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Jul 20, 2016
I've been do more active dream work - intention - journal - clarification - of late.
Intention - what do I need to be doing now.

Dream - I was working behind the scenes, helping out our kids in different projects. I was working quietly and did not think anyone even knew I was there. A small group of people approached me and said they felt I would be a good president. I laughed and said I cannot imagine many people want me because I am a constitutionalist, don't believe in big government, don't believe in big business in government, and think all elected and appointed positions should have term limits. They said, No, you are the right one and to be at a certain place at a certain time to be sworn in.

Immediately I was surrounded by people saying all sorts of things like you can't go dressed like that, your hair is a mess, you need a speech, etc. Between my deciding to spruce up my appearance and the car being late to drive me there, I missed the ceremony. An old, grey man who had been in office before stepped forward to be sworn in again. I was horrified and started working on ways to change the outcome.

Then I woke up and was terribly disappointed in myself and depressed with my failure.

Clarification - Part of the dream work is to ask for clarification and see what presents itself.

I set off on a walk around the neighborhood. I took the route with the steep hill. (I can do it without breathing hard now.) I was not walking very fast - mulling over the dream. All of a sudden I felt someone passing me and was startled because she was so close to me. I let out a startled sound, and she smiled and chuckled as she passed me. Get ready for this - We were about the same age, wearing tan ball caps, grey hair pulled back, pink t-shirts, white socks, and dark grey running shoes. She had grey shorts and I had black ones.

So, the clarification was unmistakable - get focused and pick up the speed. Then I came across a post today about New Earth, which put the icing on the cake. Do I want to see my cloud city again - you betcha!!


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Jul 19, 2016
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Children may indicate something that you are trying to grow and nurture, but can connect into an aspect of yourself and your childlike qualities. The fact you were working with them may show you retreating back to a childlike state and longing for the fast.

Aiming to be president can show you have set some high goals for yourself.

The old man can mean wisdom or forgiveness.

The feeling, which is really important in dreams, was that you were disappointed and felt like a failure.

You may be being too hard on yourself lately for not meeting your goals, which you are trying to grow and nurture.

I've been do more active dream work - intention - journal - clarification - of late.
This is great Linda! I'm thinking about starting up a few things in relation to that and sharing some of it on the Forum. I may even create a board for it.

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