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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
As it had happened with the transformation of the troodon into the manu, perhaps, what no race knew, or knew much later, is that Eur, Durán and Umar once again gave the go-ahead for the transformation of the manu into lhulu, and the cross with the manu without having to say anything or give instructions of any kind. They simply did not intervene to stop or alter the creation of the lhumanu, as there was no alternative in any timeline to further densify Kumar than to allow the Asimoss to create lhuman life and populate the Earth with it, even if it was not with the parameters or characteristics initially planned for the species that had to inhabit the Earth, nor with the care and “sponsorship” that was wanted from the Asimoss for the new species in Eur.


In any case, and from a macro point of view, the purpose was still being fulfilled, there was conscious and tremendous physical life on the planet that solidified Kumar's anchor, since his avatars were as material as could be in Eur, and, by increasing more and more in number, they helped the energetic weight of the planet grow and facilitate the task of sustaining the evolutionary pace of the entire galaxy.

However, and once again, the Amoss, who have a tremendous role in all this and which we will see in detail later, realized again that the Asimoss were following Eur's plan, even if they believed that it was not. Therefore, they instructed them about what was happening, and made them realize that they were still under the evolutionary guidelines of the logical hierarchies by being connected to them. Thus, they proposed to the Asimoss race as a whole the total disconnection of their Higher Selves, as a way to stop being subject to the guidelines, processes, instructions and "evolutionary energies" that, from the logos, emanate towards the Higher Selves and, from there, towards each one of the members of the Asimoss race and any other.

How to do it was known to the Amoss since they had completely disconnected from their Higher Selves millions of years before, in the original galaxy in which they were born and from which they migrated, so they knew the protocols that had to be carried out and the steps and results that such action would have.

For reasons that we will explain shortly, the "anger" of the Amoss with the logical hierarchies was such that they recruited other races such as the Zuls, Animiss, Alomiss and Rashids (and some others), to do the same: disconnect from their links to all logos, promising to help them master the entire physical and etheric plane of the Milky Way, and become the sole owners of the Earth, all its resources, and many other planets that had not yet raised evolutionary and kept their lower structures in the "material" band of the galaxy.

Thus, guided by the Amoss, the Asimoss and the rest of the collaborating races disconnected from their Higher Selves and were "liberated" from the evolutionary logic guidelines. No Higher Self was going to rule the evolutionary destiny of the members of the species that today are in control of life on Earth, and only the common consciousness of their collective unconscious would act as the group engine that would keep them cohesive and advancing in knowledge, power and consciousness for the rest of its existence as species.

Since most of them had an evolutionary and technological level high enough to be able to exist and dominate many other races without having to evolve towards more "energetic" and "higher" levels from which, races like the Amm worked and existed, the Asimoss and company planned not to go beyond a certain energy band of Eur, from which, possibly, they would have "confrontations" with other species of the Union of Races of Eur, which existed and inhabited planets in those evolutionary levels. Therefore, knowing how far they could go and not go beyond, they began their expansion throughout the physical and etheric plane of the Milky Way, conquering, settling, and creating other races that would serve their purposes along the way. The knowledge acquired about genetics, the manipulation of life forms, the energetic mental, emotional, spiritual configuration, etc. of these had given them enormous power over many other species yet at lower levels of evolution and development.

In fact, one of the races created by the Asimoss are those known as "grays" by humans, who had, and still have, a long history of struggle and suffering under their control and to whom they are subjected, and of which only a part, which we know as the "tall grays," were able and managed to free themselves from the Asimoss yoke and evolve independently of them. But this story is set aside, to be told elsewhere.

And time was passing. As paradoxical as it may seem, Kumar's purpose was still being served, although in terms, say, not appropriate to the way they had been designed, but in the end, if you are holding a house of cards, people, or planetary systems, your desire is to fulfill your function, whether it is other people of good will who hold and sustain you, or are blocks of stone, hostile races or a new species subjugated to another that are allowing you to perform your function of densification and "weight" for all Eur.

Therefore, from the creation of the lhumanu, the human race began to perform its function.

To adapt the Earth to their needs, and avoid that higher-level races could come to hinder their plans on the planet, the Asimoss varied its gravity, increasing it, because they believed that perhaps those of Amm, or races collaborating with the plans of Eur would do everything as much as possible to descend to the physical plane of Gaea and thwart their plans for domination of Earth, taking control of the human race. They got into something a bit like the human concept of paranoia, which took hold of the Asimoss common psyche, and all they feared was that members of the Union of Races of Eur would show up at any moment at Gaia and try to drive them out, to then take their control of the lhumanidad (we were not of the current "homo" genre, but "lhumanu").

So not only did they increase planetary gravity so that very few races in all of Eur had the ability to "go down" to the "one" band, but they also began to make more and more changes in the human psyche to inhibit all its potentials (inherited by having used the Asimoss DNA to create us), all capacity for development, all future possibility that they would be "liberated" by other races deprogramming the intricate mental system that they had inserted into the avatar, etc. And, since the troodon received the connection with a Higher Self and was endowed with an individual soul body, the manu also maintained that configuration, and so did the lhulu and later the lhumanu, and that was something that not even the Asimoss technology could reverse the possibility of evolution and growth thanks to the connection of all the lhumanus with their Higher Selves, and from there with all the logos that was still present, and that also made them become more paranoid about how to avoid that, at some point, the newly created "lhuman" race escape their control.

To do this, they coded and encrypted the "ego" program in the psyche, adapted the mental spheres and the collective unconscious to obfuscate, confuse, block and inhibit latent potentials and this way they were doing tests with the lhumanus creating more consistent models to the Asimoss plans to have a race under their control, which, at some point, would also serve their plans for "galactic" expansion, as it was the only race dense and material enough they had under total control that they could use as "resources” and “stormtroopers,” if at some point in their evolution, it was time to remove them from Gaia and expand their habitats to other “physical” planets in the galaxy, beginning millions of years after their creation by taking them to the Moon, their satellite, and then to Mars, where they would already be out of Kumar's domain and could more easily continue their plans.

However, and, although they already counted on it to a certain extent, they were not fully aware that by increasing the Earth's gravity to further solidify the planet and increase it in density (making it inaccessible to most races of Eur) they were going to make all the great saurian perish, which would be unable to sustain their weight and size on a planet that irretrievably anchored them to the ground, as they could not walk or move in a higher gravity than the one originally possessed by the planet when they were brought by the Amoss and scattered throughout the natural ecosystem by the "gardeners".

In addition, a few years later, they made a huge meteorite collide, which impacted the Earth to tilt its angle a bit with respect to the sun, complicating things even more for whoever wanted or tried to enter the planet, since, literally, they "bent" energetic structures by modifying the axis of the earth's inclination that, if it continued in the initial inclination, facilitated the entry and exit through natural "dimensional" portals present on Earth to all the races that, in the past, had come and gone to sow life and care of its development, in the early stages of the "galactic biosphere" project.

Again, they did not realize that all this also benefited Kumar's plan by helping him adjust his support points, of which they were not too aware of anymore, since they only thought of keeping Earth as their colony, exploiting its resources, sending them to their planets of origin and continue expanding their dominance to other planets of the Milky Way, making sure in addition of being the only "owners" of the Earth.

And it is that Kumar, at that moment of the evolutionary step process, was already supporting the weight of practically the entire Milky Way, and the number of systems leaning on its structure is unimaginable to a human mind.

Even so, our planetary logos continued with determination and will, and much suffering, in its terms, maintaining its function and purpose, whatever it was, but seeing with sadness (in its terms) the situation of life on Earth. It is something like if you are with your hands up, holding a beam that supports a house, and your back begins to itch because some bugs have settled in your skin that are beginning to take advantage of you, and you have no choice but to continue keeping your hands up to support the beam and endure the itchiness and more or less let those bugs continue to expand, knowing that, at a higher level, much higher, there is a reason for it, but that does not mean that they are altering your ecosystem, that they are altering the life in your avatar, that they are altering the internal balances that should be maintained in Gaia, etc.

It was simply a matter of priorities, and the support function of all Eur systems was considered a priority than to intervene to correct everything that was happening inside the Earth, since, having intervened to stop the plans of the Asimoss, Kumar would have been destabilized, and the "house of cards" was in danger of collapsing. Therefore, there was no other solution that to let the Asimoss act within Gaia, and to advance as quickly as possible with the passage of all the systems that remained in Eur to the next evolutionary level, to have time afterwards to correct and intervene, once completed, to help the human race and the life system on Earth to return to the original plans that were already very deviated from their initial parameters.

So, as the millennia passed, the Asimoss were creating new models of homos and spreading them all over the planet, increasing the number of humans by hundreds of millions, creating what they wanted to be their "future army," which always benefited Kumar’s holding process, because the larger the population, the greater the weight (something that remains valid until today), but that no human knew, nor would they know until millions of years later, when someone would put it as a story to be received by the psyche, which would activate processes of "memory" of a function for humanity long planned by thousands of beings and all the hierarchies of Eur, and hidden in the collective unconscious of this new species, in their souls, and in their Higher Selves.

In any case, the Asimoss neglected the function of "sponsorship" that every race that creates another race must fulfill, as the Amm people tried to do with the Asimoss, and as the Asimoss had an obligation to do with us. On the one hand, free will processes led the Asimoss, influenced by the Amoss, to refuse to play that role, but on the other hand, the end result on a "galactic" scale was the same, and therefore the go-ahead for it was given and once again Eur, Durán and Umar let it be done, guarding the timelines, but without preventing what had to come.

Unfortunately, what the Asimoss did not know (because the Amoss had not told them, cooperation does not always lead to total sincerity between them) was that they, the Asimoss, at the end of the evolutionary elevation process of all the systems of the Milky Way, were going to be "rewarded" enormously by Eur for the performed service had they followed Amm's instructions.

And it is that, again, it was the intervention of the Amoss that convinced the Asimoss not to follow Eur's plans, when explaining their group history as a race, and telling them what forced them to leave their galaxy and reach ours. The Asimoss understood what the Amoss wanted to "prevent" from happening again, when they explained to the Asimoss what had happened to them, and the Asimoss saw why they had been created.

So in order to understand the situation at that time, we have no choice but to see and try to understand the history of the Amoss race.

To be continued…

A hug,

David Topí

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The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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