Answers to My Questions from Channeler Rob Gauthier, the ET Whisperer (1 Viewer)

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This was a lot of fun putting together.

It is a compilation of questions I have had the opportunity to put to Aridif and Treb - entities channeled by Rob Gauthier - late 2017- 2019.

I am very connected with Rob and his whole circle and find him to be one of the most skilled channelers on the planet today. It is such a privilege to connect and to have these questions addressed. For any who would like to find Rob ( The ET Whisperer ) his many links can be found in the video description box of this upload.

00:00 On Connecting with Crystalline Consciousness
04:00 My Connection with the Anunnaki
08:45 An Aquatic Reptilian Hybrid Connection
15:40 Connecting with the Crystals and the Beings
21:35 Am I a Walk-In?
25:38 Psychic Networks
30:50 Physical Anomalies
35:12 What is my Connection with the Sun?
43:52 Extended Higher Fractal Family - Working with Me
49:20 My First Contact : Meshahare
52:54 An Atlantean Lifetime with the Azurite Crystal

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