known for having two hearts instead of one. Beings that evolved from their lineages, like the Draconians, also had two hearts. The energy would flow from heart to heart and one of the challenges of these great beings was to balance both hearts. Just like how beings have to balance both sides of their brain, it was no different with their two hearts. As we shift, our dragon aspects balance their two hearts through us.

Some time ago Pod shared a note with me about scientists finding out that the lungs also have the function of creating blood, so we can say that the Earth human has, in a way, three hearts, because when we breathe, we move energy.

When we attain that connection between our two hearts, as the following post from another site mentions, we align to loving peaceful situations outside of us. I find myself certainly in this process of being mostly on my own these days, retrieving more energy of aspects of different timelines. When I get to embrace them like my children, to listen to their stories, their struggles, and connecting them to my own in this lifetime, there comes this very warm loving feeling inside of me. Waves of energy heal everything and the mind becomes more silent. This very well applies to men, his anguish of not being able to succeed in life endeavors turns into fulfillment and he knows well he is good enough for the world.

Betrayal as an initiatory experience

The ultimate initiatory experience for the feminine is betrayal. The core expression of the feminine is love..initially she goes looking outside herself for love, romance, fantasy, conditioned to find the one and fairy tales..looking, searching, longing to find love. Until she is betrayed by her ideas of what love is, until she allows the knife of love’s betrayal to go right through her, opening her and all the way out the other side, where she discovers she is love.

One way of viewing the heart is there is an upper heart and a lower heart. The lower heart is the personal heart. This is where love, sadness, grief are felt in personal relating and connections. It is where we experience the vulnerability of our humanness. The upper heart is the universal heart. This is where unconditional love, joy bliss as a state of being is felt, not attached to any particular person. This is where we experience soul love, love for god/goddess.

Religions focus on developing upper heart love, however, when we experience love in the upper heart but not the lower heart we are in spiritual bypass. Everything is about love and light, a disconnected drugged out bliss state, but in denial and at the expense of the raw, primal, human feelings of the lower heart. If we live more from the lower heart disconnected from the upper heart, life becomes an unconscious reactive roller coaster of highs and lows of relationship drama, which is different from living an embodied life experiencing the fullness of life in all it’s textures.

For the heart to be alive and aflame with love it needs to be grounded in the here and now. In our humaness as well as connected to our soul and the love of the divine beyond ourself. This is when the whole heart is aflame with love, both the upper and lower heart are activated so love can be felt in its fullness, passion, gentleness, wildness and ferocity.

When we love someone else in a way that we lose ourself and our own connection we start to fall into enmeshment. We project love onto that person and they become in our illusion the source of us feeling love. This can be an external beloved, a parent, a child, a friend. This is the feminine relating core wound. (As opposed to the masculine core wound around mission/failure).

If we don’t feel the feelings in the lower heart all the way, we either loop and get stuck in them, or we armour against feeling them and our heart hardens and puts down emotional scar tissue. When we feel the feelings all the way, keep opening and opening until the heart breaks, the scar tissue rips away and creates an opening between the lower heart and the upper heart.

The key emotion that breaks through the scar tissue and opens this pathway is betrayal/abandonment. The feminine is about living as love and experiencing love. She is about relating, connection, bonding and attachment. Her soul journey is to know herself as love. Her heroines journey is to become enmeshed in love external to herself until she is finally betrayed by love. The betrayal wound that is experienced as being staked in the heart. She can either contract against this or open and let the stake be driven right through her heart opening the gate to the upper heart and activating it. Feeling it all the way her lower heart opens and softens, scar tissue dissolves, vulnerability is her power and the lower heart also becomes activated. The two parts of the heart unite, she finally unites with her twin flame, and her heart becomes aflame with love.

She is the embodiment of love. And through the mystical connection to the divine, sourced from within, the twin flame, she has a direct connection to infinite love. Not from a place of spiritual platitudes and spiritual bypass, but embodiment of love that comes from the descent down into matter, through the body and the journey taken. She is no longer looking for love outside herself. She walks through life as embodied, pulsing, flaming love.

When she arrives, love arrives, and the world falls to its knees and sings in celebration, at her feet.


Out of Time

Ancient Consciousness
That is a beautiful post. It made me feel like an expression of the feminine, but I guess it is natural for the place I like associating myself with.

I am curious what happens when the betrayer sees himself in the mirror. Does he realize he is actually helping? Does he realize he is a betrayer? Is it a monster he is seeing there? Why is he a betrayer to begin with? Should he be judged or rather healed?


One thing that I have learned from men is that when they betray, and the time comes for them to realize why they did what they did is that they themselves are very afraid of losing something or someone they love and they understand their reasons to betray. Most of the time it is more difficult for men to cry, they are taught not to go deep into their emotional realms and for them love can be an overwhelming experience. There is a natural sensitivity in them that is often not understood by women if they place themselves in the position of wanting that enmeshment and to fill their gaps with love outside. They are afraid of being so vulnerable that they prefer to run away, or seek another who will not make them feel that way. Women can become too pushy, too angry, too victimized. In worst cases men can become too violent. It depends on the magnitude of shatteredness and what they both want to attain as lessons and how they both evolve.

Sometimes one of them understands why the betrayal happened, or both do. Eventually it happens. It might happen in that same incarnation or not. Also, I think that it is hard for people to accept guilt and shame and transmute it to the light with self compassion. We are taught that those two feelings are evil and undesirable, but I have a different outlook. They lead to the initial understanding that we might have made mistakes or we were lead to believe we were at fault for something, and from there we can choose to go deeper into the feelings and sort the situation, for ultimate resolution. Peeling layer by layer, until we reach that double-heart connection within and we forgive ourselves.


Boundless Creation
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What a beautiful post!
I’ve lived in my upper and lower hearts. What I find difficult is maintaining that connection.


True, I tend to think this is the shift that people look for. The permanent reconnection of both hearts, sometimes described as the embodiment of the Higher Self and the acknowledgement of human experience.

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