Antarctica Uncovered: Pyramids Pavilions & More | Michael Knight (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand submitted a new article.

Antarctica Uncovered: Pyramids Pavilions & More | Michael Knight

By Michael Knight, guest contributer for
Beneath The BS

To those who question today's "news" it is becoming ever more obvious that whatever we're being told, whether it be about the Russians manipulating the US presidential election, or John Kerry going to Antarctica because he's a "climate champion," it's almost always in truth a cover story.

Or, in a politically incorrect word, bullshit.

Now in the real world, bullpuckey is actually quite useful, provided you plan to go fishing with a piece of string tied to a suitable branch off a small tree, using a safety pin as a hook - and good luck with that!

What you do, on your way through the cowpats, is you find a dryish one, turn it over, and underneath you'll...
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