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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
full moon 9.jpg

Today Venus conjuncts Makemake at around 9 degrees Libra helping with this boost of awareness on how we must keep our natural world healthy and balanced including our attitudes to the same as we move through the cycles of the Moon that every 19 years or so causes a repeat of extreme weather as is happening now in many places, just as it happened in cycles over the centruies.Droughts and severe storms that many people have forgotten and others do not know about due to age or other reasons.

“There is nothing new under the Sun” is something very important to remember in the subject of Earth Events, weather too and human behaviour. We are not just "this life" we are many and the Earth and living beings have inhabited this planet for many more years than we can imagine being 3 dimensional dense beings.

There are cycles within cycles, ":wheels within wheels” but always we must find balance within self and work with the elements to stay safe and accept that everything changes periodically as growth does not come without change whatever form it comes in.
I do think this MakeMake energy is also helping us think outside the box when it comes to protecting our environment with natural means and not manmade schemes that upset the balance.,

The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment being a male energy coupled with the nurturing/creative feminine.

Vesta is at station before moving direct at almost 23 degrees Aquarius where she has been and will be again in close proximity to Saturn doing her work to take us more fully into the New Age focusing on keeping our inner light strong, helping us keep our own individuality while giving attention to the future of our planet and all who reside on it as a whole.

Tomorrow there are a lot of aspects featuring female Goddesses but also Chiron.

The Sun at 14 Libra will be both opposing Chiron and squaring Pallas which is a sign of some fairly deep issues to discuss , calling on deeper wisdom as both Chiron and Pallas represent this, and both do not like war but will look for solutions that come from much experience and many debates over eons so this is suggesting there could be a global sitruation that is highly volatile and demanding, requiring the best of the best to help solve, the peacemakers of the world or at least those that understand the underlying causes of whatever conflict it may be.

Librans and Arians also Cancerians (where Pallas is at present) could feel this one with something they need to deal with that needs advice or negotiating.

Mercury will be trining Pluto Virgo to Capricorn, helping to get the basic facts right , digging deep with whatever research or analysis that is needed. This will happen at 26 degrees both signs and is just before Pluto goes direct on the 8th /9th at the same degree , 26 07 to be precise so whatever is decided at this time will be a real turning point for the world and individuals too, as all aspects that he has formed will reach a crisis point but in a good way as Pluto is the powerful secret holder and will be getting ready to reveal much as he goes direct on his mission to enter Aquarius in March 2023, to help with any remaining power struggles that have plagued us.

These are globally very powerful times which we need to be aware of as we are all part of the solution to all our problems with the world as it is, as its true that “we are the ones we have been waiting for “ if only we believe it.

So there is all that plus we are in the last phase before the Aries Full Moon, the Gibbous Moon phase which is a time for organizing, integrating, and planning , getting ready for the big event at Full Moon . Key words Perfecting; Analysis; Interpreting.

So with the Aries Full Moon , with Pluto going direct the day before it will be a Full Moon of action , some impatience – which is already showing, with possible short fuses and cutting speech, but much courage and physical energy plus motivation to be thankful for…

This is one of the two strong Full Moons of the year for Arians and LIbrans or that "type" of person, so be aware in this time now, of the power within you for positive or negative and try to count to ten if you need to before you act.

Use the energy well and you will do well and try to carry out what you have decided back towards the New Moon without trying too much that is new at this stage. Bring your plans to fruition with bold moves and inner strength , but safely.

The same for all of us.

Due to Pluto direct this Full Moon coming has an element of rebirth with it, a rising from the ashes. This is the energy were are in now.

Art by Susan Boulet

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