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A bit of background on why cryptocurrencies


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Welcome. I'll get a proper 'pinned' post up in the next week or so to address more about this board.

While I'm working on that I thought I'd share a 20 min video that does a pretty good of addressing the key drivers behind the blockchain technology that underlies the various cryptocurrencies that are exploding onto the world stage. This Nov 2016 talk is by one of the developers of Ethereum at their developers conference (DevCon2). He does a pretty good job of explaining the vision of blockchain to eliminate a lot of the non-value adding (aka rent-seeking) 'middle men' that exist in so many of the transactions that occur in our lives. And how blockchain allows for those transactions to occur much more directly and with less friction (lower cost, more personal control) than the current middle-man dominated systems now in place.

It is still quite early days in this movement and it will come in fits and starts. But a more efficient, lower entropy system in which the individual has greater personal control and retains their power in deciding who and how to transact with others is a compelling vision. It has legs and the Universe usually finds a way to help manifest these things into existence as they are profitable to our consciousness development.

Over time I believe that many who operate in the metaphysical space will adapt to and adopt using blockchain technologies as a key part of the way they provide service to others. I feel there is a natural resonance to this for many in the community and they'll find ways to incorporate it. It will be an interesting journey for us all!

Here's the link:

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