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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Throughout the time we have been posting on the blog, the question has arisen from time to time why the Asimoss can "do whatever they want" (or almost) in our reality and, in general, on the planet, while "those who assist us” have so restricted their radius of action and we must give them permission for “everything.” In fact, as you can see in the requests that we have been putting, we must even give permission to the Higher Self so that it can intervene on the avatar and our energetic structure, being really "strange" that we cannot freely intervene on a part of ourselves and yet, entities and members of the different races in control apparently are not subject to these restrictions or bypass them as they wish without apparent consequences. We will therefore explain the issue of permissions and the "bureaucracy" that exists in this regard.

Bureaucratic procedures everywhere

I had commented in one of the answers in the Questions section that, in a scene from the movie The Destiny of Jupiter (Jupiter Ascending), there is a part where the protagonist goes through dozens of bureaucratic procedures to obtain a simple stamp. This scene is a mockery of the directors and a conscious reflection of how "everything" works, at the cosmic level, at the level of reality, at the level of structures, at the level of management of life in the universe and, of course, at the level of the control system on the planet. To do anything, you need to have permission, actually lots of permissions. But whose permission? Well, permission of the being, logos, group, or hierarchy that is in charge of what has to be changed, altered or modified.

This makes the structure of Creation tremendously stable. A site monad cannot be moved if it is not approved by the logos or the corresponding being that has responsibility for “it,” which is positive, it avoids unwanted alterations in the cosmological and energetic structure of things, but, on the other hand, that means that no being can intervene on anything if it does not have the codes that grant those permissions.

Can our guides or protectors on their own initiative enter our reality to help us with something? Not without permission. Can our Higher Selves make changes or alter something or unlock something? Not without permission. Can the RIC (races in control) do what they want with humanity and the fabric of reality and our avatars? Not without permission.

Permissions obtained eons ago

So what happens here? It happens that the RIC have all the permissions and codes for it, because they built the human reality with their codes, they built the sacred fabric of human reality on their sacred fabric with their permissions and they created the human avatar by imbuing their codes in us (through its DNA, since the lhumanu was created with a high percentage of Asimoss DNA mixed with many other races as you already know and have explained in the monograph on the creation of humanity). So, on this side, the RIC do not violate (almost) any rule when they do what they do, because they have, from the moment they arrived on the planet, all the permits and codes that they need, and hence the Planetarium logos cannot “reproach” them (so to speak) that they are breaking the established protocols of what from our point of view is “fair,” by doing what they do with us or with human reality.

Thus, despite the fact that the situation is apparently tremendously unbalanced towards the Asimoss side because having created everything with their own energy codes they have “cosmic permissions” to do whatever they “want” and no coercive measure can be applied to them for it, the situation is changing with respect to what has been happening throughout the history of humanity.

Skipping all the limits and "red lines"

Due to the planetary situation, the construction of the new Earth, the activation of the timeline 42 as a frequency elevation walkway, the protection of the new structures by other forces and groups of nature and those who come to lend a hand, etc. The different members of the RIC, but especially the Asimoss, have crossed hundreds of "red lines" in recent months.

That is, they have acted where and when they no longer had permission to act, they have carried out actions and manipulations for which they did not have the codes that allow them to do so, and, on that side, from that moment on, they have been subject to the laws of "containment" that can be put in place against them, allowing planetary forces to intervene to reduce the impact or mitigate the damage that the RIC have done and continue to do. For this reason, many planetary forces, groups that respond to the logos, beings that try to assist when they can, etc., do so, and try to stop them and try to contain their radius of action (that of the RIC), because it has been a long time since the limits of the permits that they obtained at the time “passed through the lining” and, now, on many occasions, they have to deal with the counteroffensive of the forces of nature, our “guides,” our Higher Selves, etc.

As humanity is the one who "suffers" this type of crossing of the "limits of action," we are the ones who have the right to request that the "counteroffensive" begins, many of which we have launched in recent months with the requests in the articles that you have been seeing, since we had permission from the logos to execute what we published, since the Asimoss had exceeded their limits of action, and humanity, as those who are affected by the actions of the RIC, can "request compensation”.

When this happens, you can enter to "give them cane" in the proportion in which the rules and limits have been broken by those who have manipulation and performance codes by default, which implies that you cannot, suddenly, "put a bomb in their base of operations," which is what many of us would like; you can only act with force proportional to the level of the excess that has been executed.

This is literally energetic "bureaucracy," or whatever think to describe it; and these rules of the game are subject to the laws of how the cosmos works, and all the levels that exist in it. The more the Asimoss are "out of line," the more action can be taken against them.

Restrictions on help we may receive without permission

This situation, on the other hand, implies that there are also rules for those who assist us, our Higher Selves, our guides, the forces and hierarchies of the planet, the protectors of the ecosystem, of nature, etc. "They," by default, do not have the permissions on humanity that the RIC have for having created us, so they have to continually get them in order to do something.

A "guide," that is, a being that lives in any of the planes of Earth in its superior structures, has many permissions to do many things that pertain to its reality, its growth, its "life" and its functions, but, by default, they do not have permission to intervene on the material, etheric or mental plane of what concerns human life, the sacred fabric of our species, etc. Saving the distances, let's say that eagles have permissions for what concerns their species, way of life, what they do or have to do, but they cannot get into the life of the sparrows without the express permission from the sparrows for absolutely everything.

If the eagles were all the beings that exist on Earth and that live here and exist here and that when we require their assistance they act as our guides and protectors, and we were the sparrows (without offending anyone by analogy), if we were not giving them constant and continuous permission so that they can do “things,” they cannot move, as I said, not a monad out of place, and therefore, they cannot stop an attack, they cannot kick an entity, they cannot help us with this or that, etc. They simply cannot, even if they want to, they are willing, "suffer" in their terms to see that our existence is complicated or whatever.

It is a matter of global stability

These rules are so "strict" because the stability of the life system on Earth depends on it. There are trillions of life forms coexisting on our planet, and everything is interrelated and co-dependent on each other. If each form of life executes and acts changing structures of reality, altering energies, fields and others, even if only thinking that it does so without major repercussions for other beings, it is not correct.

Each monad that is changed here has effects on the level 1 quantum field of reality that belongs to the Kumar substrate, the planetary logos, and therefore affects many other structures, although we are not aware of it. It is the "butterfly effect" that we know but at a "quantum" level. Since the logos and many beings of enormous power have to maintain the stability of the system, a control mechanism based on the immutability of (almost) everything and the possibility of change only with the appropriate codes was implemented. Codes are data packages that indicate whether or not you have permission to do something, and are granted at a mental and etheric level by those responsible for "that" that has to be changed.

Such is the complexity of the "bureaucratic" system, that our Higher Self, not being "in person" on the planet, but outside it, in a timeless and dimensionless position outside of any earthly structure, do not have permission to do anything if the personality, the soul or the super soul, do not grant that permission continuously, and that we put in the requests as "I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self so that…."

Even so, this "permanent" is not such, that is, it does not last forever, but until the octave or process that our petition covers is finished, having to give permission again later to assist us with something else.

Is this system "fair"?

From the human point of view, it is a system that we do not understand, because it always works against us. But from other levels of reality management, the truth is that it is an efficient system, because it is practically identical in all planetary systems throughout the universe, and that allows and gives tremendous stability to the whole of Creation.

The point is that the situation on Earth is very complicated due to the power that the RIC have over humanity, but that has not changed or simplified the rules for obtaining permits to change something. So while the RIC have had, and continue to have permissions and codes to be able to "act at ease," and stay within those limits that they set when creating humanity, they are not breaking the "cosmic rules" at all, and you cannot apply counter-replicas or counteroffensives regarding what they do, but, as soon as they pass a single monad more than they have codes to change or manipulate, then it is when the forces of nature and the hierarchies that assist the planet almost automatically obtain permission to intervene, since they are granted by the planetary logos to correct this imbalance or we obtain them through our Higher Selves and then we can put a petition on the blog and execute it against them.

All the requests that we have placed and activated against them in recent months with the different blog articles that you have read, came every time the Asimoss set foot outside of a topic for which they had no codes, desperate as they are to see that there are things that are slipping out of their hands, such as the pass, by dropper, but without pause, of more people to the timeline 42, the fact that little by little more people are increasing their frequency level, etc.

As now more and more the Asimoss and RIC are jumping the limits of what they have codes and permissions for "by default," more and more actions can be launched against them with the power that the logos marks according to "how much" they have crossed the limits.

Can these rules be changed?

As I had also commented in some response, I am the first in a thousand meditations who has asked a thousand times if there was a way to simplify all these codes and permissions to be able to intervene more directly, but it is an issue that does not even depend on my Higher Self, of those who assist us, etc. It is a matter of "bureaucratic" structure at the cosmic level, and that is why it is so frustrating at times for everyone and we do not understand why some can do some things and others cannot.

In all the cases in which we request help, as I said, the permissions "expire," in general, they are not valid "forever," perhaps on occasion they do, but, most of the time, they are permissions that serve to make an intervention, completing an octave, executing a phase of something, and then you have to give permission again, because it also depends on the level of reality in which you are intervening, the energy depth at which you want to modify something, the repercussion for changing that something may have on other levels that we are not aware of, etc.

Thus, in most cases, when we see that our Higher Self executes “things” in our favor without the personality having given permission, it is because the soul and the super-soul are granting it when it is necessary or urgent, since these components of the human beings also have that ability to grant the codes so that the Higher Self and our guides "enter" to do something to help us, but other times they cannot, or those permissions require approval from higher hierarchies, or because the complex relationship between soul and personality it has to be the personality that says that it accepts and gives those permissions, etc. Really very complex and for that reason, at times, is really exasperating.

Can you ask for "extra" permissions for something?

Yes, everything can be requested, and it is something that I encourage you to do continuously. If we want to make an intervention, change something in the structure of reality, modify something in the sacred fabric of humanity, etc., we have to ask our Higher Self to "get" us the code packages that bring those permissions to do so. To do this, the Higher Self addresses the logos, the being, the group, the "responsible" for whatever, and makes the request. The person is evaluated and it is seen if that permission can be given or not. If they are granted, once those codes are in our mental body, then the corresponding request can be made. When that request is transmitted to the being, group, forces, etc., which are the ones that have to execute the request, then they check if the issuer of the request has the codes that allow it to request “that,” and, if it has them, you can intervene and start what has been requested. When the codes are not available, then the request is received anyway, but it cannot be executed because the person requesting it is not authorized to do so.

I hope you understand a little better why this tug of war against the Asimoss is so complex and that we have to always be giving our Higher Self permission to do whatever we need it to do and that if we don't give that permission, we cannot intervene in any way, no matter how much we want to. For the same reason, we must continue to give permission to our Higher Self to assist us at the personality level, in the healings that we do, in the deprogramming that we execute, in the changes at the energy level that we want to carry out, etc.

Perhaps at some point the logos itself decides to "soften" this way of managing reality or to intervene more directly against the RIC with "special" permissions that humanity can obtain from the logos or something like that to speed things up in our favor. At the moment, all the groups, forces and hierarchies on the planet follow the rules, and hence the work we have to allow them to help us, being aware that, without lots of continuous permissions to do so, they cannot. For that reason, in addition, in our day to day, we must be giving continuous permission to our Higher Self and guides to intervene and assist us in everything for which we need assistance, because except on the occasions when the soul can give that permission in the name of the personality, almost always the rules of the game require that we become aware of what we are asking for and requesting, hence, if the soul asks for it, we never find out or know what has been requested, and that is why not always the soul can intervene unless the personality is also aware and in control of the situation.

Keep asking for help, and keep giving continuous permission for that help to manifest itself, for now, it is the most effective way we have so that we can move forward and receive assistance for it.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Jul 20, 2016
If we want to make an intervention, change something in the structure of reality, modify something in the sacred fabric of humanity, etc., we have to ask our Higher Self to "get" us the code packages that bring those permissions to do so. To do this, the Higher Self addresses the logos, the being, the group, the "responsible" for whatever, and makes the request. The person is evaluated and it is seen if that permission can be given or not. If they are granted, once those codes are in our mental body, then the corresponding request can be made.
In some things, I've been hesitant about interfering from my little knowing without the understanding of the larger picture. Now this makes sense to me.
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Jul 19, 2016
"Keep asking for help, and keep giving continuous permission for that help to manifest itself, for now, it is the most effective way we have so that we can move forward and receive assistance for it"

Fascinating article. My thanks to David Topi and everyone who translated and helped to bring it here to the forum. I give my Higher Self permission to send you all blessings.
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Aug 29, 2017
a little step further to understand the higher dimensions and what is at stake

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