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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Cancerian full moon.jpeg

Theres a Blue Moon coming in 4 days. The other one will be 28 days after, both in Capricorn. Two Full Moons in one sign within 28 days is a Blue Moon.

The “Once in a Blue Moon” effect will be some time during the month ahead and different for everyone. It could manifest right away near the first Full Moon, or might arrive on the 28th June when Saturn stations to Rx
Another likely date would be 5th or 6th of July – the New Moon in Cancer which makes sense as the Sun will be in Cancer the whole 28 days. Its possible our personal Blue Moon wont come til the last Full Moon on the 21st July falling at 29 degrees. 09.

And you DO NOT have to be a Cancer or Capricorn to get the effect.

On this approach now (as Full Moons always have the strongest effect when they wax to full), the energies are building in intensity as they always do . This one is about authorities and red tape , authorities can come in many forms as we know but most of us will have to deal with some at this time. I know many people who are and I know that there are a lot of delays concerning red tape which could throw a lot of people out of sync and test our patience as Saturn rules this coming Moon. "Timing" takes on a whole other dimension at this time.

There have already been a lot of flight delays at airports this week and probably more to come .
Capricorns and Cancerians may notice the authority factor more than others. Its all very “parent” and many rules being thrown around. You will notice this with a lot about law coming through, Gov rules announced on the news and through personal experiences.

The main thing near this Moon is to own your own authority and not give in to other peoples.
Capricorn is also about stable security zones as is the opposite sign of Cancer. Safety and protection comes into it too. There is a lot of positives with this Blue Moon energy so that things should work out even if it seems impossible.

Health sectors ruled by both signs are all a focus point just now as are our sensitive emotions and inner child... The parent within be it ok or not ok.
Yesterday Venus and Mercury too moved into Cancer so we can all get the warm fuzzies now with some family love and care on outer levels at least and talk it out if we need to.

Cancerians will love having Venus in their sign as they will get lots of love and attention, Same with Cancerian ascending sign, Moon too. They will find it easier to communicate their needs and feelings too.
Virgos and Geminis especially so as well.

Taureans and Librans will be feeling the love too and seeking some home comforts .

But how deep does this all go I wonder as today just to complicate matters as happens in these times, both planets will conjunct with Asbolus, a Centaur asteroid that is a complex mix in meaning to the extreme. But the dual aspect of Gemini is well in play with the meaning of this planetary body.
Often associated with the flight of birds as Asbolus was a seer in that regard , a great clairvoyant, which is his higher octave, but also his presence can bring a need for intense privacy and a way of breaking things down to the basics of ashes which is the purest form of everything of the earth . He does this in both positive and at times negative ways. So he can be like two eyes shining in the darkness searching for enlightenment and his own core centre of light.

Nor does he always like receiving advice or even compliments so the aspects today make me think that we perhaps should be wary of what should be pleasant interactions of family or friends , taking more note of the hidden messages for self.
It’s a tough one to field but it could be totally enlightening also.

Asbolus probably has more depth and complexity than any other of the Centaurs. At least we know where we stand with the others.
Theres a heightened sense of privacy and personal boundary control with this one hard to interpret but the outcome is often that of positivity and enlightenment.
The main thing we need to know is not to let anyone put a damper on our small joys and triumphs in human terms, but if there is a compliment and its genuine , take it most definitely with gratitude but don’t look for more.

Asbolus returns on the 21st when the Sun moves into Cancer and really the message is saying, "after the more perhaps frivolous energies of Gemini type interaction with its cerebral activity so strong , especially with Jupiter around, its time to get back to our feelings on deeper levels to find our real inner security and comfort, perhaps with the help or family and loved ones or not .

On deeper levels still it is only our own strong inner spirit that we can rely on and this Asbolus energy reminds us of that. What often appears as superficial small talk of greetings and expressions of love- what is beneath that really" So we must follow our own intuition and instincts for the most part!

But definitely from this day now as I write this we must look for signs in nature around us to listen to and remind us we are on our right spiritual path with all the power we need.

Kaali will go direct this week also reminding us of our deep power within for positive or negative.. Its how we use it that matters.

The Gibbous Moon phase begins today which is a time for organizing, integrating, and planning. in preparation for exposure to maximum light.

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