A Major Defender Of Brazil's Indigenous People And The Rain Forest Murdered "Execution Style" (1 Viewer)

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Apr 25, 2019
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Hardly a shocking development currently. Defenders of the rain forest and associated people are in the way of "progress" as defined by the usual psychopaths. They don't even bother at this point to arrange the death as a "suicide" So arrogant, so repulsive...Let the karma come home to roost, and let the "show" be televised...



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Jul 20, 2016
I agree that it is a terrible situation and justice needs to come to the perpetrators.

However, I believe that wishing for karma to rain down and fomenting anger and range in others over this incident will have a major karmic blowback.

One of things I learned in my fights with the city over environmental issues is that no one really changes their perspective by listening to an angry speaker, but rather one with clear and concise explanations.

I'm not above thinking someone is a POS, but here is how I handle it. I think of them assigned to work at old truck stop in the middle of nowhere in West Texas. They will have time to reflect, learn about the desert, and help a few travelers. Anyone who has been there knows exactly what I mean.
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