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A Message from a Tree


Multidimensional Healer, Astral Projector & writer
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"Your heart is racing in your chest
Like a wind running to a place you ignore
A place to shine your light in the darkest night of your soul
You can feel the cold of a falling water
Or the heat of a dragon's fire
You know that both are nurturing you
In all ways
step on your feet
Let beauty be your purpose
Embrace the Earth and fly high"
Message of the tree



Realized Sentience
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Those tree boles that have the gently growing soft moss carpet and all the little plant, animal, microorganism and whatnot communities growing together are the best places to sit and ponder.

Someone posted here (someplace on the RT) at one time that 'tree therapy' was going to become 'a thing'; sitting at tree boles to get healed from various ailments was how I understood it. When I see a tree bole like this one I inwardly sigh happily and just want to sink in.

There is a book about such communities and other 'tree secrets' that I have not yet read called "The Hidden Life of Tree" by Peter Wohlleben.


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I like moss.

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