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Airl. Interview with an extraterrestrial. And some other stuff that fits in.


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On his latest podcast, Simon Parkes mentioned Airl, an ensouled extra terrestrial who survived the Roswell crash and was captured. Curious, I investigated further and found a youtube interview. Four hours long. The information Airl shared both fascinated me and disturbed me.

I would also like to include this thread started by Lorna Wilson: - "Moksha - Remote Viewing Freedom from Reincarnation" because it tells a similar story.
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A couple of us have started to explore this subject and share views on a private message. Hailstones Melt had some really interesting perceptions which I shall place here. Hailstones feels that Airl and El may be one and the same. Simon Parkes says that the crash was deliberate, a way to seed technology to Earth without breaking the prime directive.

Gilded statuette of El from Megiddo

To me El is definitely an entity/entities that has crowned himself or themselves as supreme authorities in this dimensional layer. Think Is-Ra-El. It's all wrapped up in the Semitic genesis stories, but goes before the time of the Jews.

From Wikipedia:
’Ēl (or ’Il, written aleph-lamedh, e.g. Ugaritic: ; Phoenician: ;[1] Hebrew: אל‬; Syriac: ܐܠ‎; Arabic: إل‎ or إله‎; cognate to Akkadian: , translit. ilu) is a Northwest Semitic word meaning "god" or "deity", or referring (as a proper name) to any one of multiple major ancient Near Eastern deities. A rarer form, 'ila, represents the predicate form in Old Akkadian and in Amorite.[2]The word is derived from the Proto-Semitic archaic biliteral ʾ‑l, meaning "god".

Specific deities known as ʾEl or ʾIl include the supreme god of the ancient Canaanite religion[3] and the supreme god of East Semitic speakers in the Early Dynastic Period.[4]


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Regarding El:

Interesting connection.

Is it also the biblical El(ohim)? I always wanted to buy this book "The Shining Ones", but it is (still) too expensive and not even an electronic version available. It gives an interesting perspective on the true hebrew meaning of "El" which is not necessarily only "god", but rather a group of known wise entities that somehow helped to re-start civilisation after a cataclysm. (I assume the one 13 thousand years ago, see Graham Hancock's books).

All these terms indicate SHINING or BRIGHTNESS; and, consequently, it is our thesis that the Hebrew El needs to be translated, in the first place, not as 'God', but as THE SHINING ONE. And the plural ELOHIM, a contraction of HA ELOHIM, responsible for so much activity in the early part of Genesis, requires translation as THE SHINING ONES.

Regarding Airl:

It is important to read the first pages where the origin of the text is explained. I am still not decided if I believe it or not. The issue of authenticity is important for me here. So I cannot even yet discuss the content as it might be a work of fiction or 'fake' after all. I have not come to a conclusion so far.

It is on Google books for free reading in the beginning at least, see below. I recommend first to read til page 26 (27 is the start of the interview chapters as known from YT), there's all the intro stuff by the author, and come to your own conclusions. As said, I don't know. Some of the explanations seem a little fuzzy or even 'contrived' to me.

Hope the long link works:

https://books.google.de/books?id=435SW2rQMfAC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Matilda+O'Donnell+MacElroy&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjp6KeE2rPdAhUk_SoKHeYvBd0Q6AEIJzAA#v=onepage&q=Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy&f=false



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Oh, my. Where to start? So I read the entire thing in one sitting. I started taking personal notes after the first couple of chapters. If anyone is interested or feels drawn to read about them, here are my thoughts (it's a LONG post). My thoughts are written in bold text, quotations from the book are in italics:


Once we enter “the physical”, it is extremely difficult to break free from that state.

- if one were traveling the far reaches of the universe in search of a place called "Hell", it would be an accurate description of Earth and the inhabitants in its current condition.

Yes! Often my thoughts.

This IS-BE is a light being.

It takes on an energetic, physical form that we can perceive with our senses so that we may communicate and interact with it in a way that we may understand (when the “students” are ready, the “teacher” will come).

I don’t believe that the craft was just “struck by lightning”. Yes, while this is perhaps true, the strike was not “coincidental”. It was a manifested, purposeful action so that we could have a “natural” and “plausible” explanation for the event.

As our consciousness expands, “The Domain” expands. When we exercise our “Free Will” and seek Spiritual Truth, it is presented to us in the guise of “synchronicity”. Much like the nature of this “fictional” book, we can either believe—or not believe. In either case (as the author states in the beginning of the book), the resulting decision IS Our Truth. It is our chosen journey.

My Truth is that we are ALL BEYOND EVEN “THE DOMAIN”. We are ALL THAT IS. We are Source Itself, having this “adventurous journey” as limited beings—and we are all finding our own ways and discovering our own journeys as we slowly expand our consciousness to rediscover our True Identity as Divine Beings (i.e., Source Itself).

“The Requirement” is simply a tool, used by the king, to use fear as a means of subverting Free Will. If the people did not stand up against him and his men, they in essence CHOSE to give up their rights. In this way, the king was able to avoid violating their Free Will and was free from the effects of karma. This is how the “dark”, “Illuminati”, “cabal”, etc. seek to retain control without consequence. They use our fear against us—or they “trick” us into giving up our own Sovereignty. Once we realize our own Divine Sovereignty and stand strong in it, they cannot touch us without incurring consequence and/or karma.


My feeling on this is that this “Domain” is simply another matrix-like construct being used to contain us (keep us within) the physical expression. It’s like a much larger “cage outside a cage”. I keep thinking of the lion that has been kept captive for so long in a large cage. He has nothing to do but pace around his concrete and barred home (our current “Earth” experience). Then when he is suddenly “freed” to a much larger and more beautiful landscaped environment, it is like “Heaven” to him. He suddenly has a swimming pool, trees to scratch, rocks to climb, and grass to roll in, but he is still a captive. I feel our choice of going to a “New Earth” may be something similar. I don’t mind going to such a construct, but at this point, I’m not willing to go without keeping my own knowledge that I am ALL THAT IS and I am actually EVERYTHING BEYOND THAT. I WILL NOT BE “OWNED” BY A NEW MASTER—EVEN IF THAT NEW “MASTER” IS MUCH MORE KIND THAN THOSE TO WHOM WE’VE BEEN PREVIOUSLY SUBJECTED.


Our “physical” Universe is multi-dimensional and purely energetic. We “navigate” from one “reality” to the next in a way that seems relatively seamless. It’s like a movie, where light passes through the film to project a scene on a wall. When we’re watching these, the film moves fast enough that we don’t see the blank spaces in between—so we think it’s all just one experience. The reality is that, as we make conscious (or even unconscious) choices, the film reels that would be shown (default) begin to be switched to other, slightly different reels. We still perceive this in a seamless way, but the reality is that we’re now on a completely different “reel” (one might think of each real as a “timeline”). The more quickly we shift from reel to reel, the more differences we notice (Mandela Effect).

As we begin to awaken to our multi-dimensionality, we begin to see more and more through the “Veil of Forgetfulness”. Our consciousness expands—and it continues at greater and greater speed. Soon we begin to notice that our “outer world” begins changing as a reflection of this shift.

“History” is simply the recorded “course of events” on any given timeline. It’s intended to control us through our beliefs. For example, if we are experiencing a particular timeline and we read a history book that says “X” and we BELIEVE “X”, then that is our “Truth” and our “reality” for that experience. If we choose NOT to believe “X”, and we stand FIRM in that belief, then our consciousness will eventually shift to an experience where “X” did not occur—and “Y” did instead. At some point, I believe it’s possible for us to shift out of the entire alphabet—where we can experience whatever we wish to experience without our choices being influenced by whatever events were supposed to have happened before.

The difference between us humans and Airl is that Airl KNOWS “her” true identity as a Divine Sovereign Being—and her consciousness is aware of itself at a much, MUCH more expanded state. She has no “Veil of Forgetfulness” to conceal this from her. This ability and knowledge is much closer to our “True” state than we imagine. Furthermore, she is an aspect of “us”. We “sent” her as a reminder to help expand our own consciousness—and the fact that we are now aware of her and this knowledge means that we have expanded our own consciousness enough to be ready for this “new” information. Just like in our “movie” metaphor, we are now able to “switch” reels again and again as we choose a new future reality for ourselves.

There is no uniform record of events in the physical universe because it all exists at one time—and any combination of “timelines” is possible once we break free from our own controlling beliefs and limitations. If one thinks of it as a giant stack of CDs, we don’t have to listen to one particular song or album at a time (our “default” mode). This is what our “limitors” want us to believe. We can (and do) skip from song to song and CD to CD all the time! We just don’t realize it because of the “seamless” nature of our experience. The more we can step into this power, the faster we can skip and the more conscious we become of our “skipping”.

We have each created our own “Universe” to explore and experience. The more our consciousness expands, the more of this universe we can explore. Or, we can choose to keep replaying the same experiences over and over. J Our “default” mode is a collective experience—where we allow the collective to have more influence over our universe than we do as individuals. Once we realize our own full power, we begin to accept more and more power and responsibility for the creation of our own experiences. Along with this power and responsibility comes the knowledge that we are not just “ourselves” but we are also one another—One Being in many, MANY forms.

The age of anything doesn’t really matter. We are immortal beings. Period. Any beliefs relating to time are simply so that we may understand our experience in this particular timeline. As we begin to expand our consciousness, we begin to let go of limitations like “matter” and “time”. We begin to understand that these are simply creations of our own journey and experience.

The “Old Empire” is just another name for a controlling force that’s intended to keep us separated from the Truth of our own Divinity. This is so that we can HAVE this physical experience. It keeps the vibration and frequencies of our own energy lower than our much higher natural state. Their job is to keep us in fear, hatred, and division so that we can explore the environments where darkness abides. Once we begin to realize this, we also begin to understand that we can break free from these controls. We can choose OUR OWN path.

All this “history” is basically irrelevant. It’s merely the “history” that this being is telling us for this particular timeline and at this particular moment on that sequence. Again, we can believe it—or not. Frankly, I believe it. HOWEVER, I understand that it’s merely a “story” that we’re being told about this particular timeline. I know that I can accept it as an “interesting story” or an interesting “truth” and I don’t have to dwell on it. I can take it as something that’s helping expand my consciousness, then move on, perhaps choosing another experience that is more “in tune” with my own desired vibration.

The “electronic force field” is merely an energetic “veil” to keep us from remembering “who” and “what” we Truly are. It keeps us re-circulating and re-cycling until we can learn to expand our consciousness beyond it. Once we expand our consciousness enough, we realize that NOTHING is ever truly gone. Once we expand beyond these limitations, we regain a much more FULL knowledge of our being (just as “Airl” has—and even beyond that).

The statement that “there is no purpose for being in a prison” is incorrect. We are here to explore the physical “Earth” realm. There are infinite experiences to be had here (and beyond)—and this is all just a “game” that we are playing as eternal beings. Once we learn this, we can begin to break free from our physical limitations. Much as “The Requirement” served to keep us in limitation through fear, the idea that Earth is a prison does the same. BUT, once we realize that there’s something BEYOND THE PHYSICAL, we can again begin to break free from those limitations that “keep” us here. In other words, once we begin to focus on things OUTSIDE THOSE LIMITATIONS, we begin to choose (through our own Free Will) to expand our consciousness toward those experiences.

Many of us could be considered as “untouchables” simply because we “buck the system”. BUT, the idea that we can be shipped off without our consent is completely bogus. I AM SOVEREIGN. I CHOOSE MY OWN EXPERIENCE. THEY CANNOT TOUCH ME. Once one realizes this for themselves and stands strong in that Sovereignty, they can again break completely free of the artificial matrixes of control (that are really just the rules we’ve been using to play this game). As our consciousness expands, we are given more and more power (as well as responsibility) to choose our own experiences and paths.

The location of these Old Empire bases and how they may be protected is completely irrelevant. If we do not believe in their power over us, they cannot control us.


Discussion of “repression” or “suppression” of memories is again feeding into this idea of technological control. Once we begin to glimpse “beyond the veil”, we understand that we are much more expanded and powerful than these systems. They simply exist for us to have this experience. Once we expand beyond the need for these limitations, we can begin to break free from them. We have reached this point in our experience because we are now ready to see and experience something FAR greater.

The statement that “The Domain” is using “defensive” systems to protect itself only shows me that they are still heavily entrenched in the physical concept of “duality”. Once one remembers their FULL identity as a Sovereign Being, one no longer needs to “defend itself” from other aspects of itself. It merely needs to choose a particular “vibrational experience” (i.e., peace and harmony) and begin navigating itself toward that reality.

The “German totalitarian state” was just another less severe version of the “Old Empire” on a different (more expanded) timeline. As we progress in expanding our consciousness, we can choose to experience more “refined” versions of these control systems—or not. The sky’s the limit! In fact, I can see how the recent version of the “Old Empire” has in many ways been the United States federal government. It was to be the next “tool” or reincarnation to be used by the “Old Empire” (aka “Deep State”) to create such an experience.

The idea that we’re now dismantling this before it really had a chance to take off just shows me how far we’ve come here.

The idea that “The Dominion” will “one day take control” shows me that they are just one of MANY levels of the same control. It’s ALL designed to keep us from realizing our TRUE power. Each level becomes more “refined” and less controlling, but it’s essentially all the same.

The ET’s “flight accident” wasn’t an accident. It’s a manifestation of an event that’s here at this particular time to teach us something—and to give us a choice. Airl speaks of “Old Empire” traps and I see that her civilization as “The Dominion” is merely the next one. It’s like the contained, nice area outside the lion’s barred cage. In Truth, we are BEYOND this containment if we choose to be.

Just like our own home or neighborhood, “Earth is a ghetto” only because we’ve allowed it to become that. We can choose to experience it at a MUCH higher level as our consciousness expands to experience that reality.

“An IS-BE has no mass or time. Objects do not endure forever. An IS-BE "is" forever.”

True. WE are forever.

All physicality is an illusion. It’s US manifesting AS physical beings so we can have a PHYSICAL experience from the physical PERSPECTIVE.

“Imagine what might happen if all of the inmates in the prison suddenly remembered that they have the right to be free! What if they suddenly realized that they have been falsely imprisoned and rise up as one against the guards?”

This is exactly what is happening now. This is “The Great Awakening”. But we have ALLOWED ourselves to be “imprisoned” so we can have the experience of finding our own way “out”.

“A question states its own answer. What is the mystery of Egypt and other pyramid cultures? Mystery!”

All physicality, all mystery, ALL is an illusion for us to experience, learn, and explore.

“However, the vast size of the "Old Empire" will take many thousands of years for The Domain to conquer completely. The inertia of the political, economic and cultural systems of the "Old Empire" will remain in place for some time to come.

Remember what Airl already said…there IS no time. This is another attempt to limit our consciousness. The “inertia” of the “Old Empire” will only remain in place if WE BELIEVE it will—if WE ALLOW it to. If that’s WHAT WE WISH TO EXPERIENCE. As I frequently say, “Not in my timeline!”

One who creates illusions and makes them more real than reality, follows the path of the spirit and finds the way of heaven".

Yes. Absolutely.

“Human bodies on Earth last only about one half as long. We suspect this is because the prison administrators have altered the biological material of human bodies on Earth to die more frequently so that the IS-BEs who inhabit them will recycle through the amnesia mechanism more frequently.”

More limitation of belief.


“You, and every IS-BE on Earth, have participated in the creation of this universe. Even though you are now confined to a fragile body made of flesh; you live for only 65 short rotations of your planet around a star; you have been given overwhelming electric shock treatments to wipe out your memory; you must learn everything all over again each lifetime; in spite of all these circumstances, you are who you are and will always be. And, deep down, you still know that you are and what you know. You are still the essence of you.”


“Humankind has developed more technology in the past 100 years than in the previous 2,000 years. Why? The answer is simple: the influence of the "Old Empire" over the mind and over the affairs of Mankind has been diminished by The Domain.”

So that’s “the story” for this timeline. It’s another “savior” story. Once again, we’re being told that “someone else” (a so-called “Higher” Being) did something and the result made things easier for us. Wrong. We’re expanding OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS and this is being presented as a choice because we’re ready for that choice.

“The true geniuses of civilization are those IS-BEs who will enable other IS-BEs to recover their memory and regain self-realization and self-determination.”
“…So far, unfortunately, The Domain has no solution to offer.”

That’s because it’s up to US to discover and choose OUR OWN solutions.

“In order to solve the amnesia problem on Earth you will need much more advanced technology, as well as social stability to allow enough time for research and development of techniques to free the IS-BE from the body, and to free the mind of the IS-BE from amnesia.”

I’m not sure I’d call it “technology” so much as “expanded consciousness” and “choice”. This statement seems like just another “limitation” to guide us toward a “new” matrix. Again, just another choice point.


“Immortal Spiritual Beings, which I refer to as "IS-BEs", for the sake of convenience, are the source and creators of illusions. Each one, individually and collectively, in their original, unfettered state of being, are an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing entity.”

Bingo! And please recall at the beginning of this book, Airl told us that we ARE ALL IS-BEs.

“IS-BEs diminish their ability in order to have a game to play. IS-BEs think that any game is better than no game. They will endure pain, suffering, stupidity, privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable conditions, just to play a game. Pretending that one does not know all, see all and cause all, is a way to create the conditions necessary for playing a game: unknowns, freedoms, barriers and/or opponents and goals. Ultimately, playing a game solves the problem of boredom.”

Another “Bingo”!


“As an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain it is my duty to protect the greater good of The Domain and its possessions. However, we cannot defend ourselves against forces of which we are not aware.”

Another indication of “duality” here. The Domain (just like the Old Empire) sees us as possessions. They see a need for “defense”. In Truth, THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US PLAYING THIS GAME.

“The junior officers whose bodies were damaged in the crash have left their bodies and returned to their duties on the space station. The damage suffered by their bodies was due primarily to the fact that they were officers of lower rank. They used bodies which were partially biological and therefore far less durable and resilient than hers.”

Perhaps this was because it was not their purpose to survive! The purpose of this entire event was so that “Airl” could impart this “story” to us as the means to present a choice point for us.

“The "Old Empire" thought control operation is run by a small group of old "baboons" with very small minds. They are playing insidious games with no purpose and no goal other than to control and destroy IS-BEs who could otherwise manage themselves perfectly well, if left alone.”

Sounds just like “Deep State” to me!

“Others have been here since the first days of Lemuria. In any case, the IS-BEs of Earth are here forever, until they can break the amnesia cycle, conquer the electronic traps set up by their captors and free themselves.”

More like the traps set up by OURSELVES. This explains why the “Earth School” is one of the most difficult (as Dolores Cannon always liked to say).


“At this time, all of the members of the Lost Battalion have been located on Earth as a result of The Domain Annunaki Mission and their use of the "Tree of Life" detection device.”

Domain Annunaki Mission. Well that explains a lot for me! Annunaki. Just another “limitation”. :D

“I am sentenced to eternal imprisonment, like all other IS-BEs in the living Hell called Earth, until we can disable the "Old Empire" force screens.”

Again, WE ARE NOT LIMITED TO ETERNAL IMPRISONMENT. WE CAN CHOOSE TO “DISABLE THE ‘OLD EMPIRE’ FORCE SCREENS. And this is no longer “A CHOICE” for me. I’ve already chosen. In MY reality, the “force screens” ARE DONE. I’m just enjoying the journey as “The Liberation” unfolds!

“Because I won't keep my biological body much longer now, I am intensely aware that very soon I will be recycled through the amnesia process of the "Old Empire", and stuck back into another baby body to start all over again -- without any memory of what went before.

As you know, members of The Domain Expeditionary Force have been working to solve this problem for thousands of years. Airl says that even though The
Domain has located all of the Lost Battalion officers and crew, the success of freeing them depends on the IS-BEs who are already on Earth. The Domain Central Command cannot authorize any personnel or resources, at this time, to conduct a "rescue mission" as this in not the primary mission of The Domain Expeditionary Force in this galaxy.”

Oh dear…ALL MUST BE LOST! I hope you can “hear” the sarcasm in my thoughts. :D Seriously? WE ARE DIVINE ETERNAL BEINGS. What do YOU choose to experience next? I’ve had quite enough of the old imprisonment paradigm. IT’S DONE AND WE ARE BEING LIBERATED RIGHT NOW (not that we aren’t already free, but I’m just “enjoying the show”)!


“Secret police organizations have often been used as an instrument of political repression. States where the secret police wield significant power are sometimes referred to as police states. Secret police differ from the domestic security agencies in modern liberal democracies, because domestic security agencies are generally subject to government regulation, reporting requirements, and other accountability measures. Despite such oversight, there still exists the possibility of domestic-security agencies acting unlawfully and taking on some characteristics of secret police.”

Interesting that we’re living in a time where “legit” police agencies and our “liberal democracy” has been corrupted to the point that “Secret Police” are functioning deep within our own “Democratic” system.



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Airl says "That period of 300 years was a very violent resistance to the Domain forces by the remnants of the Old Empire Forces. It did not last long however as it is futile to resist The Domain"

The Borg in Star Trek "Resistance is futile"

The star trek com link badge worn by all personnel is very similar, almost exactly the same as the Domain insignia. Did StarTrek writers have access to the Airl interviews before they were published?
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As you know, members of The Domain Expeditionary Force have been working to solve this problem for thousands of years. Airl says that even though The
Domain has located all of the Lost Battalion officers and crew, the success of freeing them depends on the IS-BEs who are already on Earth. The Domain Central Command cannot authorize any personnel or resources, at this time, to conduct a "rescue mission" as this in not the primary mission of The Domain Expeditionary Force in this galaxy.”
Oh dear…ALL MUST BE LOST! I hope you can “hear” the sarcasm in my thoughts.

I agree SG

Airl and other ISBEs have been consciously alive for millions of years but cannot rescue their 3,000 trapped comrades or figure out how to deactivate the mechanisms that entrap ISBEs on Earth? Does not make sense.


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Airl says "That period of 300 years was a very violent resistance to the Domain forces by the remnants of the Old Empire Forces. It did not last long however as it is futile to resist The Domain"

The Borg in Star Trek "Resistance is futile"

The star trek com link badge worn by all personnel is very similar, almost exactly the same as the Domain insignia. Did StarTrek writers have access to the Airl interviews before they were published?
Gene Roddenberry (creator of the original "Star Trek" show) was said to have channeled the idea. Perhaps he received his inspiration from "higher" realms?


When looking for a link to something to support this statement and found this:


Interesting how "The Nine" crop up in so many places. I'd be curious to know if it's the same group connecting with different individuals--or perhaps all who "connect" with them are part of the same soul group.


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Lots of StarTrek here it seems. The Domain immediately reminds me of DS9's The Dominion.

As asked above by me, has anybody read the intro yet and given it some deeper thoughts? It is the most important part of the book because it is the background and origin story.

In there, surprisingly the author himself admits he has burnt all the (supposed) original documents.

Why? O_o

From page 12:

I have burned all of the original documents, including the envelope
I received from Mrs. MacElroy. I do not want to spend the rest of my life
being hounded by UFO researchers, government agents, grocery store
tabloids reporters, UFO advocates and de-bunkers alike, or anyone else.
Any "proofs" or attempts to authenticate the assertion that Mrs. MacElroy
actually interviewed an alien in 1947 will have to be done by others
Do these"reasons" really make any sense?

The least thing I'd do is destroy the original evidence. The 'reasons' are the most irrational thing I've read for a long time. Unless ... there were no documents at all?

Also we should investigate (too lazy now I admit): He supposedly received her post mortem package in August 2007, the book appeared already one year later. An interesting question therefore would be: Did this author write any similar material before 2007/2008? (books, articles). Maybe this work (of fiction or reality-fiction) is just to favour his ideas or even a spiritual or ET agenda (besides making a good buck out of the Roswell story meme)? For me it would be too coincidental if he got this and it was what he had already promoted/believed before anyway. Maybe he wrote StarTrek screenplay scripts after all? So this would also explain the DOMAINIAN.

Just my two cents.

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