Article An Astral Projection : A Vision of the Souls Who Recently Left during the epidemic : "You Are Here As A Witness!" (1 Viewer)

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April 1, 2020, 6-9 AM

The New earth is merging from the old one... I was in a subterranean brown tunnel, down in another dimension showing me the clutter of the old densities from a screen that opened in my third eye. I was watching the scene and it was dark and filled with entities of the lower planes. Some of them are those who passed away during the last months and weeks.
They were suspended in the two sides of the tunnel and to sit upper side too. They were so many, moving nervously around little spaces that were given to them. They were like stuck there by their own struggles and karma. They were sad and ugly looking like reptilians.
This was the vision that was shown to me about the old densities of the 3-4D Earth. There was a feeling of being blocked and it was so hard to move inside of it.

I was crossing the scene with my vision from my third eye, and I was outside of it, my astral body was witnessing watching from a different place.
That plane was very dirty and sad. I tried to clean up a little, but I heard "You Are Here Only As A Witness !"
It was the place many of the souls who left during this time since December 2019, sacrificed for some extraterrestrial gods... From The Cabal Alliance. I have seen the same during the attacks on Paris on 2015.
They will be sent back as their warriors or something like that.
Be aware of the darkness that may invade your souls sometimes !
Question your reactions and actions
Always put yourselves in the Unconditional Love Space, where your 5D template is.
We are multidimensional beings and able to bring healing and a change in ourselves and consequently onto this planet and beyond.

Some are trying to prevent us from evolving, from achieving our goals and from opening more to the Divine Light.
And as a surprise, I fall on this video yesterday evening from Davis Wilcock and what he is saying sounds like very true...
For me at least it corresponds to the vision I was having this morning during my out of body experience. What is happening on the astral planes is very weird, including the work they are doing on us, as astral projectors to erase our memories when we are back in our physical body. This has happened to me many times since the beginning of this current situation. But they couldn't erase some of them hopefully... We are powerful ! And we can bring a change if we change our way of thinking and listen to our intuition.
Enjoy this video

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