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Out of Time

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Sep 5, 2016
I've read that in 6d you tend to get what you want immediately. I am not sure if that is true, but if that is the case, it would be too early for me to venture there, although I have the feeling I would love it once I master my positive thinking because I am impatient.

I was thinking that it was actually a good idea not to explore 4d, but then again what about the dungeon? It doesn't sound like a typical 5d place to me.

About the group travel, I can't do that with Henda . her frequency is too OP for me (and I am saying that with a lot of respect), which probably means there is something about myself that I am still denying.

I know that when somebody reads these post they might think it is very difficult to get there (my point too), but then once you get yourself to do it, it will feel like a walk in the park (what my intuition tells me).

CrystalSong , I agree with you that the MMOs and other games facilitate the process. Which was the one you played?
You're intuition is right Out of time - it's way easier than it sounds - IF one can silence their chatter box mind. If one can't well yeah, not gonna happen, because silencing the mind is the first step. I often get folks who ask me to take them out of body, first thing I ask is can they silence their mind chatter/suspend thought. If they can't then I can't take them - like literally it's not possible.
If they can silence it and it's an easy guided trip, if their third eye is active then they can see where we go, otherwise they have to feel it kinesthetically. Easy even if they have never OBE'd before. They may not see too much the first trip as they have to learn 'how to See' or How to Hear, but it comes fairly quickly to those who are motivated.

The dungeon was 3D as far as we can tell - a place somewhere and somewhen in Europe most likely, possibly during the Inquisition. We ended up there by following someone's physical pain in their body. It was most unexpected.

You could be right about getting one's desires/intentions in the 6D immediately, however as Visitors there and not Inhabitants who've evolved to live there we don't necessarily experience that. Though we are able to move about on our Intention alone. So maybe there is a connection?

I played a number of them over a decade period, EverQuest, StarTrek Online, Karos, Myst, War of Legends, EverQuest 2 and a few others.


Sweetheart of the Rodeo
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Jul 20, 2016
I operate more like Henda - traveling both in sleep and meditation. In sleep, I am usually doing something specific. There also have been some interesting experiences in our group meditations. I have set intentions and traveled as CS describes, although it does not come as easily. When we were doing the remote viewing here a while back, I found that I whooshed immediately to the place, but it was not as easy to pull back and look around. On one, I was immediately in Paris and another, on a mountain, but fine tuning so I could figure out the exact place needs a little more practice.

I have a way to ease the mind chatter. I have a virtual basket beside me, and when thoughts pop in (usually something I need to do or add to the grocery list), I drop it in the basket and tell myself I can think about it later.

Out of Time

Roaming Contributor
Sep 5, 2016
In the beginning of my conscious journey what really helped me do the trick was driving during long distances. On one hand, the mind was alert, on the other it was occupied with processes that were pretty much automatic at this point. But for me it was a journey of discovery of self and how I stand in regards of others, like my twin flame and my star family. Occasionally when I contact somebody I've met in another life I would get the itchy feeling that would trigger me to scratch under the surface to see what information comes out. In general, it feels good to know that you had friendly interactions with somebody from another time.

CrystalSong , a 3d dungeon sounds even scarier since here wounds are harder to heal.

Oh, you know, guys, I have a great idea for a location of a travel, a very beautiful Pleiadian world with a lot of water, sunny beaches, and lush jungles. I believe it is in 5d, although the guys who speak about it don't seem to like the hierarchy of densities that we use.

The fact that I am not in control of myself when I dream bothers me, so maybe it is a good idea to work in that area. Sometimes I have dreams that I am not very comfortable with.

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