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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Happy New Moon Aries and Happy relationship New Moon Librans!

This is a new beginning for Aries for your year ahead, and for Librans you can begin again in your relationships, how you relate and anything else that needs renewing in your lives to do with “others”.

For Aries its all about self and your journey ahead of you this year, a starting point to renew self on the deepest of levels as well as to begin new projects and plans. Now and the time towards the crescent moon is when these ideas or plans can be put into action for the best results.

It’s a new beginning for all of us wherever this sign falls in your birth charts solar or natal.

For me its financial and to do with my self image being my 2nd house in my solar chart and natally it covers some of my home zone.

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac represents all sorts of new beginnings and anything to do with our basic self drive and goals.

It represents our energy and drive, our courage and assertiveness, our “doing” self, our actions and how we instigate them.

The exact aspects that are happening today set the trend for the month ahead.

The shape of the planets in the heavens at this time today is more or less a bucket with the handle being Vesta in Virgo challenging us all to stay strong in our essential core and making a promise that we all have it within self to heal our own issues and also help others to heal theirs but at the same time, keeping very strong boundaries.

Vesta in Virgo in fact is very much at home as she is of the nature of Virgo and Scorpio and represents the eternal flame of divinity within. She is well placed in the heavens for the month ahead , a very reassuring sign for all of us at 6 degrees Virgo that we can do anything we want to do if we believe totally in self in the weeks ahead.

The 7 bodies in Aries from Chiron to Venus emphasise the above plus the tremendous drive forward being generated for the planet and we humans on it. Its onwards and upwards from this point onward.

There is a lot here about individuality and belief in self and a no- nonsense approach to life in the future. We are not sheep to follow a crowd but unique and individualistic beings that can question the status quo whenever we want to and make our own choices for our own wellbeing and lifestyles.

Eris is one of the 7 planets and although she wants equality and a united world she will use some strong Arian push and shove if there are obstacles in her way, so this in itself is promising that compliance is well behind us now and we can look to a more assertive attitude coming up for the fight for what is right for the future of our planet and it will help us choose those we want to lead us.

Today Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect of deep passion and intensity of emotion or feelings, when people will get to stick to their guns if they feel strongly about anything at all. This is an aspect of not backing down- no matter what.

It could bring hints of blame or revenge for those that are this way inclined but its also positive in that there is much determination and power behind this aspect to accomplish what needs doing.

Juno is at station in Sagittarius 24 degrees before going Rx which is also rather auspicious seeing it’s a New Moon at 22 degrees 24 in a trine aspect with Juno. This is also about relating and relationships and backs up the Vesta position to keep us strong with our boundaries as Juno being Rx will give us a chance to repair and rebuild, deal with difficulties in any relationship and to strongly resist oppression or bullying of any kind within any existing relationship situation.

It also will give us the chance to heal old relationship patterns that have been painful and hard to resolve.
Tomorrow the Sun will conjunct Eris in Aries at 23/24 degrees, a highly powerful aspect with regard to that matter of unity and equality on this planet, also World leaders fronting up to make sure this happens.

The Sun always represents a world leader especially near a strong lunation such as this New Moon today so we can expect some fireworks or some strong announcements being made that shows true leadership in this case.

There may be a strong challenge between two world powers also or towards world leaders within a country.

This is a changing dynamic on the world scene of rulership and it will be interesting to see what develops from this in the month ahead.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
You seem to be describing my week.
I'll be interested to see what happens 'on the world scene of rulership' over upcoming weeks.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
I am having issues all around authority. From someone trying to claim authority over my actions (BIIIIIIIIIG mistake) to a policeman trying to convince me this morning "It is not a good idea" for me to have placed little Easter eggs round the park for the children to find. These were given to me by a local store and the restrictions have now lifted to allow up to six families to meet outdoors (not that I take any bloody notice anyway)

I asked why it was not "a good idea" and he said it could encourage people to gather.......ohhhh dear!

"Tell me which law you are going to quote to validate your perspective?" I asked and of course he could not.

"I am not going to argue" he said and stormed off as I shouted at his back "I think it is a brilliant idea"



Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
And the eggs are lovely too <3

...another day in the life of Pod, I suppose.

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