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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Post eclipse we enter the Disseminating moon phase which is a time for sharing information, conveying our awareness to those who are receptive.

Since the Lunar Sag eclipse the moon has been in Capricorn which has been a fairly sombre time when the repercussions of racial tensions have taken place and also much criticism of those in power in more than one country.

So again we get the “blame punish and control” factor that has been a part of class 2020, this time in areas of the need for laws to be changed in so many areas as we head more deeply into this time of great transition from the old ways to the new when there will be more recognised equality in our world, as before, although there was a pretence of this it was not practiced by many countries or people whatever colour they are. Nor is it truly practiced with the female gender, the Gay community, age, the young, or with any of the other “isms” still so prevalent in our societies in all countries.

But it is obvious that new laws and attitudes are needed regarding the use of power in our communities, and how we treat or even think of other humans, whether they are innocent every day people, guilty of crime or in positions of power.

But we cannot have double standards as people are people and witchhunts are after all a mediaeval concept, and yet often our attitudes to those who are doing their best in dire circumstances, even world leaders who are voted in by the PEOPLE are filled with the same blame, hate and violence.

And those who buy in to what is being shown on popular media, a media that is selective in what we see really would benefit to use their free thinking ability to question rather than follow blindly and also look within to see why they follow so blindly what is being fed to them and what possible purpose could be behind it. A lot of what we hear is far from the real truth of a matter.

Change is needed and Laws will change, the system of choosing world leaders will also change, our environment will become healthier, but not before the collective prejudice and attitudes change from those who are so quick to blame and hate without questioning self or the system or as I said before, look at their own backyards. We should not need to be reminded by media about something that takes place in our lives every hour – every day of our lives and has for centuries… It all starts with the individual and attitudes in our every day life.

The last of the 2 eclipses that come next ending on the 5th July have been about all of the above, the people, the public, families and children, how we care for and nurture each other as a species, our social structure, rules, laws and Gov bodies. How we “police” self and others. So we are at a crisis time in the 6 weeks or so ahead personally and globally.

Today Rx Venus in Gemini squares Ceres in Pisces reminding us to be kind to each other and take care in how we communicate to express this care. Gemini is about media, popular media too, but being Rx Venus wants us to question everything and look at life through different eyes , monitor our feelings and reactions.

Ceres in Pisces is telling us compassion and understanding is needed and not anger and hatred. We must be careful not to use words or actions or images that incite more hatred, but rather focus on ALL people not just one race.

And I will add animals as well here as they are also sentient beings.

Geminis, Taureans, Librans and Pisces will have their own lightbulb moments on these matters as I hope many of us will continue too.

The Sun in Gemini is novile to Uranus in Taurus, an aspect of 40 degrees that completes and helps develop our awareness of other dimensional realities, aiding us to tune into the collective for inspiration on what is happening on this planet.

The moon still in Capricorn is extra busy today with a conjunction to Pluto , speaking of power, and Saturn, all about the subject above, policing and structure, but also to Jupiter which is a more positive aspect showing there is hope and there is a positive movement forwards.

Jupiter in Capricorn this year is a bit of a saving grace for so many of us even though our enthusiasm for life has been somewhat quelled and we cant go far from home.

With the moon moving into Aquarius later today the mood of the collective should lighten and we will see more objectively the events of the last few days.

“Evolution in process” is the quote from the NZ Moon diary which I love and I can’t help but think how accurate were the ladies who publish this diary and last year composed it, who had no real idea apart from reading the planets how true their words would turn out to be.


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