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Jul 19, 2016
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laron submitted a new article.

A Reminder To Support transients.info If You Can
For whatever reasons— as we are all different and take in information uniquely—if you appreciate the articles on transients.info and information held on the community space I have created with the Roundtable Forum, then I am always appreciative of any support through a contribution via Paypal, Bitcoin and now Etherium. (Details on the Donation Link in the menu.)

This year I have only received a small number of donations. You may be interested to know that no one has donated using bitcoin since I offered it as an option three years ago, and the address I supplied is working as I tested it a few days back. (I never invested in bitcoin so I am yet to have even 1)

Even though there are others helping out, I spend a lot of my time looking...
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