A conscious astral projection To New Atlantis, 19 September, 2018 (1 Viewer)

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It happened this morning between 7 / 9:30 am

I was meditating in my bed as I woke up earlier after an OBE during my sleep time to a parallel world. I was seeing many portals from my third eye that opened like a screen again. This happens to me very often as I believe now that it is from third eye and crown chakra that we astral travel consciously. What I mean by « consciously » is that state of being in between two or more planes or dimensions. From time to time I was flying over a city, a forest and then I saw the face of a being who has deep blue eyes, black hair, his face looked like human but he was not as his third eye was glowing with a silver fire. He was smiling to me and we said hello to each other. I said to him « Hi there ! I know you
» and I was smiling too.
He said « Yes we have met many times ! » mindly making a movement with his head. That was the same being I knew from New Atlantis when I went for some missions in pleiadian spaceships. He was wearing an electric blue clothes and when he talks to me I see his third eye glowing with that silver light. Pleiadians are very similar to humans but have their energy field very visible. We can see it at the look of their eyes, their aura and they have a powerful vibration I always feel in my right hand first and then in all my body when I am back in my physical. I then saw myself with him in a spaceship looking outside the dark space from a crystal screen. There were rainbow lights around inside the ship and outside stars like lamps were also glowing with fire.

I saw my self in that spaceship once again this morning. And actually these last days I have been in a deep contact with New Atlantis as I met one of my friends here on FB Maryann Rada talking about channeling and healing energy with a guide from there. My artwork is also a portal to New Atlantis and I can feel its energy. The message I came back with from this trip is to accept any change in our lives now because humanity is getting out of its darkest periods. There is an inner guidance inside each one of us. We are urged to hear that guidance and walk the path of love, light and wisdom. There are sacred beings who are helping from many dimensions. And that Earth energy is also shifting with the information it receives from these higher realms ! The 6D shift has already began !

See the light gate over my wave tree
It is the gate of Atlantis

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