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A postcard from Atlantis


Astute Creature
A postcard from Atlantis

Feel your way as the mind cannot find, your true essence, your souls deepest call.

The chrystal children on earth, the ones with many names and diagnoses. They are not here, to be objects for societys experiments, to fit into the norms.

They have not come for to live the life that we were taught as they have come to change, the society, when things are on the edge to fall.

As we walk into the new world, they are our guiding lights. They are our mirrors of many forgotten lands. So raise yourself and rise. And they will rise with you.
The rise of the earth, the rise within, as we start to remember our call and our many forms.



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I love it! (the postcard)

Now more than ever, as us older folk get older, many things will change beneath what we thought was the norm. It's not just about the generation gap anymore like you say, it's about the shift in consciousness and how there's great leaps ahead in evolution of the soul.

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Love, love, love the artwork!

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