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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Today I am going to tell you a story. Like any story, it has elements that are true, and others that only adorn. It has elements that are completely based on events that have happened and others that serve as complement so that the story can have logic, and that serve to introduce concepts into the psyche that, if explained directly, would be completely blocked and rejected by the filters of the mind. We already made this "game" years ago, when we wrote the history of the birth of the species, the gardeners of the Earth, which we called them at the time, and, as such, it served to raise to the collective unconscious correct information, but with other elements that only made the intertwining between those concepts.


Perhaps now is the time to do the same again, as it is necessary to convey some general ideas about the situation of humanity, and your Higher Self will find the way to distill them and make you understand which concepts of this story are correct and which you can discard without problems. Take it as reading entertainment, and thus we allow time for the dozen requests that are still underway to continue doing their work, which is slow and arduous, and, for that reason, we cannot launch new actions or initiatives now, despite the fact that the RIC and CS continue to counteract everything that our Higher Selves are eliminating, but even so, despite everything, all the processes and elements launched in recent months related to the global situation that we are experiencing are still being dismantled.

So, as a break from so much purely intellectual knowledge that we have delivered in the last few articles, let's proceed with our story.

Once upon a time…

Eons of time ago, countless, a galactic logos, Eur, received the instruction to move up the evolutionary course, since his “cosmic” logos, the “being” that gives life and existence to the universe in which we are, Uan, had ordered all the beings that rule each and every one of the galaxies to double their frequency and vibration, and rise an octave on the evolutionary scale that governs the growth and evolution of those logos.

In each galaxy, its logos managed as best it could to initiate these processes, since that meant that each solar system, each star, each planet and each living being within Eur's domains, had to double its vibration and frequency and move to a level higher than it was, which required a lot of time, as each system, planet or being measured that concept, so there was no rush, but a clear order that it had to be done.

Therefore, from Eur it was transmitted to Durán, who is the “coordinator” logos of all “regional” logos, to give the pertinent instructions to initiate the process. As each galaxy is divided into sectors, and each sector has a being that coordinates it and is responsible for life in that sector, the "regional" logos are responsible for “elevating” the level of all the solar systems, planets, and races that depend on them, and Durán is the name, in Irdin, of the logos that coordinate these “regional logos”.

Umar, who is also the name in Irdin of the logos of our sector of the Milky Way, thus gave the same instructions countless eons ago to all the solar logos, the beings that inhabit the stars and are responsible for life on the different planets that rule and orbit around it. And, in turn, solar logos such as Rawak, which is how ours is called, gave the pertinent instructions to all planetary logos, which are the beings that use entire planets for their evolution and growth, such as Kumar, is the avatar that we call Earth, Gaia, Gea, Pachamama, etc.

When the planetary logos receive these instructions, they get to work to gradually raise the vibration of each monad, of each particle that compose them, until it is duplicated and doubled completely, going, for example, if they are at 1Hz, to vibrate at 2Hz, and if they are at 5Hz they will vibrate at 10Hz. It is always doubled, because an octave implies passing to an evolutionary level that is twice your current level. This is how energy and growth processes work, which are also not linear, but spiral, an infinite "eight" that is linked with "eights" of a higher level and that form a huge evolutionary path always towards higher levels. When an evolutionary process has to be stopped or terminated, the energetic spiral becomes a mobius strip, which loops around itself and thus cannot advance beyond a certain level, since it is closed and thus it puts an "end point" to that evolutionary spiral as long as it is not time to reopen the process to continue climbing to the next level.

An anchor and support point

However, the processes of frequency change of an entire galaxy are very complicated and require a huge counterweight and a very dense anchor point, so that, let's say, all the planets, systems and elements to double their frequency can be "supported" on a fixed point, very very solid, that keeps the structures firmly attached while everyone raises their frequency without wobbling. It is like someone who leans firmly with his feet on the ground and holds something so that someone else can climb through that something, without fear that the entire structure will collapse because there is no support point to anchor. That point of support, then, is the last thing that goes up in frequency, once everything or almost everything that is within the galaxy, is already settled in the upper level and it can begin to help what has been sustaining the process to free itself from its function and also start the evolutionary path that also corresponds to it.

The anchor point function, however, is a very hard function, and requires a lot of courage, courage and determination, because it suffers a lot being the anchor of all the systems and beings that exist in a whole galaxy, having to stay, let's say, the "last" to hold the entire structure until the rest have passed "the grade". It is not that you do not have help, on the contrary, millions of beings come to assist that which supports with everything necessary to fulfill its function, but, even so, it is a complicated process and requires a lot of determination and will to carry it out.

At the time that Eur received Uan's instructions to start the level crossing, as other logos had also received them, it was necessary to find which element would serve as an anchor, and, in general, a planet is always used for this, which is placed in the densest band of all and becomes the "solid" and fixed reference so that everything else can lean on it. Umar offered to host such a planet in his domains, because it was his turn, since, let's say, the "regional" logos take turns to perform this function each time a level change occurs, since we can already assume that in their countless times of existence this has happened thousands of times. Therefore, in this cycle, it was up to Umar to host the energetic anchor point of the entire galaxy in one of the systems under his coordination.

Rawak volunteers

With the proposal underway, Rawak, a logos of the Umar system, not one of the largest or in the highest hierarchical level, volunteered for it, arguing that it still had few planets in its orbit and that it could accommodate one more than did that function. The rest of the planetary logos of the solar system accepted, although that means having the full weight of evolutionary change at the galactic level in their vicinity and that they would have to render enormous help, and for a long time (in human terms), until the process would have been completed.

However, the plan for this is very complicated, and there are many twists in history that the human mind may not be able to understand, since, initially, the planet that was to serve as support and anchor, which would receive the name of Earth for its future inhabitants, although in Irdin it is called Gea, it was designed as one of the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy, brimming with animal and plant life, an ark of DNA, a repository of species that would fill with joy and life the solar system of Rawak.

Kumar, a young logos who had been created by Rawak initially on the planet that human beings call Venus, but who was not the logos of that planetary sphere but one of the beings who assisted him, accepted the challenge of becoming the logos of that new planet, which was still "being born" on a mental, etheric, etc. level, before anything "physical" to the human senses had even begun to be built and created. In this way, Kumar became the logos of the Earth and accepted to be the ruler of a planet that would in turn be an ark of life, a repository of all types of beings at the animal and plant level present in Umar's domains, and the anchor point and energetic support for the entire evolutionary process of the galaxy.

All this was then taking its first steps, sub-octaves were happening and little by little some of the main systems of Eur began to double their vibration and settle on the level superior to the evolutionary course in which they were before the change, and millions of beings and groups and species were doing the same, advancing and growing, while the project of life on Earth went little by little, slowly, but without pause, was becoming a place full of life and overflowing with plants and animals that were being seeded by envoys of all the races of Eur, partly as thanks to Kumar for playing the role of “anchor” for all of them, partly because the purpose of the Earth was to become this point and center of animal and plant life that it would serve to bring life to other newly created planets when necessary.

Each time it had to hold everything tighter

As more and more planetary systems took the evolutionary leap, and left behind the bands and levels they were in, it became more difficult for Kumar to hold the entire structure, because it is like holding a pencil in the palm of your hand, and put another pencil on top, and another on top of it, and try to balance it so that you don't drop any. Or perhaps it is more like the Catalan tradition of the "castellers," in which a huge group of people get underneath to allow more and more floors of people to climb to the top and that base is what does the work of support the entire structure. Imagine this at the galactic level, and all supported by Kumar in the center, with all the planetary logos holding it like the castellers below hold the structure for others to climb through.

In order for Kumar to be stronger and to more easily support this structure, it had to be densified more, so an etheric structure and another physical-energetic structure were no longer enough, but it was necessary to create layers and an avatar of denser matter, in fact, one of the densest of all the domains and levels of Eur. So Kumar created his physical body, the one you now step on with your feet, and the one we call "home," to be more solid, more material, more dense, and it dropped in frequency, much, so much that few other planets in the entire universe had such a great material and energy density, few were so solid and were with their avatars at such low levels and so deep within the frequency margins present in Eur.

But there was no other option to be able to assist everyone to pass the level, or at least begin the process of passing, because while Kumar held the entire structure, the rates of change occurred in a very varied way and many planetary systems and races are still in process. Therefore, Kumar had to densify more and more. And by itself he could no longer do it, because no more dense matter could be added to the denser level he was already at. So, the only way to do it was to give permission for, temporarily, the paradise of flora and fauna that the Earth was to be "parked" as a plan and allow the entry of energy, of a lot of energy, compact and dense enough to be able to counterbalance the high levels that some systems, planets and races had reached.

Thus, as the "cosmic" processes and cycles govern, to maintain the balance of all Eur it was necessary to add many monads of enormous energy charge, low in vibration, to be able to sustain the enormous amount of high vibration processes that were taking place everywhere, until the latter had been completed, and then the process of transmutation of these monads and negative energetic particles present in the Kumar structure into neutral and positive particles could be started wherever necessary.

Thus, the first thing that was done was to request forms of animal life of enormous size and that "weighed" a lot to secure the anchor of Kumar to the lowest and dense band of Eur.

And, for this, the great saurian present on many planets around the Umar sector were brought. One of the species that contributed to this, to bring these huge dinosaurs to Gaea, was a race that, in Irdin, call themselves Amoss, that had had a very special role on their home planet, in another galaxy from which they had emigrated. Their role and role of yesteryear, that of the Amoss, is identical to which humanity now has on Earth, but we will talk about that later, to avoid getting involved in that story.

Therefore, the Amoss, as well as countless races that were requested to do so, brought all kinds of animal life from their places of origin to plant and create the enormous natural ecosystem that the Earth project was intended to host. However, as in almost all the planets of the Umar sector, all conscious life was already well above the frequency level that the Earth had, and in which Kumar had to stay, keeping the physical structures at the densest and most solid levels possible, the animal and vegetable life planted here, but coming from abroad, had to densify and lower in vibration in order to exist and flourish on Earth.

Thus, with the help of some of the species of the "Union of Races of Eur," as we are going to call all of these, experts in this type of energetic and genetic changes, and that were known by our ancient cultures as "gardeners of the Earth,” it was possible to adapt all the flora and fauna to the conditions of the planet. Thus, the great saurian, and many other types of animal life, began to populate and maintain the Earth with enough weight for Kumar to continue doing its labor. This work was not new, it had already been carried out before, when the newly created physical plane of the avatar of Kumar was terraformed and the first consignments of animal and plant life were brought, which were “seeded” and left evolve at their own pace and cadence. Now, the "gardeners" returned to repeat the process with the saurian and other species that would help to give more density and weight to the planet.

Perhaps it may seem strange that the weight of something "physical" helps to counteract and sustain changes in energy structures and processes at the "galactic" level, but physical weight is only the visible part of the "energetic" weight of everything that exists in a planet, and a planet like ours is very "heavy," at all levels, due to the density of matter and the energy concentration that exists in it. Thanks to this, for a "long" season, this "trick" worked, and the great saurian played their role of "steamroller," unknowingly, for millions of years, while the rest of the galaxy was moving "up," and more races and planets and solar systems kept doubling in frequency, while all the planetary, solar and regional logos did the same with all the structures that depended on them.

Continuing the “ark of life” project in parallel

Since everything was going well, and the material density of the Earth was sufficient to maintain the required balance at that time, at one point in the process Kumar required that the following phases of the project to create a huge animal "ark of life" be activated and plant in his avatar, the Earth, since he could work simultaneously on both tasks: sustaining the evolutionary pace of the galaxy, and completing his creation of a repository of plant and animal life for Umar. For this, he asked that one of the animal species already existing in the planetary ecosystem be given more consciousness and intelligence, to make it a protector and caregiver of the rest. With this, here begins the history of the troodon and the beginning of the creation of the human being. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The troodon, one of the saurian brought by the Amoss to the planet along with many other species, was chosen to be linked with a Higher Self, to be endowed with an individual soul body, and to become a self-conscious being to take care of the huge ecosystem natural that Kumar had requested to host, as part of the galactic biosphere project for which he had volunteered.

Thus, at the request of Umar, the troodon was manipulated by the Idohim race, which is the name they give themselves in Irdin, and which we humans know as "Norsemen" because of their appearance. Under the baton and direction of the Idohim, the troodons stopped being animals, in the evolutionary sense of the term, and became self-conscious and individualized, with a very low, incipient level of development, but with a Higher Self linked from Eur, with a super soul, a local soul and an energetic structure made up of some basic bodies that would develop over time.

The situation is twisted...

However, when the Amoss, who had a powerful sentiment contrary to this evolutionary process that was taking place in Eur (for reasons that I will explain later), discovered what had been carried out on Earth with one of the animal species that they had brought, they did not approve of the use of the troodon and the manipulations carried out on them. And it is that the Amoss, as a species, had their genetics imbued (because the Amoss have also evolved from the troodons), and they intervened and changed it genetically again, as you already know, creating the manu, and putting it under their control .

What the Amoss did not know, nor possibly any other conscious species in the Milky Way, is that Eur, Durán and Umar saw in the different timelines that governed the processes and projects of Kumar and of the Earth, that such manipulation was within the margins of what is permissible to take place (the creation of the Manu), so they did not intervene and let the troodon become the manu, and that it was under the Amoss control, because other things had to come thanks to it, even if it was with deviations or changes in the initial plans, but... it is still early in history to get into that topic.

To be continued…

A hug,
David Topi

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Aug 29, 2017
this article gives me even more to think about the real age of our planets in the solar system and age of certain races

has to be read more than once to grasp the whole

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