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Info A Welcome & Introduction to Laron, your Moderator


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Greetings all. I’m a co-moderating here on the Energy Healing, Past Life Regression & Shamanism board. I’m going to provide you with some information about my background as a healer.

I have my introduction in the context of a moderator over on the Help, Announcements, News & Events board, right here, Introducing Your Moderators.

I’ve got an interesting personal awakening experience type of introduction here, Your Personal Awakening Experience.

I find the Mayan Astrology readings I recently posted a thread about helpful — Mayan Astrology Readings — Find Your Dreamspell Galactic Signature — and accurate. In terms of the feminine aspect based on one of the Mayan calendars, I’m a Planetary White Wizard.

Some may have heard of the Myer Briggs personality test, well there is a one called the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, said to be a bit more advanced in terms of design. We have a thread up here about that, The Keirsey Temperament Sorter — Share your Personality Results, where I have some more information about me, as an INTJ (Mastermind: Entailing).

Recently I completed my personal healing based site, http://laron.nz, where I’m currently offering the services of tarot, energy healing, Reiki, past life regression (QHHT), dream interpretations and space & energy clearing. The about section is also another source to learn more about me.

I’m going to try and make this as short as possible, after including all of the above, as now this is becoming rather lengthy!

While we can be taught “healing”, as there are many modalities, from personal experience I have found that over time, if it isn’t already there when you begin, you will just suddenly become receptive of the energies and inner workings of what goes on—including the presence of helpers—as you are healing, and thus become guided to areas of the body, possibly provided with intuitive insight on the emotional connection behind the condition, and have understandings come to you through whatever psychic sense is prominent around what is taking place, as you facilitate the frequencies and act as a conduit for its source. (That's a really long sentence — I'm a double monkey in Chinese astrology)

One of the most important aspects of being a healer is to have healed yourself first — to a degree, as healing is a lifelong process.

From age 1, up until around the early 20’s, our seven primary chakras develop more fully, sequentially. What we go through, as in day to day experiences, tends to define us. Later on in life, we need to return to such experiences and heal them with a combination of methods that work for us, which could be anything. One thing can work for one person, and not another — it's important not to give up.

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Artwork by Sabine Wurz

We also need to look at our shadow self, and inner child, and sometimes past lives, as it’s not just this life that stuff happens in, but we can bring with us strong emotional links to the “past” that need addressing.

It can be a long journey, or a shorter one, depending on where you are at. Based on your history, a person may come into this life with strong abilities of healing, which makes it simpler to begin as the gifts exist, or they have developed those abilities. Still, we all need healing, to heal. I’ve done a lot of work on myself in that regard, which has helped me get to where I am at now.

Since August, 2013, every weekend I have been hosting a free distant group healing session, where anyone can join. It’s for healers to send healing to each other, as well as receive healing. It’s important to keep our energetic system in a healthy state and I highly recommend receiving an energy healing at least once a week, unless you are performing some other activity which is similar, such as yoga as one example of many. Feel free to join us anytime. The sessions are currently being organized through the Events Board on the forum here. A session thread will get posted around 48 hours beforehand on that board.

Welcome to the Energy Healing board, here on transients’ Roundtable Forum.
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