1. Laron

    YouTube Thumbnails for Sharing on Social Media — Boing Boing

    Did you ever wonder how you can find and save the images that appear when sharing links to YouTube videos? There's a variety of reasons why you may want the image that comes up, such as using it as a feature photo in wordpress, or setting it as a thumbnail image when sharing a link to an...
  2. Laron

    Info Copyright Information — Images, Text & Videos

    We have two threads covering copyright which are pinned (stuck to the top) of the board, Help, Announcements, News & Events, which I am going to link to below. When exploring your creativity online, it's important to be educated about how copyright works, not only because most people are...
  3. IAMRAvortex Fortitude

    Occult study and Spiritual development

    Greetings my brethren. I have created a channel on YouTube to specifically talk about Philosophy, Occultism and Spiritual development. Other topics would include Ufology and much more! I wanted to share my experiences and sources, and thus a YouTube channel would fit best. Feel free to check...
  4. Vickie

    Pig Born With Human Face And A Penis on It's Forehead

    A pig was born in China with a human-like face and a penis on its forehead. The deformity is being blamed on environmental factors.