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Jul 25, 2016

An impactful addendum to the recent message shared by The Master calls us to realize what we're witnessing, doing, experiencing.

"When you realize that the life of every human being is sacred, you will give up your dependence on division and stop making yourself pawns in someone else’s game. No matter what you think is true, no matter what you think of those that you defile with your words and thoughts, life is sacred. Every one.

Those who choose to abdicate their natural state of sanctity have already thrown their lives away. They have chosen.

Those who have come between the acts and actors of violence have also at some level of their being, chosen. None die in vain who are seen as humans living the life of truthful acknowledgment of their sacred conscious potential.

Those who have good intent will never need to be mourned, for they have chosen well.

Those who have already forfeited their sanctity by entering into a soul-destroying darkness can be pitied for their fate. Mourn their opportunity lost. They sealed their fate and will make other choices in other states of being.

No one is lost to love, though love may be lost by some. Hold on to love. It will guide everyone home, and heal broken hearts. You can never be lost with love. It is time to learn how powerful it is, all the way."



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