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As a child, what was your favorite creative passion?


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As a child we each had a favorite creative passion which we fell into and enjoyed. What was yours?

When I think back, I was probably like the typical kid, going from one thing to another. I was actually very much into dolls houses at a younger age. I remember that started when I visiting a therapist, I just can’t remember what the therapist was for right now, but the person had a doll house. This was probably unusual for a boy but for some reason I just loved it. But a dolls house is probably not too creative, apart from re-arranging furniture and dolls around the place.

I got into Lego and my favorite style/flavor was the pirates. I remember wanting a very expensive pirate ship—which I got in the end! I was so happy.

lego pirate ship.jpg
This may have been the one?! Maybe it was longer...
But out of everything I went through, what was my favorite?

It was probably coding in dos. I had my first computer at age 10 or 9, an IBM 80286 with a monochrome display (green, black and white?). I remember Sierra PC games and trying to get them working by managing the 640kb? Memory (ram).

It looked similar to this, but not the same.

This was before there was a GUI (Graphical user interface) and everything had to be typed out in text to make it work. I was subjected to Leisure Suit Larry (1) at a young age.

So I guess you could say that programming became one of my first creative passions, outside of Lego.

What about you?


Shimmering Soul
I was, and am still a bit of a tom-boy.


I was raised by my Dad in a house full of boys; three brothers, male cousin, the son of one of Dad's girlfriends.

Like everyone back then I liked being outside, (and like the boys) in as few clothes as possible. I liked to play in the dirt, make mud structures, build underground forts. It was often very hot (Las Vegas) so anything involving water- running through the sprinklers, swimming. I liked to go off into the desert, which at that time was literally everywhere by myself. I had invisible companions (always). I liked to sing out there, to devise words to this sort of metre I always heard. I'd get swept away into wonderful feelings and sensations (and sometimes places. I liked to treasure hunt out there, too, to find things in the middle of nowhere was very fun for me. Riding my scooter, my bike, roller skating, football, baseball, tennis, running (I liked sports. And games- hide and seek, jakari. Arcrobatics, dancing. But always outside. Anywhere outside. Toys––not so much.


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It's nice seeing your photo Casey. I remember I liked making huts/houses out of rubbish and things in the backyard—that came to mind after reading what you said. I rode my BMX a lot.

Here's a real old photo of me.



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Mine was anything art. My parents actually had a friend of theirs make an easel for me for Christmas one year. The first career I wanted to be was a cartoonist. And every Christmas, a lot of the gifts surrounded around crafts or paper and art supplies.
I carried the art specific desire the whole way through until about 8th grade where it switched to music. Namely, flute. Then bass guitar, in addition, so that I could participate in jazz band. And that followed me until I graduated.


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As a kid I was a writer. I wanted to write books. And poetry.

Music passion came later. First learnt the drums from 15 years on. Had a band with friends first, then one more professionally where my then drum teacher helped me get in.

Regarding toys I also had a pirate ship like Laron. But the Playmobil one. It could be swimming in the bath tub.

And of course I also had lots of Lego for creativity and even mixed it with Playmobil stuff.

Lego was mostly space stuff in the end (cities before that). I loved building space stations and ships.
It was the time Star Wars and Star Trek became a huge deal. Science-fiction was always my passion with toys, books, TV and comic books.

Once I built a cardboard box spaceship with my sister, it had also Lego and playmobil stuff in it. Very creative.

With my sister I also recorded radio shows on tape. Funny stuff actually. Which was strange because I am/was not much of a talker.
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Making up adventure games with my brother. Usually we were outside, and the adventure always involved climbing trees. We could do this for hours. If it was too cold or rainy, we took over the den and put blankets and quilts over the furniture to create a big cave. Our parents actually let us do this and slid meals in on trays. The cave included the TV where we could watch old movies, like Godzilla and Mothra.

For anyone who knows me, this might explain a few things..... :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:

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Just on Linda's note, my twin brother and older sister and I had a game when I was about 4-5 years old called the Sparsely-Treeds. (and can you imagine that this name came from a story we had had read to us where the "land was sparsely-treed). That one always makes me chuckle now.
We also made caves with blankets over 2 chairs. I had one of those Space Hoppers I used to become a "Olympian" horse jumper over home-made jumps with side-pieces and everything. I had real hand-me-down antique clothing like a ladies maid's mob cap, and an embroidered Spanish shawl (both of which I destroyed by playing dress ups with them - not knowing their value).

My mum and dad started a small after-school group called Wednesday Workshop, which was arts/crafts, music and theatre. This was in 1965. I had my first typewriter when I was 6 and wrote plays, poems, stories on it. My father made us a working puppet theatre with lights, and we had marionettes. My father also made us an A-frame playhouse in the backyard, which was pretty cool, all before I was the age of 9.

I went to drama classes from a young age and continued until the age of 21. I also studied drama as an elective at school. I was in all the school plays, musicals, and also the out-of-school drama class productions. Then I was involved with all the amateur theatrical societies, and did the sound or lights or wardrobe on many productions. Acting was my passion, and I used to practice my audition pieces in the ladies toilets when I was in offices (after the age of 15). My voice has always carried far because of this early training. My daughter just says my voice is loud. She doesn't realise I trained to get it that way. Even though I lived away from home after the age of 16, I spent all my income on books, and especially plays. Then I would sit round reading out all the parts with my girlfriend. I lost all of this immense resource when I travelled overseas and my books were given to library while I was away. We are talking all the plays of Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen, and even the plays of Steve Biko, a contemporary South African playwright, and many more.

Right now, my idea of fun would be to sit around reading plays with a group of friends.


Boundless Creation
Reading as well. After a while I did some writing (won a contest doing so) but my desire was to be an engineer so I dropped it at some point.

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