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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

The Aries New moon is here after yesterdays intense aspect of Mars conjunct Pluto.

New beginnings despite the intensity/drama of it all.

Mars is action and Pluto is the masses and gets to the very basics of life on very deep levels. It's all our strengths, courage, fears and passions, fighting spirit too, all rolled into one tight little ball.

Lets call it Survival with a capital S.

It's about “Staying alive”. (Love the Bee Gees!)

In the meantime Sun into Aries today is the new beginning of the year for all born under this signs rays and will shine light on them for the coming month, and for all of us will bring us extra courage and drive, and a no nonsense approach to life so we can do what needs to be done in the coming month.

Aries being the first sign of the zodiac is like a new beginning for us all pretty much so we can use the energy as best we can.
Where ever Aries falls in your solar or natal chart – this is where you can begin again. For me its my solar finance sign, what I value most, and self image so I can start there. Its about security too for me.

Venus in Taurus today squares Ceres in Aquarius which is a reminder to us all to love unconditionally and not get too up close and personal right now even if we want to.

Venus is at her most caring and loving best in Taurus and Ceres who is of the nature of both Taurus and Cancer is the same, but in Aquarius she needs to be more objective and not hug and touch as much as she may want to. (Kissing is definitely rather dicey to say the least !)

We are learning to nurture and care for others more from a distance of either a few feet or meters, or across the lands and oceans of this planet so lets keep on with that.

Tomorrow the moon is furthest from the earth in Apogee which I always compare to a laser beam, very focused extreme energy targeting certain pockets of this planet.

We are in extreme times for certain

So with all these new beginnings and rather fiery energies to keep us strong, "stay safe out there people. "



Involved Wayfarer
Apr 28, 2017
In the meantime Sun into Aries today is the new beginning of the year for all born under this signs rays and will shine light on them for the coming month
I love how the sun came out for the first time today piercing through the clouds as I read this.
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