1. Laron


    While the original purpose of this thread was different to what it is now, we will continue on with it so we don't lose those old Unspuns. I have opened this thread so anyone can post on it, but I will use it for when Bernie wants to share something outside of the usual Unspun editions on the...
  2. Laron

    A vote on the image for Bernie's Unspun News

    This thread is a followup thread, but with a poll, from this thread here, Help me find a picture for Bernie's Unspun News. Within 48 hours the new transients.info site will go live and the way articles work is that they each require an image to represent them when displayed on the site. Right...
  3. Laron

    Help me find a picture for Bernie's Unspun News

    I haven't asked Bernie about this yet, so he may go with another image, however, I need to tell him soon that from this weekend he has to have a picture in each release of his daily Unspun's on transients.info, because when the new site goes live, each article has to have some kind of image...