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Articulture - where art and plants meet


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I just learned about a local business that blends plants into art work. You've got to take a minute and look at the website because you will see something new. Monique Capanelli is the creator and driving force behind this business.

Frequently featured in magazines and on television for her groundbreaking approach to design, plants, and art, Monique is equally proud of creating a successful, multi-faceted business. She strives to give back to the communities that supported her through volunteering, providing internships, and donating to causes supporting woman entrepreneurs and art students.

She does living furniture, weddings, landscape design, and more. I've heard about and seen a few living walls, but they were more like a green clump on a wall. Here is a picture from the website. Learn more at http://www.articulturedesigns.com/

living wall.jpg

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