A Beckoning Wind of Invitation: another type of butterfly effect (1 Viewer)

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I love to stand out on our back porch and look at the plants, the weather, the dirt, the neighbourhood, my friends the trees (and humans, animals...) and everything. It is my favourite way of saying 'hello' to the world when I wake up. When I do, things quite often seem to happen. I often feel like I am surveying my place or my 'kingdom' in that way a person can do when making a connection with a place.

Today, as I did so, a wind came up. The plants in the garden took it up and there was a rustling sound with this and a light fresh smell:-D

Some of you may recall an old post I wrote about a series of various 'Winds of Change' I'd felt a while ago: https://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/winds-of-change.3749/
This was a bit like that; with a different feel.
I was half expecting a wind of change, of cleaning things out, of things being bumped and moved around. However...

The feel of this wind was absolutely beckoning.
It was a happy invitation.
Perhaps it would be best described as a wind that was saying "Come play with us" or the "Oh, hello" of joyfully greeting someone who hasn't been around for a long time, complete with silly grin and huge arm waves that knock into the person standing adjacent and with which parents sometimes manage to embarass their children.
There was a lot of joy in it, along with a sense of play and discovery.

And, then, of course it was a' total coincidence';) that the next thing I did was to finally watch the recommended part (starting at about 45 min) of the video posted by Stargazer a while ago that talked about "imaginal cells"; after I'd been waiting several days for a good opportunity to watch it: https://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/rumbling-on-its-way.3801/#post-30914
These cells were a new idea to me. I learned that they are the cells which initiate the change of caterpillar to butterfly, stops eating their environment, vibrate at a much more joyful frequency and that, when they start to congregate, communicate, form neighbourhoods and thrive together, this creates the 'tipping point' which turns the caterpillar into the butterfly. From creature which 'eats its environment' to beautiful flying creature of joy.
The tipping point occurring when they start to 'play together'.

Here are some links with a description and analogies because it seem to me that imaginal cells just beg to have analogies written about them: http://imaginal-labs.com/imaginal-cells/
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
AWESOME, Lila! I've been doing the same thing in my yard. Each morning when I let out the dogs, I greet the sky, Mother Gaia, and the garden. I'll pat the trunks of the trees as I go by and some of the plant leaves as well. And I actually can't recall any previous time when things have seemed to be growing so quickly and well. :)

I definitely feel as if something has "changed" or shifted. It's not quite palpable for me yet, but I definitely feel we're getting there!
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