Apple to issue IOS updates to block EBS from Trmp (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2018
Apple will be issuing an IOS update for all its products to block any EBS messages from Trump. Android, another major phone OS, created by Google, is expected to do the same. To stop this simply stop all auto updates on all your devices and do not update again. Also consider getting a Pine64 phone which is open source.

What is Pine64 phone?

Cen.shorship continues on other sites like, Facebook, Twtr, Reddit, Youtube, and Discord.

72+ examples of cen.sorship by De.mocrats with 10,000+ accounts deleted on various leftist sites. This is a plain text file. new link:


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Aug 29, 2017
Does that also exist in europe? And can it be 5g free?

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