A 2.3 Billion Submarine Superyacht — Migaloo (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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Super yachts are becoming more familiar to the public, but here is something a bit different. There are companies looking at building submarine superyacht-style ships. These are ultra-luxury style and can cost over two billion. Such features may be hangers for mini-subs, helipads and pools (a swimming pool on a submarine?) These would become the most expensive private object a person could own. Eventually it’s going to be ultra-luxury spaceships, I bet, but then what could come after that?

The picture below is a Migaloo design — 928-foot-long M7, with an estimated price of $2.3billion. Their website: http://www.migaloo-submarines.com/



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Jan 8, 2017
You know, it actually reminds me of a version of a scape pod in case the s*** hits the fan. Kind of a modern version of Noah's Ark for the super rich/powerful. Such vessel could escape and go anywhere at a short notice, currently around the planet, and in the future, as Laron suggests, into space to another planet. Beyond that, well obviously into other realities or time frames my dear Laron.


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Jul 28, 2016
Used to be bunkers, now migaloos subs.
Makes me wonder, where are the spaceships someone is making 'just in case'?... one might figure they are out there, because the technology has been available for a long time and if you had that much cash on hand + some paranoia (or knowledge of things that would make one think it might be hand), well, somebody has probably tried this already.
Makes one wonder... where would they plan to take such a ship?

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