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Saturday 6-Sunday 7, 2019

I was in house with many people who were colleagues. The house was also a place we work in. I had to take care of a little girl who likes drawing.
It was night time and we were sitting in her room before I put her to bed.
I was her nurse or someone who was taking care of her during that night. She wanted to draw something for me and I told her that it was late to do it and that all the stores were closed. But she kept saying that there was one still open. And she took me there on astral. We travelled out of our bodies from there and reached a store to get some pencils. I told her which pencils she wanted to get and she said « Those felt pens ! »
I told her that she would better use pastel crayons. But she was refused and got angry...
We had the pencils she wanted and travelled back to the house we were in.
While she was drawing, and as I was watching her artwork, we moved in consciousness from that world to another one, and traveled in a another place : we were in a comfortable sit in a cinema facing a huge screen and the film was the AP we had few minutes ago. I was seeing back the house, the working colleagues and the little girl I was taking care of.
I looked at her sitting beside me and we laughed making some noise in the cinema. A man was standing near us saying « shuuut ! »

I came back in my physical here and woke up finding that I was still laughing.
I think the little girl is me or my daughter from a parallel realm
Imagine you take your inner child to travel to some worlds

I wonder if I wasn’t hanging around these worlds made of boxes and cubes and triangles
My new artwork

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