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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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Two interesting aspects happen today prior to the Sun moving into Sagittarius tomorrow.

Juno conjuncts Makemake, Juno being involved in relationship transformation especially of the oppressive/abusive type, and Makemake being a male creator God associated with the oceans and environments and the climb back from the swamp of density and peoples ignorance and disregard for the divinity of the natural world.

This conjunction happens around 6 degrees Libra so those born around this time or with planets there may notice this aspect in feelings of frustration of not being able to get past a stuck place in areas that hold them back from their own inner growth, or through seeing how other people who are stuck in the old patterns usually involving blame and judgement of others.

But there is a factor here for all of us about working together more willingly to solve issues, not just personal issues but also those involving the planet and the environment.

I see this also as making an effort to blend the very old wisdoms with the modern ideas.

So hopefully this aspect will clear away some frustration and confusion as to the different beliefs and thoughts on issues like climate change which need more action and less judgement and blame, and a real effort to be made to bring us out of this swamp of density that humans have created for self and for the planet.

For some it may simply be about finally making an effort to climb out of a personal situation that has held us prisoner for too long, which could involve a very old belief versus self preservation.

The aspect of Ceres who represents the universal Matrix that creates and nurtures life, and the conjunction to Quaoar named for the creator deity of the indigenous Tongva people of Southern California, who danced and sang the world into existence, is also very transformative.

Quaoar represents the metaphysical point from which chaos issues forth for the purpose of manifestation, shaping into material form and points us to our ultimate connection with the universal creator force or GOD energy, encouraging us to clear karma and ego attachment so as not to keep repeating the same patterns from the past.

This conjunction happens at 2 degrees Capricorn so those born at the start this sign or with planets there, as well as the rest of us, are encouraged to be mindful of the need to both nurture self and others while carrying out our efforts to change direction if needed, and to make sure that our physical actions and present path through life are beneficial for growth, not just for self but for those we love so we can align our own self care with honouring that of others.

Quaoar loves it when we humans enjoy our rebirth periods and celebrate times of major change, even if it has brought some challenges.

These two planets remind us that if all is done with unconditional love then we can accomplish so much more than if it is done with resentment and blame and all the other negatives many humans are prone to indulging in.

We all know we don’t always actually “like” those we are loving as there is a fine line there, and we are all just human after all but it is possible in certain circumstances to rise above our own base feelings for the greater good.

Tomorrow the Sun moves into Sagittarius which will be a total switch of energy as it's been quite an intense month for many with the Scorpio in depth energies so strong.

Now we can lighten up and be more active , show our love and care through actions, be more motivated and feel free to take more risks.


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Jul 28, 2016
Quaoar loves it when we humans enjoy our rebirth periods and celebrate times of major change, even if it has brought some challenges.
Quaoar must have loved these past few weeks! Lots of opportunities to enjoy the times and changes which have been thick on the groundo_O:)<3

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