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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
fires south america.jpg
This map shows every fire that has started burning since August 13, 2019 across central South America. Courtesy of Global Fire Watch

I imagine that many of you have been following the news in recent weeks and have seen a multitude of fires proliferate from different parts of the planet, being the most notorious and the one that has the most impact on the entire planetary ecosystem that has occurred in the Amazon. It is not that it was the only fire, according to official statistics of several media, there have been more than 75,000 fires this year in the Amazon, and thousands of others for the rest of the planet, which do not appear so much in the news or do not have so much emotional impact, but they are equally devastating and damaging to the Earth's ecosystem and biosphere.

The cause of it? Several and different. On the one hand, human greed, economic motives and interests, the unconsciousness of not wanting to see or understand that without trees and plants we are literally "dead" as a species, that without oxygen we will not be able to breathe and that without the vegetable kingdom we can’t survive. On the other hand, negligence, carelessness, wanting to obtain economic benefits and profit with the lands and burned areas, wanting to expand virgin lands for commercial activities, etc. Also, the "revenge" between humans and groups, reprisals between people or localities, mutually burning areas of cultivation or grass, for a thousand reasons that have a thousand stories behind each of them. Finally, and one of the most important at the moment, the orders and guidelines given by the power circles of the control system on our planet to alter, cause all the commotion they can, manipulate and continue to generate as much chaos as possible due, in part, to the actions taken in recent months against their “superiors” (the different races “in control” - although they are less and less) and, in part, to the need to maintain a growing human population in vibration and in consciousness, on drop count but without stopping, altering all possible aspects of all possible areas of life in our society.

Can we stop this? Stopping it as such is very difficult. We do not have the means to openly confront the thousands of people who set fire to areas on purpose for the above reasons, and we do not have the means (at the moment) to stop the actions of the upper levels of the control system. But we have other tools that we are going to use, if you want to participate in it, and that go through the change of the rules of the game in the evolutionary system on our planet, asking, of course, the planetary logos to be “he” who changes these rules.

“Karma Octaves”

And what rules can we change? That of "karma." But, be careful, all alarms, schedules, assumptions, beliefs and possible fears in our psyche are activated here. How are we going to change the rules of "karma"? Well, let's start by explaining how this mechanism of action-reaction and cause-effect works.

I hope you remember Newton's third law from our primary school studies, which says that for every action it corresponds to a reaction of equal “power” and in the opposite direction. This physical law is an adaptation to the “material” plane of the laws and energy processes that exist everywhere in the entire universe, perhaps throughout the Creation, where any process that is set in motion and generates an imbalance in any energy field of any point in the universe is counteracted by the "cosmic," "energetic" forces to return the "universe" again to the equilibrium state.

As this may be too complex yet, let's go down a bit and focus on our planet. Kumar, as the planetary logos, as the “being” that governs the Earth and all the processes that occur therein, follows the evolutionary norms imposed by the solar logos for all the planets of the system in which we find ourselves. The solar logos, which remember receives the name of Rawak in Irdim, follows the evolutionary rules "decided" by the "regional" logos, and this by the galactic logos, and so on.

Therefore, the law of "equilibrium" is universal and all planetary systems implement it automatically. This, in some way, is what we, on a very basic level of understanding, call "karma," or action-reaction, cause-effect. This means that every time an octave, an action, a thought, a movement, a process, starts, it generates an energy that "comes out," that is "started," that is activated. This energy, wave, process, action then causes an "imbalance" in the energy fields, because we have "altered," for better or worse, depending on the initiated process, the mental, etheric and finally physical environment where this action or octave has been carried out.

Automatically, the energy fields themselves that form “everything that exists” and that are made up of conscious “monads,” as we call the smallest particles that form what we call “the Creation,” initiate the processes of regaining balance, and, therefore, there is a wave contrary to the wave set by the person, being, entity, elemental or whatever force.

This opposite wave is not intended to punish anyone, to cause reprisals, to "harm" those who initiated the process, if so, every micro thought we have or every mini action we take in our lives would have enormous consequences that right now do not we see or are not aware of, but there is always a wave to "restore" the balance, and that wave or process contrary to the process set in motion is the one that we can alter and change by a request to our planetary logos.

What do we get with it? We get that each person that executes an action of such magnitude that affects the planetary ecosystem, humanity, life on Earth, the biosphere, the other kingdoms of nature, the evolutionary system in which we find ourselves, etc., gets to see the "karmatic wave" coming, or we can call them "karma octaves" to understand each other, back with much more intensity and speed in their "material" reality, so that this process set in motion forces the person who executed an action like the previous ones, to compensate, balance, harmonize and restore the damage caused, by simple compensation and restoration mechanism of the lost balance with the process that it has generated.

Since at the individual and private level, in our day to day most of the people do not usually generate octaves of this magnitude, they are not reactions that we are going to feel, but will those that, from the moment in which it is approved and is implement this new "rule" re-execute any action against life on Earth at these levels.

Are we going to get the pyromaniacs, the "elites" and their subordinates, the humans thirsty for greed and those who seek their particular revenges to stop lighting fire? No, but in a few hours they will see the consequences of their actions materialize in their lives, whatever they may be, and in a way in which the “conscious life” on the planet will return to them the wave with the request of “you have to restore the balance of what you have damaged.”

To change this, we obviously need a request to our logos through our Higher Self, you know how it works from all the previous articles, and then I will put a request to assist the reforestation and faster growth of everything that has been burned until now.

The petition, once, to our Higher Self, is the following:

“I request my Higher Self and give permission to transfer this request to our planetary logos, Kumar, as responsible for life on Earth, its evolutionary processes and laws, its norms and life system. I request that the so-called “karma octaves” be increased by 5000%, increasing its power, response speed, activation and start-up of the restoration processes of the lost balance and caused by any action, process, octave or cause set underway by any resident on Earth, be it human, entity, member of any of the circles and levels of power, members of the races Asimos, Amoss, Animiss, Alomiss, Zuls, those known as the "gray," those groups, entities, forces, beings that support and assist them, those "residents" on Earth who have their evolutionary base on this planet and any other conscious being belonging to any kingdom on the planet that executes or initiates actions against the greater good of conscious life, of the ecosystem, of humanity and of the animal, vegetable, mineral kingdoms, devic and elemental kingdoms and forces of nature, kingdoms of all beings and hierarchies that assist the planetary logos in any of its functions. I request that this change in the "karmatic" evolutionary laws be implemented immediately and that this request be sent to all the Higher Selves of the planet, transmitting it to the souls of all human beings and other sentient beings, to execute it if they choose to do so by free will, even if their personalities have not accessed the information or knowledge set forth herein to participate in this change. I request that the necessary changes be made in the Earth's conscious fields so that these “karma octaves” are executed with the new parameters encoded in this petition with immediate effect.Thank you."​

If a sufficient number of people with minimal awareness and intensity start this request, then its execution will be accepted and the new action-reaction and cause-effect processes will be automatically launched under the premise and parameters encoded in the request.

Biosphere recovery rate increased

On the other hand, what is burned is already burned. What can we do about it? We can increase and help Mother Nature recover with a request that changes the energy processes that the plant kingdom needs in order to grow and regenerate.

Again, how is this done? You all know, because it is obvious, that all plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and even moss have roots that connect them to the earth, and from there they extract their livelihood, their resources, and their nutrients. What some of you know and others perhaps not so much is that they all also have their "energetic" roots that connect them to the fields of vitality, "prana," of Earth's energy. No physical plant, tree or flower, can grow if its etheric and energetic part does not develop first. No seed blooms if the etheric envelope does not hatch and grow first, then grow the "material" part of the plant or tree. In order for the recovery of the devastated flora throughout the planet accelerates, we must provide much more energy to the etheric and energetic parts of the entire planetary ecosystem. How do we do it? We have to ask for help so that the “etheric” roots of the entire plant kingdom reach the etheric nucleus of the planet, that is, we have to literally plug the entire flora into the Earth's core of life energy, since now only a few trees across the planet have such deep energy roots. For this, help is needed, as always, from the hierarchies, groups and forces of nature, so that working with the “morphic” fields of all the species of plants and trees that are in the mental plane of the Earth, develop first the "mental mold" of all new roots, then "stretch" their etheric structure, connect them to the energy core, and accelerate the process of reconstruction and regeneration of all Earth's ecosystems razed, burned or damaged. This will simply make every tree or plant grow much faster, and we can see areas nowadays completely devastated, recovered and "green" again very quickly.

For this, the request to our Higher Self, once, is as follows:

“I ask my Higher Self to transfer this request to all planetary beings, forces, groups and hierarchies responsible for the care, growth and maintenance of the planetary biosphere, of the Earth's natural ecosystem. I request that all the processes and octaves that allow a faster regeneration of the biosphere on Earth be launched, connecting their etheric and energetic frameworks to the planetary nucleus, so that all the species of the plant kingdom, flora, trees, plants, etc., obtain the vitality, sustenance, strength and "prana" necessary for their growth, regeneration, and total recovery. I request that all morphogenetic fields and “group minds” of the entire Earth's ecosystem be assisted to execute the changes in the etheric and energetic structures of the species and beings that form the planetary biosphere, executing the reconnection of all the energy "roots" as quickly as possible to the energy source that represents the Earth's core. I request that this petition be provided with resources so that forces and members of the “elemental” and “devas” groups that normally assist in the growth of the flora can collaborate and strengthen their work until all those responsible for the maintenance of plant life on the planet conclude this petition. Thank you."​

We hope that with these two requests we can on one hand learn and become aware of the importance of the planetary ecosystem and, on the other hand, see how much more quickly everything damaged is recovered 100%.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,


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Beloved of the world are all the flora, the elementals and the devas who assist in their magnificence. Thank you, David, for your timely intervention.
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One of my best friends is a fig tree in the Biblical Garden at the station. I no longer work there but am happy to visit.

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