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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
We resume the blog posts with the protection processes that I had commented on in the last note already almost finished and with "things" that we must continue to communicate, so that we have, even in a generic way, an idea of what is what is happening on the planet right now.

So, to start this new stage, let's start by reviewing the macro planetary processes that levels 3 and 4 of the CS have at hand and that, then, are the ones that are carried out and implemented by members of the lower levels. I am aware that sometimes I give very broad guidelines, with few details, but I think you will understand why: those who "command" in the CS do not decide "how" to do something, they only receive instructions on "what" to do and mark the line of actions, leaving the form, time, details and "minor" issues of its implementation to be carried out by the lower-grade members of the control structure, who then divide tasks and discuss among themselves about how to carry them out, they fight among themselves when a task benefits one part of the CS but not another, they put obstacles between them if something does not suit them “so much,” and so on.

The “final” result of something, therefore, is often unpredictable, but not the objective to be achieved, which is what the Asimoss dictate imperatively at the third level of the CS and these at the fourth and from there cascading to the tenth.

For this reason, rarely something indicated by the Asimoss to the CS is interpreted and executed in black or white format, it is done that way or it is not done, but rather, from the “order” to “do this” to how it ends up manifesting in our society, sometimes there is a gulf in terms of concept and form, but not results.

Leading humanity, without empathy for it

As in some other article we have explained, and also in the books of Dynamics of the Invisible, levels 3 and 4 of the control system are groups that were put in power thousands of years ago to direct humanity and, therefore, make decisions according to what they believe should direct it where the Asimoss indicate that humanity “must" go. This means that decisions can be made that may appear to be in favor of the greater good of the people if in the long term the result is in the interest of the Asimoss, and other times they make decisions that go completely against it if it is also in the interest of the Asimoss. There is no empathy, love or compassion whatsoever in the subtle, emotional or mental structures of the members of these levels of the system, there is coldness, management capacity, knowledge and power, perhaps a sense of responsibility and a feeling of total superiority and contempt, which it is enough, for the "common" human.

Therefore, the members of level 3 do not take any initiative that does not come ordered by level 1, and they do not care how from level 6 they are implemented in the common and global reality for humanity. The members of level 3 and 4 usually prepare the mental scenarios and templates in the collective unconscious of how the "base reality" is to be formed and managed, leaving the detail elements to be managed by others, so they do not care about how something is done, but in what way, in the medium and long term, it has impacted on the timeline and on the achievement of the objective that "that" has been done.

If we have this brief idea of the functioning of these 12 members of level 3 in mind, then, at this point, what do the Asimoss wish they had ordered the CS 3 and 4 to start up?

Complete the changes in the energetic structure generated by the economic system

First, what we have been living and explaining all the year 2020, the conversion to the "crypto" model of the economy for which (among many other objectives that we have already explained throughout the past year) the current pandemic reality was created as well as the start-up of the new energetic generation system for the RIC. This project is their highest priority and, for this, they must eliminate all current remnants of the “energetic pipelines” that carry the world’s economic flows, which occupy “space,” “annoy” and must be destroyed in order to implement the new system, hence the economic change has to be made by the CS, no matter how long it takes to agree to do so or to extend the duration of this "pandemic" situation until they have made all the necessary changes in the economic energy structures of the planet.

Therefore, the CS level 3 at this time has to manage the economic transformation of humanity (its energetic structures) and the increase in the flow that they produce for the Asimoss, since they want to enhance their energetic capacity to be prepared to deal with all the processes and "problems" that the passage from humanity to the nE "brings" (a problem for them of course, not for humanity).

Create "Hybrid" Avatar Models for the RIC

The second point that the level 3 must complete is the "hybrid" human creation project, something we mentioned earlier when we explained the history of the RIC and its role in the evolutionary move of all Eur to its next "octave" frequency. The Asimoss have commissioned the CS to accelerate the “hybrids” project and the CS for this accelerated the power of China worldwide since the two previous points go through making this country the first global power, as you have already seen throughout this last year 2020.

And it is that the economic conversion to a global "crypto" system goes through the conversion of all national currencies to the same operation that cryptocurrencies now have, with a substrate of blockchain technology, something you already know in which China it is very advanced, since its "crypto-renmibi" or "digital" yuan has already been in testing for months and being implemented successfully. Since in addition, the "research" project to create "hybrids" takes place in China, with the Uyghurs, everything agrees so that they work in the same "geographical" point to achieve both objectives. The rest of the CS members are very "angry" with the Chinese level 6 supra-committee, since they had to share part of the knowledge and processes that are being carried out, but they do not do so, and the "wars" between CS groups are now at their peak on this issue.

Colonize the Moon and Mars

The third great order received from the Asimoss is to take humans to the Moon and Mars bases, something that we had also briefly mentioned, among other things because this way they are out of the influence of all the groups that assist us on the planet, the hierarchies logoic as well as the forces of nature, but, also, because they intend to experiment how the "future hybrids" can adapt to life conditions outside the Earth, since the experiments that are carried out are carried out under very special conditions only on our planet and in underground bases and laboratories in the fields of "reeducation" in the Xinjiang province. Once they have information about how "normal" humans can live on Mars, for example, the CS can make small genetic changes in hybrid avatars so that they adapt to any other planet where the Asimoss intends to create their "private humanity". All this, as you can guess, takes decades and decades, since no Asimoss plan "is for tomorrow".

Keep humanity unconscious

Then, the CS level 3 in general, has among its tasks to keep humanity in the dark about what is really happening in the world, so without especially having any direct order for it, they must still work on issues such as climate change produced by the creation of the nE, the process of self-cleaning of Earth and the end of the availability of oil. Therefore, levels 3 and 4 work against the clock to turn the world into a "sustainable" planet to hide that Kumar regenerates and cleans itself in terms of the causes that originate global warming and that, in a few years the temperature will drop by itself no matter what humans do.

This does not mean that the planet by itself is going to be "pristine," since we are only talking about the temperature rise processes that will disappear once the construction of the nE has been completed, other issues such as air pollution, the plastics that we dump into our oceans and rivers, the deforestation of our forests and jungles, etc., continue to be a real problem and not caused by the change to the nE and the construction of it, but by the mistreatment of the human being towards mother nature.

In addition, in parallel with all this, the decision a couple of years ago by Kumar to stop producing oil that could be accessed by us, is what accelerates the race towards the delivery of renewable energy technologies and, as everything goes in the same bag, everything that implies a benefit to the ecosystem will be promoted and financed by the CS in the next decade without stopping, which, I think everyone will agree that it is something that will benefit us all, although they do not it for this reason. That is why, when levels 3 and 4 receive these macro instructions, they only design medium and long-term plans on what to do to achieve the objectives decided by the Asimoss, and delegate to levels 6 to 10 (level 5 does the link) its implementation and the best way to do it.

The Asimoss and the members of levels 3 and 4 do not care if the cars are electric or run by hydrogen, if we use crypto-euros or if we all start using the digital yuan, if China rules the planet or Mozambique does, but they have to achieve that the entire economy has a crypto structure that provides a brutal energy mechanism for the RIC, that the Asimoss get their "hybrid" models here or there, or that humanity has no idea that the planet has decided that there will be no more oil and that we continue to perceive reality as they project it.

As you can see, what we see in the news is only the ultimate reflection of a chain of decisions in which it may be difficult for us to understand why this or that has been done, since the events (what we see as "this has happened”) are the ultimate decision of the members at the end of the chain of implementation of a long series of instructions that are given from one CS level to another.

Without going any further, the “jam” of the Ever Given ship in the Suez Canal this past week has been the product of a fight between two CS committees to control “something” related to the economy that they have to change in that area of the planet and, as they did not agree on how to do it, one of the CS groups has decided to "gamble" against another of the groups by blocking a significant part of the income that that other CS "group" controls in Egypt. They are always like this at these “lower” levels of the control system, but since in the end the “higher” objective is still met according to the orders of levels 3 and 4, they care little if something like this happens or stops happening.

In any case, now that I hope the blog's protections are soon more reinforced, we will try to continue giving these global guidelines so that we have an idea, at least generic, of why some things happen or for what they happen. Perhaps when our Higher Selves see that it is feasible to intervene, we will launch new requests if they are to be able to generate some countermeasure against the Asimoss and level 3 plans, while we try to continue with our evolutionary processes, no matter what the RIC and CS members do in parallel.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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