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Anatomical Art — Past & Present | Vanessa Ruiz

As a healer I was trained in anatomy as part of a Diploma in Energetic Healing, one of many modules. Like Vanessa Ruiz says in this anatomical art based TED Talk below, many people don’t know the location of their vital organs, or even understand how each one functions.

An important part of my spiritual path has been learning to listen to my body so that I can better understand when it’s happy with me based on what I do, or when it’s not. What we consume and put on our bodies can actually lead to physical reactions and this is one method to come to recognise how uniquely our bodies respond.

If we are familiar with what is inside us, we can be that little bit more sensitive—practically speaking or psychically—to what is going on as we live out our lives.

In this 11 minute TED talk by...
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